Monday, July 20, 2015

My Creative Spaces and some Favorite Things

Thank you for joining us on the Island Batik Ambassador Blog Hop as we reveal our creative spaces and tell you about some of our favorite things.

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I feel blessed to have two primary spaces that I use to be creative. One is at home and the other is in my studio in the center of Grand Coulee, WA--literally at the corner of the Hwy and Main Street --Location, Location, Location!

So, I'll start off by showing you my home 'Research and Development' space (smiley, HA!) and then my studio space in town.

Probably my favorite thing about my home space is the view! The back of our home looks out over Lake Roosevelt which is the body of water that backs up behind Grand Coulee Dam. It is a 5 cubic mile lake and runs 150 miles behind the dam up to the Canadian border. Right now it is just about at capacity.

We moved here just over two years ago now when my husband took a job at the dam as a Mechanical Engineer. It took about 6 months for us to make the move after he started working and my studio space in town was setup before we moved the household stuff. Since the town studio is where I go to 'work' (or 'play') every day, my home studio has suffered and did not get a proper move-in and setup. It hasn't quite gotten into a truly happy space, but I can get things done and find my projects as I need to.

Here is the view from the door. The bright upper left light is the window so I wanted to be sure to just show you the view above.

I have an adjustable height table from Costco that makes for a great cutting table in this space. I usually have a larger mat there, but it has also been in my classroom space recently, so it isn't here at the house. I also have a reversible cutting mat/ironing pad that I use for small ironing jobs here in the room. In my laundry room downstairs is a larger ironing space if I need it.

My old Pfaff Hobbymatic 917 from way back ...made in West Germany....keeps chugging along when I need to work at home. It did not get sufficient use to keep itself lubricated in the sealed system, so in this dry climate of Eastern Washington, I have had to have it worked on and get it lubed up a couple of times. I keep trying to start a project that I only work on at my house (vs. in my studio) just to keep it going. It is sitting on a school computer table that I salvaged from the closure of a local school building after they moved into a new facility. It is designed so that there aren't legs in the front of it, so it makes it easier to put a chair up to it.

There is a whiteboard propped against the window that I hope to hang to the right of the window so I can draw ideas, keep some visible project lists or be able to note items that I need so that I don't forget them. I've got lots of counted cross-stitch and embroidery work that are of 'Love' stamps through the years propped in the window --at some point I hope to hang them above the window. I was a stamp collector as a child and have taken a special interest in heart or love themed stamps as an adult.

The right wall has 4 sets of 3 plastic drawer units. Each drawer has its own color and it starts at the left with white, cream, burgundy/pink, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, brown, grey, and black. These are scraps or fabrics not destined for any particular idea/theme/project. When I often only had time to make the Block of the Month at the guild meeting for our Block Lotto, I could easily pull from these and enjoyed the visibility and access to finding just what I wanted.

This is the wall immediately to the right of the door as you enter the room. Two old re-buildable cabinets that my dad first assembled in the 70's and I've reassembled several times from various college housing scenarios where it has been my 'open air dresser', a desk, a book shelf or a media cabinet. When we moved for a short period of time it was even my dish shelving. its been through it, I've even convinced a university technology department to reverse engineer the wooden screws that go between the shelving and hold the pedestals together and make some more out of plastic. That helped me put it into a closet and make it work for more storage. Alas now it is holding my various project designated/idea themed fabrics. General themes are: Hearts, flowers (maybe a garden quilt where every block is a different flower --ok I could make a lot of quilts at this point! I need to come up with a great design and could then sell the kits where each block is unique), Jinny Beyer, burgundy and blue for a heart bargello, Snoopy, Seashore/lighthouses, camping/woodlands, tulips, Japanese prints, ombres, Fuscias from Jackie Robinson, Red/Black/White/Grey--but just made one quilt from these --Our Honeymoon Quilt--so not sure if I'm done with this idea or if I want to make something more; blocks I've won; USC (my alma mater);
postcard making materials; matching heart fabrics in two color sets to ultimately make a kite quilt; and of course ...batiks...and specifically now--Island Batik fabrics. I'm loving them and so excited to be an Island Batik Ambassador for the first time this year. Looking forward to sharing with you next month some fun ideas with the Spring and Summer collections as part of our Summer in the Country Blog Hop and in the months to come with future ideas already in the works.

There is a closet in this room and my dear husband put in all of this wire shelving last year sometime, so I'm slowly getting stuff moved into it and organized. Way too much scrap batting leftover from my long-arm projects.

I've got a couple of large tubs in the bottom that have other collections of fabrics including: berries; firemen; travel; patriotic; insects--including dragonflies and lady bugs. Other shelves include things like my Alaska 2007 Shop Hop blocks in progress and fabrics to use for backing or as needed; tawna lawn cotton that I originally purchased for my grandmother when I used to travel to London often in my former profession--I got it back when she downsized and has since passed away.

