Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Blogger's Quilt Festival 2014 - Large Quilt Category

I'm feeling blessed to actually be in Houston right now! Just finished International Quilt Market and am now attending Quilt Festival.

I had big surprises this week, including a red and white quilt that is in the Ruby Jubilee Exhibit for Festival was also used as the cover for AQS Spring 2015 Catalogue. Did you get yours in the mail?  I quilted it! WOW!!!!! What a surprise and true honor.

ok...down to business. You're here because you're hopping through this online festival and I don't want to disappoint.

I'm sharing 'Our Honeymoon Quilt'. all started while on our honeymoon in 2009 in Hawaii. No, I wasn't bored, really....and my husband was very supportive to let me stop in at quilt shops along our journey, but sometimes sitting on a cruise ship you need something creative to do ;-) I saw this Storm at Sea design with 3 hearts and thought that was fun, but surely I could make it a bit more interesting.

Turtles are a motif used in many Hawaiian fabrics, so by incorporating a turtle into the Storm at Sea design (upper right hand corner) strictly by coloring the pieces accordingly then adding Hawaiian prints into the border that included turtles it started coming together. To be honest, the piecing of this didn't start until 2012 and a recent quilt show in Spokane "My Heart Belongs to Quilting" as the theme, motivated me to get it out and finish it up. The borders became a huge part of the design when my husband asked if it would be at least 7' tall so that it could tuck under his feet while sitting in our double recliner.

The first border is a cotton sateen ombre fabric. Some of the same fabric is used in the center piecing as well. Then a triple border set creates the next visual border with Hawaiian prints which were printed on the diagonal not at a 45 degree angle, so made it a bit tricky to get them cut and set this way, fussy cut on point squares that are filigree hearts and a final black/white border. I put on an extra wide binding to help give a dark red visual without adding another border. I had thought I would applique a turtle and baby from Toni Whitney's designs, but alas my husband liked it like this so, that's how I finished it up.

It's now ready for a good cuddle on the couch.

"Our Honeymoon Quilt"
87" x 96"
Long-arm Machine Quilted, Hand guided "Heart Strings" pantograph, White Aurifil thread, 50 wt.
Bleached 80/20 batting

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  1. I'm glad you got your Honeymoon quilt finished!

  2. I love the story behind your quilt--so special!

  3. Congrats on the cover quilt! How I missed seeing your Hawaiian quilt at the Spokane show is beyond me. I will have to look back through my pictures. It certainly is beautiful!

  4. Love the design and colors of "Our Honeymoon Quilt"!