Friday, June 10, 2016

Heartwarming - Row by Row Experience 2016

Introducing Heartwarming my 2016 Row by Row Experience (TM) design and some extra contests at the end.

This year's Row by Row Experience(tm) theme is 'Home Sweet Home'. I've created our vertical 'row' (ok, its a column now!), Heartwarming. I personally think of home back in California where I grew up with a fire going in the fireplace on a rainy or cold day. That was home sweet home to me. As my husband described a rocking chair and a quilt over the back I was concerned that there was more applique than I was comfortable with designing.  I love using EQ7 and as an EQ Artist #EQ25 I should be very skilled at using it right? But drawing applique isn't really my forte. I drew the idea up onto a white board, realized it wasn't a very good 'to scale' representation, but took a photo and tried to draw it in EQ7. I didn't get very far when I remembered I had worked via the internet with Marian at Seams to be Sew last summer on EQ7: Seasons a Seasonal Row-a-long project. So, I asked her if she'd be willing to draw it up in EQ7. From the EQ project file that she created, I then evolved it into more piecing elements where appropriate and got it down to the chair, fire, rug, hearts, yarn ball and the quilt that would need to be appliqued. I had several heart and ball or elliptical shapes in my Accuquilt dies. So chose two that I could pre-fuse and cut myself as quantities were required. The rug is an easy enough shape and everyone can easily create something that doesn't have to be round and can be pinned to the row and stitched down in the quilting. The quilt I decided would be easier to create as a mini-quilt and topically apply it to the row. The chair and fire I decided to try something new for my shop and get them pre-fused and laser cut by Quilter's Paradise.

I'm so excited that the kit makes it super easy to put this together and yet you can customize it as much as you'd like. Here are some additional customization ideas....

Instead of the fabric and heart in the picture frame on the wall, why not print a photo of your family or your pet. Or color the framed fabric into a scheme that will coordinate with whatever fabrics you use to create your remaining items.

Instead of a yarn ball on the floor, how about a  rubber ducky or a cat? Maybe just a bunch of marbles.

The quilt could be done with scraps or in any design.

Now for the fun part -- Row by Row Experience(tm) this year is June 21 - September 6, 2016. Stop by my studio during these dates at 301 Main Street, Grand Coulee, WA to get a free pattern or purchase as many kits as you'd like and they will include the pattern.

I also have this FabricPlate(tm) available for purchase.

If I still have supplies, I will take orders starting September 7 that will ship Nov. 1.

I have re-kitted my Road Trip pattern in the 2016 coordinating Map and Plate fabrics from Timeless Treasures along with the black (Pearl Essence) and brick (RJR) fabrics. The design gives you the opportunity to include the FabricPlate with its respective row and create the idea of an actual road trip. Get eight row patterns and their plate on your own, complete the rows into 9 1/2" x 36 1/2" unfinished sizes and then add the borders. The road is actually an illusion of a special fabric that I have in the kit, pieced down on either side of the center to give it the white dashes.

I have also made up more kits of my 2015 Row w/pattern Grand Coulee Dam Laser Light Show and will sell those in studio or via shipment as requested.

Will you be the first finished quilt into my shop?  - 25 fat quarters if you are and a bonus if it includes my Heartwarming row. Here is Last Year's Winner

Bring in your pieced Heartwarming row to our Fall in Love Shop Hop, Sept 22, 23 or 25 and I'll give you a free fat quarter or 1/4 yard cut.

Post a photo of it on this page via a linkup that will be available September 7-25, 2016 or bring it into the shop and I'll post it for you. Everyone can vote for their favorite Sept 26-30, 2016. Prizes will be given to favorites. Creativity Reigns!

We look forward to seeing you this summer!

Note: An on-line Row-a-long "The Road Home" will start September 6, come back then to my blog for details and a new row--defined differently than the ones above.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Playful Paper Piecing with Island Batik fabrics

Having some fun this month with Island Batik Ambassadors with 'Playful Paper Piecing'.

I'm sure this could be interpreted in a lot of different ways, but there was a row from 2015 at Richmond, VA's Quilting Adventures that was quite a faceted paper piecing adventure! I thought this would be a fun one to use Tinsel #islandbatik fabrics. Based on fabric amounts I had left from the Wendy Sheppard quilt I made earlier this year....I used two different grey fabrics in the background but both read fairly similar in terms of value, so think I was able to use them effectively. The depth of value in this collection gave me plenty to choose from in order to get the facets to work based on the designer's designations. Given the background motifs it almost feels like it is rain drops about to turn into snow!

After the 'rain' and 'umbrellas' I've created lately, surely there is something bigger in my future that will actually incorporate them all! Stay tuned.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Patchwork Planner and Scrapbooking

Could you use some help organizing your patchwork project before you even get started?

Do you keep track of the quilts you want to make or are making?

Here is a product, made for Quilters by a Quilter.

Over 30 pages of quilt design and journal layouts. Customize your own quilt planner. Fill it out online and print or save and print on demand.

The Planner and Journal includes five categories:

The quilt journal pages - write down that important info about your projects.  It's all about sharing the backstory of your project.