So...that is a general idea of my home space. Not really a very big space, and mostly a storage area, but when at home I can go in there and let my mind do all sorts of imagining of what things will be when they are done.

The part that is truly a public space is my studio. In 2009 I decided to take up long-arming as a business. I named it KISSed Quilts--Keeping it Simple and Stunning. I had taken a long-arm class in 2005 and my instructor, Suzanne Young, encouraged me to get my own machine. She recognized a natural talent in me and was a great cheerleader. Many things had to come together and it finally did in 2009. Rather than just getting a long-arm machine for me, I got one to pursue it as a business. In early 2013 I moved out of my home in College Place, WA (next to Walla Walla) to this studio space.


After deciding that the floor was too uneven to level the long-arm, we started removing the floors. We discovered evidence of nine different floors and ultimately rotting joists. After many hours of hard work by my dear husband after his regular work hours...this beautiful bamboo floor was ready for me to move in. I had to finish "Rosie's BOMb" in order to move the table, so it got done just in time to be disassembled and moved. Later in 2013 this quilt won a 2nd place in the Bed Quilts, Machine Quilted category at AQS Des Moines Quilt Week.

3 months later -- Long-arm Setup:


Now: Yes, it is right downtown Grand Coulee. This is the view looking east.

Flowers are beginning to grow in our landscaping efforts.

This is inside the studio/shop. I use my traveling 'Brother XR-7700' if I need to piece while in the studio or in my classes, but it is tucked away in these photos. I have built up the inventory to about 200 bolts of fabric now with a good palette of colors to help finish off any project.  Given my limited space--I have chosen to carry some locally themed fabrics (fish and native prints); fabrics that coordinate with the Rosie the Riveter poster fabric that I have had made; some of the Peppered Cottons and the entire Northcott Toscana palette. There are a few other bits and bobs of quality quilting fabric and I offer them at a great deal. Many are $8 or less a yard and I believe they compliment what I have in the shop to provide a few extra options. I also have about 10 wide backs that customers can choose from. It is also my long-arm space, so that takes up the majority of the space.

My fabric offerings started with what is in the cubbies --leftovers from the stash I compiled while living in a university town whose colors were green and orange. Not exactly a palette one works with every day. They also had a lot of wineries. Where I am now....not so much. So, they are all available at $8/yard and are organized by theme and color for easy selecting.

I'm excited about getting the new Island Batik fabrics in and sharing their beauty in color, motif and how well they handle with my customers. I've got two new patterns with Island Batik that will be coming out at Fall market, too!

After the "Rosie's BOMb" win, Leila Gardunia, who inspired my creation through her Skill Builder Sampler Quilt Along, and I proposed to AQS to create the concept into a book. The new book is now available, published by the American Quilter's Society (AQS) and co-authored by Leila and myself.

...and Row by Row Experience (tm) is happening! Here is my design, called "Grand Coulee Dam Laser Light Show". Sold out last week of my kits, but expect to have new kits available by the end of this week. Even a glimpse of my first Island Batik project -"Woven Braid" in the lower left corner. It is now available as a pattern from me or through the Island Batik Reps as shop owners order those new fabrics that will be available in August! I plan to have kits + pattern for sale.

I did briefly mention my 'classroom' space is a 3rd space that during the Fall/Winter/Spring months I am generally there on Tuesdays. It is in the Art Room at the local Senior Center. So grateful for their generous sharing of this space to help local people learn. This is just at the far end of the room. We also have a huge boardroom type table that easily allows 6, sometimes 8 people to sew at it. There is lots of great natural light from south facing windows that we carefully adjust vertical blinds to keep the heat out and the light coming in and many overhead lights. Hanging on the back wall is my pattern "Mi Amore"; on the back table is a new pattern 1892 Rondure --it is not yet published as a pattern, but stay tuned!--it looks 3D when you can see the whole thing; on the front table are quilts that my students and I put together and sent to a cancer treatment center on what would have been the 25th birthday of a daughter (known to a friend of mine). Each of us had our own reasons for contributing to this cause felt good.

I failed to mention another 'space' that I use --to hang my quilts and photograph them. This is one of my favorite spots for capturing the quilting design in a photograph--the west side of our home. When the sun is at the right spot in the afternoon, I get wonderful shadowing to really show off the quilting. This shot to the right is a bit overshadowed due to the breeze, but you get the idea and it is a great spot for photoshoots. This is the piecer (left), myself the quilter (right) and the recipient (center). A friendship gift with a hint of anniversary celebration stitched into the quilting. This was a fun collaboration with the piecer. It looked stunning in the themed bedroom.

