Wednesday, February 6, 2013


2013-#2 Irena Bluhm Class Sample (blogged here).

Alaska block #11 (blogged here)

QR Code cutting and layout has started. Thinking I need to start-over and actually draw the grid size I'm using for the piece rather than continuing to re-count and figure the actual spot based on a 1" grid or 2" grid (scraps of gridded interfacing that I had). rrrrr. Has anyone ever cut long strips and still done the grid sewing? Was it ok? or did the 'fold' of the fabric cause issues in those spots, when the rest are all individual squares? Wondering if I really HAVE to cut each individual square to make it work best.

A Valentine Postcard (blogged here)

2013 Stats:
Completed: 2
In Progress: 10

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  1. i DID A qr quilt for hubby two years ago, lots of squares..... didn't know THEN that you can gcreate a qr code to link to your own website...