Monday, December 17, 2012

Design Wall Monday

This last week at our local quilt guild meeting, there were lots of block lotto entries. I had done four blocks, so thought maybe I'd have a chance, but I knew others did that many too.

Well, actually at least the two I know had four blocks in the drawing, each got our name drawn, so we split the blocks kind of based on 'cream' vs. 'white' neutrals used in the blocks. The count must not have been accurate, as I thought I was to take home 12 (my name drawn first) and the other gal would get 10 (as instructed by the organizer). Well, at home I counted 17 blocks. So this is what I've come up with, and think that some sashing and setting triangles w/a border should work out.

I've got a 'light' star too many, and need a 'dark' green star, so maybe I can swap with the other gal...depending upon what she might be designing, or just make another one myself (see fabric below). I also feel bad since her four blocks were in my pile, so have offered to give 'em up if she's yearning for them, but I had told her at the very beginning that I absolutely loved the fabric in her blocks, so I don't really want to give them up!

Another friend suggested using some pine needles and pines cones fabric to unite these blocks. I liked the idea and believe I have some fabric in my stash I might be able to use. This would make it not overly Christmas'y'.

Far left...the first two might be the extra star block I need to make, the light background pinecones the setting triangles on the sides and top (maybe need more of the next one instead); the dark green in the middle the corner triangles; the all pinecones the cornerstones; and the far right green w/pine cones the sashing.

Here is my EQ7 draft. Don't have the exact fabrics....but a rough idea. An outer border could be added too if I found some more fabric.

I've got one more client quilt that needs to be done 'before Christmas'. Hoping to wrap that up today and then get on to some of my own goals to finish before the end of the year. The biggest is to move my studio, but I also have several things to quilt.

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  1. Friendship Stars are such, well, friendly blocks. Are yours 6" or 9"?

  2. Lucky you, I didn't get my 12" Blocks made and didn't get to go to Guild either. December has been a bust for me. Hoping for a better week. Have fun moving your studio!

  3. Love the pine cone/needle fabrics. I have some in flannel that I need to use: the quilt is all designed so it is just waiting for me to have the time.