Be your own designer - explore a little creativity with a 9 patch and 16 patch blocks.  Design your own layout, track sizes, supplies and notes. 

Tracking and progress - keep up on your swaps, orphan projects, quilt alongs, guild projects and more.  Know what you are working on and the step you are on.

Keeping organized - don't buy that ruler until you remind yourself what you already have! Organize your fabric swatches, cut pieces and quilt kits. 

Additional Resources - keep it all together in a binder - print and use for your dividers and cover. 

I'm sharing this great planning tool called Patchwork Planner and Journal. Becky Jorgensen of Patchwork Posse put it together. For those who like to use organizers, or never thought about using one for your quilting, give it a try!

If you're a scrapbook keeper you might even find great delight in being able to fill out the pages digitally and just print them to add to your scrapbook.

Until May 20th you can get a discount on the product by using the code "Spring3". Check it out now!

Happy Planning and Quilting,

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

April Showers - IBA Challenge

Our challenge this month is April Showers ....I'm sure hoping that they bring May Flowers!

Using my Accuquilt die cutter and beautiful #IslandBatik fabrics, I cut these cute umbrellas. Now what to do with them????

So, here is my challenge to you, the reader ....if you were to receive these cut shapes as a gift (unattached to anything) what would you want to do with them? The most appealing, to me, answer will receive them. This will be open for suggestion through April 30.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

WIP Wednesday

Been a long while since any of my old WIP list made progress....but after checking on Freshly Pieced for the linkup, I learned that back in February Lee suspended her WIP Wednesday linkup. ...alas, I will post this anyway and feel good about getting a few things crossed off the list and progress on others. I just found another linkup at
Sew Fresh Quilts

so we go....

Heartfelt Holiday -- more details were in this post.

Winter Blues -- more details in this post.

Charmed Network - Elementary --excited to finally get this one done from last year. Originally a class sample of my own design "Charmed Network" available at, it will ultimately end up on my parent's guest bed. My mom taught high school math for 40 years and in retirement substituted at several elementary schools showing students that math can be exciting. Some of the fabric has math equations, network diagrams and alphabet letters. It seemed like a 'cool' set of colors to help cool down their guest room in Arizona. I quilted it with 'Retro Graphics 2' pantograph - hand guided- from UrbanElementz and did a completely by machine binding. This week I'm on retreat at Lutherhaven on Lake Coeur d'Alene, so after completing the binding yesterday I was able to hang it over the fence so you could see the beautiful lake in the background.

Fall Wallhanging -- ok I got the top finished finally! This really evolved since my original concept in my EQ tutorial in 2012....but had fun creating the turkey block with some very fussy fabric elements in context of the paper piecing of the feathers. The leaf blocks were a happy accident after making them too large for a commission so I decided to incorporate them into this piece. The corn fabric between the leaves allowed it to be more than just a blank background, but let the flow of the design still work. The outside border became bigger than originally planned and what fabric allowed without doing some special piecing, so decided to throw in the orange pumpkin fabric. I initially thought an asymmetrical addition, but ultimately decided on this symmetrical effect. Now it is ready to quilt!

Started a new project, this is an INMQ 2016 challenge. A table runner...and now to quilt it (which is the real challenge part!) No extra embellishments allowed, just thread in the quilting. Show is in October but it has to be done by September, so the plan will be to work on it this summer.

 March Mini Madness ----this will become something functional and unexpected. Ready to quilt. Beautiful #IslandBatik fabrics being used here.
Row by Row 2015/2016 - Road Trip samples
I'm working on putting together some "Road Trip" samples (available at that use 8 (9" x 36" rows --often found during the Row by Row Experience (tm) that happens in the summertime. Last year was my first year to participate and my "Grand Coulee Dam Light Show" row did well. This quilt design also was a big hit and I sold out of my finishing kits twice! I'm gearing up for doing it again this year, but with different border fabrics including the latest coordinating prints from Timeless Treasurers, designed by Debra Gabel of Zebra Patterns. While on retreat this week I'm working on finishing up 16 rows so that I can put last year's and this year's versions together. My shop winner was the 'tester' if you will with last year's quilt.

These are ones I will use in the 2015 version (6 more to go!)

These are the ones I'm using in my 2016 version (although these are 2015 'water' themed rows) but all have a geometric style to them. Are any of these rows familiar to you?

2016 TOTALS:
Completions: 10; 1 joint
Ready to Quilt: 6; 3 joint projects
In Progress: 10

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Wendy Sheppard - Winter Blues

Welcome to my stop on the "Creative New Quilts and Projects Blog Hop"! #creativenewquilts

Wendy Sheppard (#wendysheppard) has wowed quilty peeps for years with her beautiful designs and stunning quilting. If you don't follow her blog you've likely seen her designs in magazines. I've personally followed her blog, Ivory Spring, for several years and have appreciated her insights to the 'how' when she gives us her "Thread Talks". She is a domestic machine quilter, but many of her ideas can be used on a long-arm as well.

