Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Week 1 of 6

Not knowing when the LiveScan would come through, we headed to California on Sunday morning.
On our way north last week, Duncan had wanted to stop at Port of Subs and reacquaint himself with a franchise that he used to frequent in Seattle. We found it through our maps app on our phone in Bend. Seemed like it would be a great lunch spot on our way south again. As we drove up, we observed that starting in May they would be open on Sundays. :( Oh well.

What a beautiful sight as we went past Mt. Shasta.

As we neared Redding, Duncan wanted to press on. On Monday I had hoped to connect with my friend, Diane, at least for a few minutes in Galt for an early lunch, so Duncan suggested we could probably get into Galt very late and then have a relaxing morning with Diane. Comfort Inn had accomodations available and Diane was willing to meet us earlier.

So fun to see Diane's applique work. She is designing some super fun things. Can't wait to show the world her talents.

Checking the restaurant options for lunch on Monday we discovered a Port of Subs in Visalia! Duncan was very happy!! If you're not familiar with this chain, it slices the cheese as you order your sandwich with a Hobart slicer, nice and thin. TONS of flavor!

About this time we got a call from the principal that the LiveScan had come through.
Marlene's parents were able to rondevous with us in Bakersfield and go to the school to find out the state of affairs. The volunteer sub also was able to join us and we were able to gather as much information as possible and figure out where the kids were at in their subjects, where they should be, and based on how much time is left in the school year, what was the best use of our time with them.

Monday had been Teacher Appreciation Day, so no school. Tuesday the Sophomores were gone on a field trip to the Monterey Bay Acquarium. Wednesday was the first regular day. Thursday was a half day due to a school event in the evening and Friday was an outreach day so no formal classroom time. One week down!

Duncan is doing great given he has never taught before. Thank you to my parents for their crash course instruction and mentoring. We just hope the students appreciate the situation and will do their best to learn what they can during these 6 weeks. Several parents stopped by during the week and thanked us for helping out.

Marlene was able to get some of her projects done and with the short week in the classroom, we took off for Monterey Bay Academy and their alumni weekend. Great to see Marlene's sister and boyfriend Bryan, and Marlene's parents again. Marlene also got a commission quilt cut out on Friday and was able to visit an old friend at her hair salon and get a quick trim.

Fun to see a few of Marlene's classmates attend the alumni, next year is 30 years for Marlene, so not many showed up this year. None the less it was beautiful weather and a special dedication service was held to name the Boys' Dorm -- Voth Hall.

Family Members include:
2nd from left is a granddaughter of Harvey
4th from the left is David Voth's son and Harvey's grandson.
5th from the left is Dan (son of Harvey) Voth's widow.
7th from left is Violet--Harvey Voth's sister.
8th from left is Harvey's niece.
9th from left is Diane Voth Hendrickson -- Harvey's daughter.
Harvey's widow, Norma Jean is in an Alzheimer's Care Facility in Texas.

As we headed to our sleeping location, we couldn't find the car key.

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