Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Wild Nature Update

Several years ago I started doing a variety of fused applique blocks. I had taken a class from June Jaeger and designed my own quilt using some of her blocks, McKenna Ryan's and now I wanted to add a Toni Whitney design!

I decided it would take teaching a class to get me going again. So, today was the first of a two session class. Beautiful Toni Whitney designs are being created. I do have more patterns in the studio for several of her designs. Stop by to select your favorite!

I did this Backdoor Bear. The photo seems washed out, but the colors are quite vibrant.The inside image is only 8"x10" so I actually got it done today! It was quite exciting to see it come together so easily. Lots of small pieces, but her construction techniques make it simple enough. Now I can add it to my pile of blocks that at some point I'll have enough to make a quilt, "Oddie's Wild Nature."

Maybe some day I'll figure out how to make one of these from my own photo. There has to be a way in Photoshop that one can easily do this, no? If you've seen a tutorial online, please share the link!


  1. Oh, I bought this pattern several years ago myself. I have yet to make it. Maybe seeing you get r done will inspire me!!!

    1. It went amazingly quickly....especially by copying the pattern elements through my inkjet copy machine directly onto the paperback of the interfacing.

  2. He's so pretty! No wonder you had to add in some of hers, too. :)