Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Zoe - another one! (READY FOR QUILTING really hope to have it finished today--we'll see) This is using part of a layer cake and some yardage from the 'punctuation' line of fabric by American Jane for Moda. Using the red/blue blocks and a few black/white blocks and a bit of the multi-print black and red yardage to get the tickets for the border and some circles. I was able to get some yardage on sale from Sew Lux before Christmas which gave me a bit more of the white fabric with the punctuation marks and a backing for the quilt. The layer cake makes it very scrappy. I think I like the orange/green/yellow version that I did better in terms of contrast and values, but this is one I've had sitting around waiting to be done. The original pattern was only from 4 pieces of yardage, so this scrappy effect is quite different but I tried to keep the reds as 1 fabric, the blues as the alternate fabric, and the black as the darkest dark and the 'white' as the large motif (if you're looking at the pattern). I did get to use the compass rotary cutter from Olfa to cut most of the circles--loved it! Some of the circles were leftovers from a prior quilt (cutouts from the back) so were sized a little bit smaller. I machine appliqued with a blanket stitch all of the circles and then cut out the fabric behind them. For locals--Stash one of our LQSs, has a lot of fabrics in this line. This quilt is headed there as a sample. With the red/white/blue theme it almost makes me think of 4th of July fireworks!

Skill Builder Sampler Block #5 - I tried Eleanor Burn's Quilt-in-a-Day method when needing 8 alike HSTs. This meant that the outside edges of each 2.5" unfinished block did NOT have bias edges. Her instruction page that comes with her ruler (which I don't have), help explain the concept and give a math chart for various sizes of finished blocks and what size squares to start with, etc. I've added it to my resources tab on this blog. I'm very happy with the points on this and so quick to stitch the HSTs!

And Skill Builder Sampler Blocks #22-24 --all about curves. I jumped ahead and did these so that I can participate in the giveaway going on this week. I feared these curves. It wasn't as bad as I thought it might be, but it still took longer than I prefer ;-) Glad they are done though. I think I have a new strategy so that I can finish when everybody else does too!

Progress now on Oddie's Wild Nature with the addition of an Eagle block.
Just have to show you the latest pattern testing progress -- here is test #2 on the MiAmore quilt--no applique applied and different border treatment, but a fun interpretation to see! The tester made this for her husband. I especially like the use of the stripe in the border and binding. I've got one more test coming in.

EQ7 BOM layout, fabrics have been assembled and a strategy identified to create the background fabric, my binding(s) will be decided after the center is complete-- Can't reveal this until March 1.
Also awaiting quilting:
  • Charmed Network v.2 - Eva
  • WWVQG 2006 Basket BOM
'Til Next Time
  • McCall's Mystery - ready for Step 2
  • Alaska's 2007 Shop Hop (block 1 is up in February)
  • Out of the Darkness (block 1 is up in February)
  • Rose of Sharon Bird Block
  • Snowflake/Blizzard Quilt

2012 STATS
Completed: 6
In Progress: 11, do I add what I started in a class last week (see below)?
To start: 3 (Peace Park, Shop Hop the Blues 2007 & 2009)

If you have a minute- go to my 'older post' from Sat. night and read about what I did in a class last week!

Are you going to Ireland in June? Join me!!

More WIPs at the linkup on Lee's Freshly Pieced blog. Happy WIPping ;-)

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  1. Marlene, your projects are wonderful! Wow! LOVE what you did in that class!