Friday, November 25, 2011

Continuous Line Butterfly, Odd Angle Binding and Scallop Background Fill

Last week I got started with Year 3 of having a Gammill Quilting Machine. My first customer quilt was a custom quilting request on these antique butterfly blocks that the client had set in a very unique configuration for a table runner. I came up with a continuous line to stitch the applique work of the entire butterfly, except the dark spots in the middle of the wings. I've tried to illustrate the path in this photo. I used black thread to match the blanket stitch that had been done by hand originally.

Start on the side of the butterfly and move towards the center on the bottom edge of the top wing  (this photo has the butterfly flying DOWN). Go around the black center, including the antennae (if you forget, you can catch them on a second pass past them later). When you reach the point of the black center where you started going around that section, then back track to the bottom of the butterfly and stitch around the entire external part of the butterfly. When you come back to the black section from the opposite side, back track up the black center to the bottom of the top wing and then stitch to the outer edge of the butterfly.

With a neutral color I then stitched about 1/4" from the edge of the butterfly and then filled the block with a medium size stipple.

Given the inner corners as well as outer corners, I went searching for Marci Baker's tutorials on doing special angled bindings. I've added video links to both on my new 'Resources' page on this blog. Thanks Marci! This year I hope to expand the resources page to include tutorials I find online that deal with specific techniques I have found helpful. I hope they will be helpful to you too.

Here is what the whole quilt looks like --it is intended to be used as a table runner on a rather large table. The client intends to put a piece of glass on top of it. I think the layout even makes the whole piece look like a butterfly.

On the second quilt of the year, I decided to do a scallop design in the center blocks. I've included an illustration to remind us all that you section it with always a HALF space left at the end so that there is no need to run along the ditch to continue with the next row. (DOH!!) ;-) Learned this originally from Pam Clarke in her Designs with Lines class. Should have gotten my notes out before I started and had to re-think it all through. I'll add a link to the 'Resources Page' to Pam Clarke's books.

Glad to have gotten some customer quilt's finished and enjoyed a Thanksgiving meal with dear friends. I hope your Thanksgiving holiday has been one of good memories made with friends and loved ones.

I did enter the Kitchen items contest at the Quilting Gallery this weekend. You'll recognize my Heart Placemats. Thanks for hopping over and giving them consideration for your vote.


  1. Thanks for the ideas above and I love the idea of a resources page. I am always trying to learn new things but have difficulty figuring out where to go for info. Thanks again. Oh, love the placemats, as I did the quilt.

  2. Hi, Marlene! So, I came to tell you that I was voting at the Quilting Gallery on this week's group, and then I went back to check out the blogs of the ones I voted on, and - cool! - There you were on one of the ones I'd chosen. hehe That was fun. :D

    P.S. I got the pattern! That was a nifty way to package and mail it.