Sunday, December 25, 2011

Happy Christmas!!

While preparing for Christmas festivities last night, I made one of my husband's favorite traditions of the season...affectionately called 'Christmas Log', also known as 'Hurry-up Roll'.

This seems to be basically a german chocolate cake done as a is always so yummy at my MIL's home, so I am excited to have made it for the first time this year at my parent's place. The 'snow' on this log is the only bit at this house here in Arizona this year.

As promised, here is my Christmas present to all of you..."Charmed Network". A new design using a charm pack and yardage from the same line. I challenged myself to design something using a charm pack and 5 fabrics that include a background, two contrasting colors, and a medium and large repeating motif in the borders all selected from the same line of fabrics (backing and binding could be the same or additional elements). Of course you could do anything you want, but this was the challenge I gave myself. Sew Lux Fabrics asked what I would do with the Terrain by Kate Spain for Moda fabric that I won from their weekly customer order drawing and this is what it is! My sister (a novice quilter) is testing it, as I write this, in another fabric line and using a full 42 piece charm pack. This version uses 35 charms and creates a more rectangular quilt. A modern twist on a churn dash and shows how repeating motifs can be used to create a mirrored mitered border. I hope to have the pattern ready for publication next week!

Happy Christmas 2011 !!

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  1. I love it Marlene! Such a fun pattern for a great line! :-) Thanks for sharing it with me!