Thanks for stopping by and getting a bit of an insight to my creative space. I'm giving away my newest pattern--"Road Trip"--to a lucky commenter. This is a finishing pattern. First you pick up a free row pattern from 8 Row by Row Experience(TM) participating shops and a fabric license plate or make your own label to identify what shop each row is from; then use the pattern to make the roadway blocks and add the borders. I sold out of the finishing kits very early, but hope to have more sometime in August. Be sure I can email you if you'd like to win the pattern!

Here was the winning quilt at my shop that closely resembles this pattern (it was the test--HA!).

I'll choose a random comment at the end of the Blog Hop --plus a couple of days--Friday, July 31 at 5pm, Pacific Time.

So, what might you do with this color palette? Come back in August to see what was created!

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Island Batik Ambassador Creative Spaces

I've been away to be a part of my sister's wedding. So happy for her! Here we are before the ceremony.

Here she is....a married woman!

Ok...the real reason I'm here today...there is a blog hop going on where you can see the Island Batik Ambassador Creative Spaces. Including my own space...which some of it is not yet cleaned up as I write this, so I hope it will be by my own post on July 20 ...otherwise you'll see what I normally see. HA!!

It got started two days ago, so check it out at

See you soon!

Friday, May 22, 2015

Woven Braid - Original Design Entry in Amy's CS Spring Blogger's Quilt Festival

Excited to share complete photos of this original design - Woven Braid as part of Amy's Creative Side and the 2015 Spring Blogger's Quilt Festival.
It was recently hanging at Spring Market in the Island Batik booth. Local shops can order these fabrics and the pattern through Island Batik. If you're interested in the pattern, you can purchase it from me directly--just let me know in the comments so I can reply to you with details.
This is using the new "Meadow" collection from Island Batik--I've heard that the fabrics will ship in August to local shops that have ordered it. In July I'll be participating in a blog hop and will be giving away some fabrics from the Spring collections. So, I hope you'll follow my blog so you won't miss it! I do intend to have this as a complete kit in August, you can get on the pre-order list if you let me know in the comments.

I had a lot of fun creating and quilting this one ...learned several things as I tend to do on every quilt that I work on. These fabrics were absolutely wonderful to work with!

First and last two photos, courtesy of Island Batik.

Consider voting for it in the Original Design Category at Amy's Creative Side Spring 2015 Blogger's Quilt Festival.  Thanks!

Viewer's Choice Vote here.

Thanks for stopping by! Happying Sewing!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

You Can Quilt!

A long anticipated wait coming close to the end.

Our book, You Can Quilt! -- Building Skills for Beginners, is in the mail!

For those of you who followed my journey of making 'Rosie's BOMb' as part of the Skill Builder Sampler a few years ago....this is the next step in the journey. Leila hosted the SBS and mid way through I joined in. I got to collaborate with her on the last two blocks in that series and in 2013 we met in person and decided to pursue getting a book published using this concept of learning.

I got notice earlier this week that the 'Author Copies' were being sent via Media I'm on the slow wait from Paducah for media mail to arrive and expect copies that I can sell to follow shortly. I did get a tracking # and have been watching it daily coming across the country.

Leila is in Iowa so she got hers today! WOW!! It really did get printed!

I've set up a preorder purchase point on my website at: There are several options -- a sticker autographed by both of us; just autographed by me; or no autograph but would like to purchase it directly from me anyway.

While you're there, use the Email Signup link on the right if you'd like to get my monthly newsletter. I've got some new patterns coming out this year, so you'll want to stay tuned.

DON'T use the Amazon link if you want it autographed.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Jinny Beyer Border Placemats Yardage and Cutting Tip

Love using Jinny Beyer Border prints to make stunning mitered borders. This can also be done to make a placemat or table runner.

Jinny has a free pattern at her website for making the placemat or table runner.

Since I am teaching this as a class on Tues. April 28 --I made some with the Milan border -red (this also would be a fresh border for my Mi Amore pattern!). So excited with the results. There are two centerlines, so thought with 1 yard I could get two placemats. Each is beautiful and I came out with some stunning results. But the pattern's suggested approximate1/2 yard didn't yield me a placemat, 1 yard didn't yield me 2.

So, here are a few tips when selecting your fabric to know how much you need.

There are 6 pieces to each placemat. You basically need 6 center points. The Milan fabric only has 4 strip sets on the width of fabric, so one repeat isn't going to be enough. you need two--3 repeats plus appropriate clearances should yield you 2 placemats!

Clearance requirements: Make sure you have at least 6 1/2" clearance from the edge of the fabric to your chosen center line, and you need two repeated center lines with that same clearance on the other side to be safe. In the case of Milan, the center line repeat is 24", so at least 1 yard + 1" if the 'cut edge off the bolt' was placed appropriately would be necessary for me to get 1 placemat and be safe. With 1 yard I almost got two placemats using different centerlines (there were two symmetrical center lines in the design), but needed a few more inches in order to get the required pieces for either.

