Thursday, June 14, 2012

Last Day of Sightseeing

Today is bittersweet as we spend our last day of sightseeing in and around Dublin.

Our first stop was at Avoca where the weavers have been since 1723. This is the oldest business still operating today in Ireland. I've posted more photos on the KQ FB Ireland Album. This was probably the most fascinating 'operational' visit we made. Duncan and I both really enjoyed it.

We stopped at The Waters....which is a meeting point of two rivers. Some beautiful flowers were at this location as well. This rhododendron was a unique color not typically seen in Ireland and I love 'Forget me Nots'!

We then went on to Glendalough where there are beautiful lakes and a monastic settlement.

On the hike up to the Upper Lake along the Green Road I found what I believe is a real Shamrock, wdyt?

These tree limbs are very intriguing.

Here is the Upper Lake with the waterfall in the background.

Taking the Boardwalk on the return I found this chicken wire stapled down to help with traction to be a very unique and practical solution to keeping peds from slipping on the wet wood.

Then into Dublin for our last hoorah, first stopping at St. Patrick's Cathedral with its beautiful park next door.

Today is the First Day of Issue for the Volvo Ocean Race Stamp, so was able to get one of those!

The Woollen Mill Trimmings is going out of business...has been there for 4 generations and the current owner wants to retire. All the locals were saying how sad it was as they dashed around to grab up what they could while it lasted. I got a bit myself ;-) The shop is across the Half Penny Bridge seen in the picture below on the otherside of the river.

The Millenium Spire in the city centre of Dublin.

An architectural detail that I found interesting, the lampposts.
Molly Malone statue near the high street shopping.

Duncan wanted to do some book shopping, but didn't find anything worthy of hauling home.

We could have probably used another hour in town, but concensus on the bus was to get back and out of the rain.

I captured some of the designs in the carpets around the Druids Glen Resort where we are staying.

A special dinner tonight with our group and another group (Luana Rubin's of that also came on this grand IQFOI agenda. Janelle Reed who had won the EQ7 software at my lecture at IQFOI was at our table. Fun to see her again and compare our travel stories from the past week.

This was our dessert ....Traditional Banoffee Pie ---it was absolutely lovely! A digestive biscuit in the bottom, toffee, banana and topped with cream.

We have an early call as we say good-bye to the Emerald Isle in the morning.

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  1. I'm just so jealous that you got to do this! I wanted so very badly to go on this trip, but the Air Force had an entirely different plan for our family. I'm really hoping they do another international quilt show next year or 2014.