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EE Schenck's Trends - Spring 2012

Twice a year a local distributor, EESchenck, hosts a mini-market event, typically in March and September.

As a quilt shop business owner (mine being focused on long-arm services/quilt manufacturing and experimenting with pattern design), it is an opportunity to see some vendors latest fabric lines, notions and patterns. It is also an opportunity to purchase merchandise that I use in my business.

This year I was able to go on Friday morning and my husband went with me for the first time. Nice to have someone keeping track of my found treasures and standing in the check-out line while I run for one more thing ;-). Although I didn't get everything on my list, I got most.

We then enjoyed a weekend at the Oregon Coast. This is from the top of the sand dune at Pacific City.

They also host a quilt show which their customers (shop owners and their customers too) are allowed to enter quilts. Industry judges choose their favorite and a 'best use of color'. Customers are allowed to vote for their favorite as well. I sent in "Mi Amore" since that is my latest pattern. The representing shop of any winner then gets a warehouse credit. Always a nice bonus if you win.

And the winners were:
Judges' and People's Choice

Best use of Color:

Other favorites of mine:

This refracting piece is made from fabric by Stephanie Brandenburg. She was there at market and has gone out on her own now. It was great to see some of her new art that is in the process of being ready soon.

I thought of my friend Linda who loves Harley's!

This was an interesting shop challenge that submitted their results to the show.

I signed up for the Make 'n Take Sashiko class on Sunday from Pepper Cory. I've had Sharon Pederson's book and her Aurifil threads and have always wanted to give this a try. I met Pepper Cory at Spring Market 2011 in Salt Lake City where she was representing the Colonial Needle Company at a Schoolhouse session. This was now an opportunity to learn a skill from her. Here is what I got done in the short class ....and then the final result! We drew the design on the blue fabric with a grey marking pencil. Using Perl 8 cotton and a large needle, making the stitches 2/3 and the gap 1/3 in a ratio to each other, we stitched the design. Then taking squares of fabric --I chose 4 different ones, folded them on the diagonal and placed them around the blue fabric. I marked a 1/2" line with a FriXion pen and stitched them to the blue fabric in a 'big stitch' type of stitch. Adding a layer of Insulbright I then trimmed it and placed it on another layer of blue fabric. Using my domestic sewing machine, I then stitched about 1/8" away from the trimmed edge to stabilize everything in a matching blue thread. Then folded the backing blue fabric along the edge and then folded it again over the top of the block and stitched it down with the Perl 8 thread. The corners are folded in so that the corner is mitered but finished as well.

Thanks Pepper! This would make for a great class that everyone could finish their project in one setting and learn a new technique.

So...what else did I discover?

A great find was a new book by Gina Perkes. I highly recommend it. I devoured it and will be re-reading with more detail in the days ahead.
Mastering the Art of Longarm Quilting
For was the loot I picked up ;-) Watch for new products created with these tools.

A couple of other books of note that I learned about at Spring 2011 market:
  • "block party" --a new modern bee approach; the authors and contributors reviewed the product in a schoolhouse session. This would be really fun to do with a small group.
  • "A Fiber Artist's Guide to Color & Design" by Heather Thomas--met her and got a whole review of the book --looks like an awesome class. It is done as a 12 month sequence with one chapter a month being discussed at class then a project created during the month with a show and critique session at the next class. Serious commitment....but rewarding!
Other goodies included:
  • Printed Treasurers--iron on washable fabric printable from my inkjet printer. I love to use these to print quilt labels.
  • Go! dies -- Rose of Sharon #2, Grapes of Wrath, Feathers, Oak Arbor, Bohemian, and a picker!
  • Quilt Blocks Across America
  • A Field Guide to Fabric Design
  • 250 New Continuous-Line Quilting Designs
  • Threads -- more Aurifil!, So Fine!, Signature white, YLI Vanilla Milkshake--blends great on the new modern prints
  • Bobbins--seems that I can never have enough
  • Needles --smaller and larger than I usually have. As I use more of a variety of thread sizes I need needles to accomodate them.
  • In an effort to work on my fabric bleed issue -- Grandma's Spot Remover, Retayne, and a grey paintstick
  • Thermore for placemats
  • More Ombre Cotton Sateen and a batik bolt on sale
  • Quilt totes --maybe yours will be going home in one of these!
That's my report ...'til next time.....

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  1. Thanks again for sharing.
    My prayer quilt group uses the same label for every quilt, so for a couple of years now we've been ordering them in yardage from Spoonflower. However, if a lot of the information changes from quilt to quilt, that would not work for you.