This is what I was able to get with the randomly cut yard.

After cutting another 43" from the bolt so that I had the right additional elements. I yielded these:

An important test is to use chalk (taylor's or chaco wheel) to mark off your templates on the uncut yardage to insure you've got enough or can maximize what you have based on the center lines available.

Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Island Batik Ambassador 2015

It has been too long since I posted something on this blog, but I've been really busy with lots of new exciting projects coming into view.

One of the big announcements is that I have been selected as an Island Batik Ambassador for 2015. 
Along with this honor comes freebies of fabric that I get to design with and/or giveaway! So, this year you'll see me participating in several blog hops that will include giveaways with beautiful new Island Batik fabric.

Here is a sneak peek at the first batch of fabrics that I got! The two larger (1 yard each piece) bundles are fabric groupings called "Haystack" and "Chickencoop". How is that for inspiration?

The smaller bundles are approximately 3" x 10" of each piece --just enough to really see what the motif is. Thinking something very scrappy but the colors will all coordinate beautifully.

Any ideas on what you'd make with these? These are all fabrics being released at Spring Market in May. I've got a few ideas already and will be participating in a blog hop this July featuring something from this group and giving away some fabric!

Many of last year's Ambassadors are participating in a bloghop called "Little Gems" that starts tomorrow. Check it out at Kauffman Designs.

I've also got a new quilt with pattern being released at Spring Market in the Island Batik booth -- "Woven Braid". I'll have a full post about this next month.
Looking forward to hearing from you out there in blog land.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

WIP 2014 final tally

Finishes from Original List
#1 - Sunflower Table Runner (Christmas #1) Class Sample gifted to my mom
#11 - Our Honeymoon Quilt for me and my husband
#12 - Fall Table Runner -"In Your Time" (Christmas #2) Class Sample gifted to my sister

Additional Finishes

#2 - Zig Zag Love - Class Sample; Red and White Challenges
#3-Airborne (not shown here be revealed in the upcoming book "You Can Quilt" due out Feb. 2015
#4 - Race On! - commission
#5 - Red Starry Night - Piece 'n Pals Contest
#6 - Sunshine Makes the Flowers Grow - Piece 'n Pals Contest
#7 - Be Your Own You - commission
#8 - Harvest Time - from my stash for my kitchen, motivated by a Walla Walla Valley Quilt Festival Theme "A Wrinkle in Time" Contest
#9 - Tesseract Prism - Walla Walla Valley Quilt Festival Theme "A Wrinkle In Time" Contest
#10 - Scottish Plaid - INMQ Contest
#13 - Hugs and Kisses scrappy version from 2011 Shop Hop the Blues 2.5" strips - Class Sample gifted to Kelli
#14 - Dirt Racing T-shirt (KF#2 - commission)
#15 - The Artist - Sample gifted to Diane
#16 - One Block Wonder Table Runner - Christmas edition - Class Sample
Was able to wrap this up on New Year's Eve. Used Thermore batting and Omni black thread on the top; A&E Dyed Natural thread on the back. Added just a bit of fabric top and bottom on the backing that looks like old plank wood flooring and got it centered pretty well even though quilted on my longarm. Ditched the seams around the open black areas and did motif quilting in the printed triangles. In the all black triangles did 1/2" to the ditch and then filled in the centers. Diamonds got a little different treatment than the triangles, but similar.


Ready to bind:
Scottish Cross - Country Register Pattern Sample

Ready to Quilt
Baskets - WW Valley Quilt Guild 2006 BOM
Cool Penguin, partly pieced by Julie Tapley - Country Register Pattern Sample
Zoe - Fishy Fishy - Class Sample
Elephant's Play - Jungle Edge - Class Sample - gifted to childhood friend's baby
Elephant's Play - Water Hole - Class Sample
Turning Twenty - Grand Coulee Fishing - Class Sample

Piecing Progress:
Electric City - Class Sample   -->
Island Batik Spring 2015 Release - Meadow - "Woven Braid" - Pattern Sample for Market -- so excited to share this sneak peek! More will follow in the coming weeks and months. It will be revealed at Market in May. See below.

Fall Wallhanging

Completed: 16
Note: client quilt tops quilted in 2014 .....70
Still WIP: 11

2007 Alaska Shop Hop
Out of the Darkness - Pam Bono

Projects I'd sure like to get on with!
  • Peace Park
  • Snowflake/blizzard --except that I used some of the snowflakes as inspiration for the Cool Penguin design.
  • Dogwood --have had this design, and now a missed challenge opportunity too.
  • 2007 Shop Hop the Blues - bow ties?
  • 2009 Shop Hop the Blues - fall leaves?
Commissions Under Contract:
Randolph Pillow et al