Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Next Chapter in our lives

Haven't posted for a couple of weeks because there has been a lot of activity on the home front.

My husband accepted a position with the Bureau of Reclamation as a Mechanical Engineer at Grand Coulee Dam. As exciting as this is, it means a move for my business at some point.

We've been researching residential and commercial opportunities in the area, met some wonderful people through various new connections, but nothing I can announce yet.

Last Friday went to the Wenatchee Quilt Show and met the featured quilter, Jill Therriiault. I look forward to getting better acquainted and joining her small group of long-armers that meet occassionally to compare notes and inspire each other.

Sept. 27 the North Central Washington Quilt Shop Hop starts, so I'll have a go at getting around to the 10+ shops and meeting the area shop owners and do some research about the long-armers in the area. It will be helpful to find out what are their specialties, types of machines, price structure, queue length, etc.

I have done several baby quilts, pieced by Barbara B. in our joint effort to put some together for charity. My personal challenge has been to stitch them with my stitch regulator OFF. I'm fairly pleased with the result and believe it is a good way for me to improve my skills of consistent movement even when I have the regulator on.

This one in particular was a new design in my repertoire. Shown here is the back so you can better see the quilting design.

I'm looking forward to participating in the Modern Tools Blog Hop in October. Stay tuned for that as well as a guest blog post on the EQ blog.

On my Design Wall--still waiting for the remaining JUQ-CHS-WW quilt blocks coming in via the mail. But hung on my wall is a growing collection of my BOM blocks.

BOM's Away progress--I'll be happy to add pieced block #8 in Pam Bono's Out of the Darkness to the above photo, hope to get it stitched up this week! I did get block #9 mostly cut out.

More Design Walls ....more BOM's Away Progress


  1. Beautiful blocks! I'm so happy for you and your husband, but sad that I won't be able to see you as often :(. Thank goodness for your blog and FB!

  2. I just love those blocks! Stunning!

  3. They look so neat, pinned up there together like that. And your hubby's job at Grand Coulee sounds so exotic. :D

  4. I love your BOM blocks. They're gorgeous!