Monday, October 3, 2011

{Sew} Modern / BOM's Away / Design Wall MONDAY / WIP Wednesday!

These were both finished last week and shipped off for MQX-West in Portland, OR, October 12-16. Excited to have them accepted into the show mostly on their design, since only one was partially quilted when photos had to be submitted. I hope you'll be able to attend the show and find them!

Challenge #1 - 1892 Rondure (front and back -->)

The story of designing 1892 Rondure is here. I used wool batting and a fat back that ended up showing off the quilting in a way I hadn't thought about initially. Lots of pebbles and water like quilting in the diamonds, hoping for a stained glass affect. Motif quilting in the centers and border. Circle in a circle in the purple border. With four curved rulers, I was able to create the curved cross-hatching based on the various dimensions of the blocks in the 'beams'. A Pilot FriXion marking pen, that disappears when you apply heat to it (an iron), helped to insure I was curving the right directions based on my plan. I'd like to thank the rep at Ronda Beyer's Quilter's Rule booth and JoAnn Blade helping at Boersma's for ideas shared with me while at the Tacoma show, including the recommendation to use WonderFil Specialty Thread. I was able to use it in the motif quilting and the beams.

Challenge #2 - Pulsed Illumination
The story of designing Pulsed Illumination is here. Using a low loft polyester scrap of batting, I wanted to maintain the original concepts of each element, so chose to SID the aperture blades and create 'motion' or churned up dust between the blades with feathers and such. In the center I did pebbles for the outer three rings and left the inner two alone hoping they would pop on their own a bit. I stitched around the motif in the border.

For you BOM'ers ....I posted this last week, but since the BOMers link was it is again. My Garden is done!

Check out last week's WIP for my EQ7 BOM progress as well.
As much as I'd like to get another BOM started, I think I'll just focus on the EQ7 BOM for the rest of this year, and get started with at least a new one in 2012, maybe two. I have got to get some customer quilts taken care of and catch-up for time lost while working on McCalls. I do still have the Basket BOM to quilt. Thanks Lyn for hosting the linkup.

My design wall is under secret wraps for a couple more weeks! Mark your calendars to start voting daily Oct. 18 through Nov. 8. Thanks for your support!

So, I now have In Progress: 9
  • McCall's Quilt Design Star 2011 - FINAL Challenge
  • EQ7 2011 BOM- on track
  • Fearless Design Ch. 9 - 4 blocks w/diff. borders/placemats, ultimately for our local senior center craft sale.
Awaiting Attention:
  • Lonestar wall hanging - missed the deadline that I was trying to we'll see when I get back to this idea
  • Oddie's Wild Nature
  • One-fabric re-pieced table cloth - target October --am wondering if this is ready to quilt. Need to get it out and look at it.
Completed Tops awaiting Quilting
  • 2006 Basket BOM
  • Tulip wall hanging --this is a redo of the quilting - target November
  • Colorwash Heart Duvet Cover -- this is to salvage an old duvet - target December

Completed (TOTAL: 11)

  • 1892 Rondure - McCall's Quilt Design Star Challenge #1 - accepted into MQX West, Portland, Oct. 12-16.
  • Pulsed Illumination - McCall's Quilt Design Star Challenge #2 - accepted into MQX West, Portland, Oct. 12-16
  • My Garden, adapted from Jinny Beyer's 2010 BOM - Jinny's Garden (my mom's version that I quilted won 2nd place, People's Choice, large quilt @ WWVQF 2011
  • INMQ Challenge 2011, @ WA State Quilter's - Spokane show, Oct. 14-16
  • Starlight-Flutterbright - designed for Highland Quilts, Athena, OR and now on display there
  • View from the old cellar - SOLD
  • Supernova - on display @ Patit Creek Cellars, Walla Walla, WA
  • Psychedelic America - on display @ Patit Creek Cellars, Walla Walla, WA
  • WWU baby - star theme - given to Becky St. Clair's daughter
  • WWU baby - spring theme - given to Donny Veverka's daughter
  • My First Journey - commission for Teacher Tammy's twin granddaughters
The latest Country Register -Washington edition is out. My article "Today's Quilting Bees go Cyber and Globetrot" can be found on p.14.

Ireland!! Deadline extended to Nov. 1 for full-payment discount. Join me on a fabulous adventure in Ireland, June 5-15, 2012.

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  1. Wow, Marlene! "Pulsed" is even more wonderful quilted. :D And I just love how you quilted your garden quilt. Three wonderful quilts up there.

  2. Thanks for the nice write up in CR, I still haven't seen them on the stands- only online. Maybe today.

  3. Gorgeous! I'm glad you posted this,a s I'm hoping to twist some arms into going to PDX soon. You just gave me even more motivation :-).

  4. Gracious, you are fulltime busy, aren't you?! I love the Pulsed Illumination. It's wonderful! I hope you have a sunshine-filled week! :)

  5. Wow! Your quilting is amazing...I love the Garden quilt. All of them are lovely!

  6. Your quilts are beautiful! Rondure is quite amazing.

  7. Love your work....always interesting to see what you are up to

  8. Oh my, what lovely quilts. Your quilting is wonderful too : )