Thursday, October 31, 2013

October Finishes

* Kickoff the Technique of the Month Series here in Grand Coulee, WA
 -- What a great group of 13 I have in my classes. They are learning lots and seem to be enjoying our time together.

* Finish the Commission
-- ta da!! Here it is. A full post was done on Oct. 25 as part of the Blogger's Quilt Festival.
2013-#17  - "A Paris Engagement". Please consider checking it out and voting for this quilt!

* Client Quilting
--I did get 7 done.

* Enjoy the AQS-DesMoines, IA show and everything I can learn
--probably the biggest news of the month....not only did I get to go, but "Rosie's BOMb" won
2nd place, in the Bed Quilts - Machine Quilted category.
Whoo Hooo!!! Here is the video that was put together while I was there, and this post has still photos and a write-up about my experience there.

I also put it into the Blogger's Quilt Festival in the professionally quilted category. I hope you'll check it out and consider voting for it. Thanks!!

* Enjoy the MQX - Portland, OR show and educational opportunities maybe --ended up getting most of my questions answered while at AQS with various machine dealers and decided my time would be better spent staying home and getting on with client work. My quilt "Spinner" did receive a Teacher's Ribbon from Georgia Stull. Thank you!!!

Other points of note ....The WSQ-Spokane show resulted in several ribbons.
I entered:
  • 'Florabunda' --my Irena Bluhm class piece.
  • 'Dreamland' --my INMQ 2013 Challenge Symmetrical Wholecloth, these entries were all in their own category.
Two Ribbons: 3rd place from WSQ show attendees; Honorable Mention from INMQ Members.

Karen Ray and her daughter, Kelly Anderson, left, get a close view of Marlene Oddie’s “Rosie” at the Washington State Quilters-Spokane Chapter 35th Annual Quilt Show on Saturday at the Spokane County Fair & Expo Center. After taking in most of the quilt displays, Ray said, “This is it. Our super favorite.”

And on a more personal note....

* Attend my cousin's Wedding in Seattle!
--Congratulations to the lovely couple! We had a great time seeing family and friends.

* Enjoy my Parents being with us for 10 days
--so glad they got to be here!

* Hosting 50 former colleagues and fresh seniors from Walla Walla University to see our area and tour the Dam!
--hopefully some will consider applying for positions here. We'd love to have some newbies interested in quality living out here on the lake.

* My Mom teaching our 'project class' "The Adobe Purse" on Oct. 22
--Enjoyed having her here to share the many hours she has spent perfecting this pattern. Having made over 140 of them, she's experienced!!

Prayerfully thinking about a dear friend who just shared that she is pregnant with fraternal boys and identical girls...yes all at the same time! FOUR in the oven!! AMAZING!!! Glad I was able to sit down as she was telling me. Praying for her own health as well as the four babies during the next 14 weeks of 'bedrest'.

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