Friday, December 23, 2011

Borders with BIG Motifs can be mirrored

I have used border prints several times to make mirrored mitered borders.

A few examples:

Royal Peacock Jewels - sewn and quilted

1892 Rondure - sewn and quilted.

Mi Amore -- here I am testing the border print with a mirror to see how it should look if I line it up right.

This week I experimented with using a large motif fabric and creating a similar effect.

These are from the Terrain by Kate Spain for Moda line of fabric.

I previewed the concept of a new quilt in my post on Monday and these are the fabrics I used in the borders.

When looking at the motif, there is a repeat and is vertically symmetrical in the fabric on the left (the eyes are flatter on one end), and basically both vertically and horizontally in the fabric on the right (the flower centers aren't quite symmetrical).

Cutting strips the size of the repeat, provides an opportunity to get very close to a mirrored mitered border. If the fabric is not printed straight, it does create some opportunity for inconsistencies. Here is how it turned out:

My Christmas Present to you all will be to show you on Christmas Day how the quilt top turned out.

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