Wednesday, November 2, 2011


I've made some progress on my Oddie's Wild Nature. The elk block got done this week. I'll now start making a final decision about the background on the old stag. This photo includes an audition. The elk's rack will be attached across sashing and into the next block once they are connected. June Jeager's design of this block helps to keep things looking 3-d!

For an update on my placemats, check Monday's design wall.

2011 Stats:
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This is not officially on my WIP list because it is business related (I realize I've made a few exceptions), but wanted to share what I worked on yesterday with you and see if you have some opinions on the quilting styles. Feel free to share a comment. If you like these panel prints and would like to purchase the raw fabric, just let me know! There are four unique designs. Three are printed on 1 width of the fabric.

I'm busy getting ready for Fall Release in our local wineries this weekend. What do you think of these four styles of quilting?

This panel has been quilted outlining the motif of the picture. This takes quite a long time and probably will not be cost effective to quilt a placemat this way. It might work for a wall hanging where the price point can be higher.

This panel will be made into a placemat and given to Patit Creek for their tasting area as a thank you for allowing me to display my quilts and sell finished products on consignment. I kind of like the fancy feather in this and might do more like this without the words at the top.

This panel was stitched with a cross-hatch and will be made into a placemat. I had a bit of an issue using my RedSnappers to attach the fabric to the leaders and using my GamGuide to assist with the cross-hatching. I'll pin the top of the backing next time! I think in principle I like this concept as long as I do a more accurate spacing. It kind of looks like you're looking at the scene through a window.

This placemat is just a scallop from the corner freehand sort of design. I was experimenting to try and find something that didn't take so long and yet still worked. This kind of looks like a bunch of grapes in macro, but I don't think it looks 'nice' enough.

Ireland!! Join me on a fabulous adventure in Ireland, June 5-15, 2012.

McCall's Quilt Design Star 2011 contest is still open for voting, once a day through November 8. Thanks for voting! Don't forget to leave a comment at the bottom of the voting page. It doesn't seem like they have approved any comments since last Wednesday, so hoping they will get caught up today.

In an effort to do more blogging that isn't just 'status' related for WIP's/ Design Wall's and BOM's Away Monday link ups, I intend to write a blog post each Friday as I explore techniques, fabric finds, and designs. I hope you will follow along.

The Blogger's Quilt Festival is currently going on through Nov. 4. Here is my entry and a subsequent link to the link-up.

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  1. Gosh!! I like all of But I think I prefer the first 2....The first one makes things pop out...and I do like the the elk.

  2. I like the outline the best, but I agree that it's a lot of work, and the customer probably wouldn't appreciate it as much, so my second choice would be the simple squares, or diamonds. It's such a "complex" fabric, the design and picture that I think simple quilting would highlight the scene better. LOVE the elk!! Good luck!

  3. I prefer the second one. I wasn't keen on the squares until I read what you had written. What a good idea, making it look like a window. I think if you made it into diamonds like an old leadlight window, that would look good.

  4. Good job! I like to outline panels, know they TAKE time, but they turn out so nice, otherwise a cross hatch ( though I hate to long arm straight lines too)