Sunday, June 10, 2012

Transition from Galway to Killarney

Here is a final look at the breakfast we have had the last few days here in Galway. You only see croissants, but typically there were fresh scones here as well.

After loading the bus we traveled east passing tower houses, castles and limestone rock areas.

Galway Bay

This is a wedge tomb.

We eventually made it to the coast to the Cliffs of Moher.

Then further south.

St Bridget's Well and a towerhouse on a golf course.

Here is a memorial to the famine.

This was an incredible water fall that we crossed over.

Dromoland Castle
 Bunratty Castle

Adare Manor Cottages

Adare Park

An old building that I had some fun photographing on the grounds of the Adare Manor Hotel

Look carefully at the horses tails (they are braided).

And on to Killarney. We're staying at the International Hotel. This is the view from our room ...provided that you go out the window and stand on the ground floor roof ;-)

Our dinner was provided in the hotel. This was the veg option--Pasta Bake and potato wedges with peas, carrots and parsnips and creamed mash (mashed potatoes) if you'd like.

 I took a walk after dinner and discovered some special plants growing in the rock walls.

St. Mary's church just down from our hotel.

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  1. Very cool! As an American, I can't even imagine seeing so many "old" things! Plus even the West is all pretty "new" even to US standards. Amazing!