Maybe the fact that we both have degrees in engineering helps me relate to what she shares with us.

Listen to her brief interview with Pat Sloan about this book.

So, it feels like a personal honor for me to make one of her projects and be a part of this Island Batik blog hop featuring her new book.

When looking through the book, the first thing I appreciate about it as a shop owner, is that often my customers are looking to use some of the pre-cuts they have purchased or scraps from their own stash. This book has many options that are friendly to these scenarios.

When considering projects to make for the blog hop, I was immediately attracted to her 'Winter Blues' design (left) so was excited when I got the opportunity to make it!

My blog partner today, Freemotion by the River, chose to use a very different palette, but it was the simplicity and clean look of the blue and white that attracted me to the design. I chose fabrics from "Tinsel", a new Island Batik fabric line, currently shipping to shops. As you can see from this collection, it fits perfectly with the blue/grey/ white style of this quilt. I also added "Sprinkles" from Island Batik's Neutrals line for the white background.

Wendy's original used the same fabric for joiner/connecting pieces in both Block B and C as the square or rectangle portion of the block. In my own cutting I only paid attention to her notes that talked about the same fabric used in the C block and its connecting pieces. I chose to just proceed with what I had cut and continue with my piecing. In my initial selections from a 'stack' (10" squares) of fabrics to choose from, I did get a little picky and chose to use a fabric more than once just to keep the values (dark, medium or light) with sufficient contrast between the different blocks as specified in the design.

Consider how you cut if using a directional fabric, a lot of the cuts are rectangular, so it can make a difference. Once I had the pieces cut out, the piecing went quickly.

The next step was to lay out the blocks in rows and decide on their final placement. Wendy's illustration in the book provided a road map to make it simple. I would recommend you make a few extra of each block and connecting segments just to give yourself the opportunity to make it your own and play a little based on the coloring that you've chosen.

A great feature about Island Batik fabrics is that they are so well created it is often quite difficult to tell right from wrong side. That means some of the directional prints could go left or is just the 90 degree cutting that you can't adjust so easily.

Batting: 80/20 and wool on top.

I do my quilting on a Gammill Optimum+ machine. It is all hand guided, but sometimes I use a pantograph and follow a laser light attached to the machine head and projected onto the drawn out design from the back of the machine. I had recently used this Dancing Snowflakes pantograph by Beany Girl Quilts (available at Willow Leaf Studio) in my March 4 finale post of our Planes, Trains and Automobile blog hop #PTABlogHop and decided that it was a perfect quick finish to this quilt.

Dancing Snowflakes panto with Warm & White batting.

I used The Warm Company, Warm & White batting available in my studio so that the quilting would lay fairly flat and the design of the quilt could stand on its own.

I used #Aurifil to piece and quilt (2024).

Although we've left WINTER behind .....I'll have it ready for next year! This would work great with a minkee or flannel back to add an extra cozy/soft feel. I just got into my studio some beautiful blue minkee that would work great.

Winter Blues - Island Batik "Tinsel" version
Buy the book here from Landauer Publishing or get it NOW as a PDF download. If you'd rather get a signed copy from Wendy use her email to contact her directly.

Do you have a local quilt shop to buy Island Batik fabric? Interested in a free copy of the book? Leave me a comment below on who your LQS with IB fabric is.....and use the Rafflecopter to register your email address. I wouldn't mind if you chose to follow my blog, visit my Facebook page and follow-along in a 'view first' way or signup for my newsletter. All of these optional ways to enter, will get you an entry to a random selection for a free copy of the book (US mailing address required) thanks to Landauer Publishing.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

If you don't have a local shop, but would like an opportunity to own some beautiful Island Batik fabrics, I have some available for purchase.

Shaved Ice Stack (10" squares great for this quilt! just add white and grey yardage)  $41
I also have Sweet Georgia Peach and French Roasted Stacks.

Also...kits or yardage for Woven Braid in two colorways (original and green/brown),
 A great grouping to work for "In Memory" and "Camouflage Canopy" from my Dangling Diamonds 'bonus' patterns using the Quilted in Honor fabrics.

And nature inspired motifs if you're working on a National Park inspired quilt in honor of this year's National Park Service Centennial. Don't forget, we're hosting the National Park Centennial quilt exhibit July 1-4, 2016 in Coulee Dam, WA. Don't miss it!

If any of these are of interest, just let me know "interested in your IB fabric" as part of your comment below and I'll get in touch with better details of what the fabrics are, pricing, etc. Still working on a proper shopping cart, but thank you for being interested.

Thanks for stopping by!
Here is the entire blog hop schedule:
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Tuesday, March 15 – The Fit Quilter
Wednesday, March 16 – Pamela Quilts 
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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Worldwide Quilting Day

What are you doing to celebrate Worldwide Quilting Day?

Tonight I'm working on Wendy Sheppard's inspired "Winter Blues" quilt in a new collection of Island Batik fabrics--we're close to finishing the season of 'Winter' here in the northern hemisphere, so no time like the present!

Come back  Wednesday, March 23, to see the finished result. Happy Quilting !!