Monday, April 16, 2012

Another oldie

Not sure the vintage of this one, but with the 10lb sugar sacks used to back the crazy piecing...what do you think?

So, how to quilt this? Decided to machine stitch at each intersection with 12 stitches to the inch double up and back about 1/4" to 1/2" in the ditch along each line of the intersection. i.e. if a Y seam, start at the center and stitch out the 3 directions and back again.

Added a hanging sleeve and now it is ready to be displayed on the wall in the owner's home.

A few of the very light satin or silk blocks you can see the 10 lb. sugar sacks through the fabric. Kinda cool!

I also worked on a commissioned memory quilt this last week. This has been in my queue for some time. I never want to do regular piecing with well worn clothing again. Maybe an art quilt, topically applied or something like that. Just saying, for me it was not a good experience. This piece is about 3' x 3'. Only the fabric from the shirts was used. If asked again, I'd make a sail boat out of the fabric, a bicycle, maybe cutout the shape of Michigan, a golf bag, etc. Then applique them onto a scene using regular fabric for the scene. Then bits of the fabric are used in the piece, but not the WHOLE thing. More photos are in a 'memory' album on my Facebook page.


  1. Wow! That crazy quilt is great! I really have a "thing" for crazy quilts! And after sewing together "vintage sheets" this past week, I can understand your reluctance to do the clothing thing again! But it looks great!

  2. Question more than a comment..what makes quilting so hard or frustrasting when the quilt is made of worn clothes. Clueless in Texas. ;o) I'm not big of crazy quilts but that one is eye catching. The colors maybe.