Saturday, May 5, 2012

Week 2 of 6 of our CA Adventure

What happened to the vehicle key?

On Saturday night when heading to our accomodations (walking distance from my sister's home), I couldn't immediately find the car key. I figured it must have been at where we were staying, so headed there. Upon arrival, it wasn't there either. Strange. Well, we'll check my sister's place again in the morning more thoroughly.

Unfortunately to no avail. This was supposed to be a lovely morning taking my mother out to celebrate her upcoming 70th birthday. Six of us scoured my sister's house and our accomodations to no avail. I suggested we contact another guest who had been at her house. Response: no...nothing.

I was convinced someone unintentionally must have the key. But my husband needed to get back to Bakersfield to teach on Monday. Fortunately my parents were willing to accomodate and my dad took Duncan. My mom stayed with me and the plan was to avoid the $500 locksmith charge to solve the situation on Sunday and work with the local dealer to get a new key on Monday morning. It seems that the dealers really hold people hostage by not providing this type of service on the weekend. I was able to get a very restful late afternoon nap.

Monday morning I was told by the dealer that as long as I bring proof of ownership, I could come to the dealer and get a new key. Off we went. After all paperwork was filled out, key cost $35, but then they informed me that the vehicle needed to physically be there in order to program the new keys--yes, 2 were required! This irritated me, but I got a tow truck referral and made the arrangements for a tow truck to come get the vehicle and take it into the dealer. It would take them an hour.

My mom and I went back to the house, figured out my insurance would cover up to $100 in towing, and the tow truck could take us with the vehicle back to the dealer, so we could leave my sister's car at her house. I had just sent her a text to let her know and she called me. The GUEST had just called and said she was checking for liquids in her purse before heading to the airport and discovered an unknown KEY and the FOB! OOOOOH MY !!!!! Surely a God thing--she had been impressed to stay just 15 minutes from my sister's place rather than being close to the airport (about 2 hours away). We shortly had the key and were able to load up our stuff and get back on the road.

The original plan was to stop on Sunday at the Pinnacles National Monument to get my National Park Passport Stamped. I had been in these caves as a child, but long before the passport program had started. Mom was willing to take the detour up a onelane road. We discovered a brand new off-the-grid building. It just opened in January and is intended to be a new model for National Park buildings. It was quite impressive.

The rest of the trip was fairly uneventful. One rest stop along 101 which has been closed for what seems like years, now has beautiful mission architecture and provided a shade spot for us to enjoy our self-made lunch.

So grateful to have my parents assistance during this adventure.

The fridge had been fixed over the weekend, but not the freezer! And a vacuum was run through the house, but missed all the space at the wall where the dead cockroaches are still visible in volume. We're grateful for little things right now which includes a roof over our head and running water and air conditioning.

One of the opportunities of being in this area is that I get to see relatives. One is my father's aunt. She has been a special person in our lives since my dad's mother died when he was 4 1/2 years old. 'Aunt Helen' as we have always called her was the closest to his mother that we had present in our lives. She will be 90 in December. It was awesome to see her and how well she is doing. One of her daughter's was with her when we stopped by, so we got to see Nancy as well.
In last week's posts you saw the progress on the commission I am working on. Between that and binding 4 more sets of placemats and only having computer internet access when I go up to the school...I kept pretty busy.

Thursday morning, my flight departed Bakersfield at 6:00am. YOWZA! From an airline perspective, an uneventful 3 segment trip between United (operated by SkyWest) and Alaska Airlines. I did see Guy Fieri at SFO and rode on the same flight with Charles Smith (WW winemaker) from Seattle to Walla Walla. Made me feel like I really don't get out much when it is that common of an occurrance in one day of travel to see two famous people. Our nephew kindly picked me up at the was GREAT to be home.

I had quite a list to get through on Thursday afternoon, including prepping for Friday's class. My original design I discovered wasn't exactly what the class was, so had to quickly re-think and realized it was just getting too late to start cutting. I did take my huge quilt carrier full of fabric from my stash so I could make final decisions after discussing my concepts with the teacher.

Friday I took a "Storm at Sea" class in Pendleton in conjunction with the KrazyHorse Quilter's show taking place on Saturday and Sunday. Perhaps it doesn't seem like I got much done, but this is the most non-repetitive part of the quilt and thought it would have the most interest. Since I was cutting too (most had their cutting pieces ready to go), I didn't have to cut much to see this come together and I learned each of the 3 blocks -- Diamond, Big SIS (square-in-a-square--really 2 rounds beyond the initial square) and little SIS (square-in-a-square). These are based on a 6" finished block, 3" sashings and cornerstones. I had originally thought I could do them at any size, and wanted to do it with 9" blocks and 4.5" sashings and cornerstones. But, the Trimplates that come with this method are for 6" blocks.

Do you see the turtle? I originally designed this when we were on our honeymoon, in Hawaii, 3 years ago. Even collected fabrics while there. Today I incorporated the fussy cut hearts. Will be interesting to see how it all comes together. The center of the quilt (without borders) will be a 4 x 5 grid with sashings included on the outside. This is the upper right corner at this point with sashings still to be added. I'll do more cutting while here at home and take it with me back to California to hopefully keep working on it down there.

I also got the remaining placemats finished, tied with a ribbon, stickered with a price and dropped off at Patit Creek just at the start of Spring Release weekend!

Got some groceries, picked up the mail and was so glad to get home and just crash.

Today I was able to spend quality time with the Randolph's. Baby Zoe (2 y.o.) was in town too with her parents. So fun that she recognizes me and says "Aunty" Marlene now. I am thankful for a day of rest to finish off the week.

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