Monday, November 6, 2017

30 years in the making - USC Homecoming Weekend

Ok, I'm just saying, this quilt was at least 30 years in the making. Yes, some of those t-shirts are from my senior year in college - 1987! Each one I look at, brings back a flood of memories. Glad they are back in the 'can be used' bin since I put a fleece back on it too.  I look forward to watching some football and being warm and full of team spirit with this quilt.

When I realized that this project, that had been in the works for years, coincided with 30 years since I graduated, I had to get serious! This spring at a retreat I got it pieced and this past month I pushed to get it quilted. At my retreat at Hayden Lake last month, I was able to get it bound.

Cheers to my classmates. Hope you had a great weekend at homecoming. Fight On!

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