Thursday, May 14, 2015

You Can Quilt!

A long anticipated wait coming close to the end.

Our book, You Can Quilt! -- Building Skills for Beginners, is in the mail!

For those of you who followed my journey of making 'Rosie's BOMb' as part of the Skill Builder Sampler a few years ago....this is the next step in the journey. Leila hosted the SBS and mid way through I joined in. I got to collaborate with her on the last two blocks in that series and in 2013 we met in person and decided to pursue getting a book published using this concept of learning.

I got notice earlier this week that the 'Author Copies' were being sent via Media I'm on the slow wait from Paducah for media mail to arrive and expect copies that I can sell to follow shortly. I did get a tracking # and have been watching it daily coming across the country.

Leila is in Iowa so she got hers today! WOW!! It really did get printed!

I've set up a preorder purchase point on my website at: There are several options -- a sticker autographed by both of us; just autographed by me; or no autograph but would like to purchase it directly from me anyway.

While you're there, use the Email Signup link on the right if you'd like to get my monthly newsletter. I've got some new patterns coming out this year, so you'll want to stay tuned.

DON'T use the Amazon link if you want it autographed.

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  1. Good Job! I'd like a copy, I'll plan on picking one up during the Row by Row if you still have some at the store.