Thursday, January 1, 2015

2014 Commissions

Wanted to share the commissions completed for the year. Each had their own special connections and meaning and this forum gives me the opportunity to write about them a bit more than a description on Facebook.

Finish #4 - Race On!
Via a high school reunion facebook page, I re-connected with a classmate from many years ago! Through that connection, he asked if I would make a t-shirt quilt for a very worthy cause. We agreed on an estimated price and through some donations from others in my community with just the right fabric and assistance securing others, we pulled it off. So happy to report that it raised $750 for Kids Cancer.

Finish #7 - Be Your Own You
A dear friend and vital messenger in my life ....for her 4th grandchild.
Photos were printed in sepia tone of the baby and family members at to help it blend with the fabrics used in the quilt. A simple block design in the center with darker fabrics used in the border and more photos. Name/Birthdate info fuzzed out purposefully for publication purposes, but had embroidery work done at Sunflower Graphics here in Grand Coulee. Center fabrics from Chrysalis for moda. Border fabrics include Stefanie Brandenburg Urban Squares charm pack and School Days dot-to-dot by American Jane for moda. Basic Grey Grunge used for sashings of inner border. Warm and Plush batting. Spring Garland pantograph with Signature Peachy Tones thread. The grandmother loves butterflies and this pantograph has a few in it. The backing fabric includes the mother's favorite color.


Finish #14 - Dirt Racing T-shirt
Think back to Finish #3 above....the donors of those shirts were involved in this one which will go to one of the donors. A different effect as these honor Sammy Swindell and appeared to all be on dirt tracks, so used a Stonehenge fabric for the sashing. The back (shown below before quilting) was just a fun graphic way to make the checkered flag fabric sufficient for the size of the quilt and use the last t-shirt element from the 6 shirts I was given to work with. Almost a 'dirt racing stripe' effect. All shirts had front and back elements. The layout on this one was a bit challenging. I went through several iterations. Key considerations were the center column Sammy Swindell top 2 shirts said the name most distinctly so were placed there. The #1 shirts on the left and right were so dominant it seemed better to let them balance each other on the sides. I used the remaining ones to let the vehicle on the shirts point into the center to give a good framing. The binding fabric was actual tire tracks in the dirt. With the quilting I did on the diagonal 5 straight tread tire tracks. The rest of the quilt was my bone stipple which kinda looks like a tire tread too, but just lots on top of each other.


I would be remiss to not mention a commission that ended up NOT involving a quilt. I was very honored to be asked and glad we ended up with a great product ...even though it wasn't a quilted item. Sometimes when working with photos, its better to stick with FINE art. We had this printed on canvas and mounted. A great result!

If you're looking to have a quilt made on commission, these are things that I discuss with you: intended recipient, reason for giving or being made, anticipated use, size, interests, likes, favorite shapes, colors or room it might be used in so that it will coordinate. The part of the quilting process that I enjoy immensely is taking all of these points of inspiration and creating a treasure that may mean more to the recipient and the giver than to anyone else who may see it. It truly becomes a gift from and to the heart.

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