Monday, December 26, 2011

Design Wall Monday

This has been a productive week in Arizona. Great to have time with the family and celebrate the Christmas season, but to also make progress on ideas.

One was this table runner. I'm currently the board chair of a credit union and they desperately need new placemats and could use a coordinating table runner that would be used each month prior to board meeting when the board members are fed a meal. The colors in the room are teal walls light wood furniture and burgundy covered chairs...kind of old school banking colors. I searched a long time to find a border print to use in this table runner that would incorporate those colors. I also had some 'money' fabric that I thought would be fun to incorporate too. This print seemed to have all the pieces and so this is what I finally put together. It is a Jinny Beyer pattern that I modified to fit the dimensions of the fabrics I had as well as the needs of the long board room table. I still might add a border print on the ends. wdyt? I don't have enough to border it all the way around and once it is quilted I'll trim it straight on the top and bottom before binding it. Maybe the binding should be out of the border print? Hmmm...not sure I have enough for that either.

I plan to make placemats with the border print's coordinating print and back them with burgundy. I hope that just putting a big piece of fabric on the quilting machine will allow me to quilt the whole piece and then just cut it up and bind it.

I also produced a new design "Charmed Network" and tested it (posted yesterday), and here is a second testing version in progress.

While helping my mother at her church's outreach program, I noticed a set of decorator 'leather' samples they had been given to use as they can to help with raising funds to pay off a school building loan that their church is paying. Recently Jinny Beyer sent out a trinket box pattern that required no sewing. I thought maybe that type of material would work well and be super easy. The sample pieces of leather were too small, so I sized down the pattern to make it fit. Here you see the template I made, a blue one that is cut out, and the red and brown ones are folded up in their 'finished' form. Fun, easy project. Maybe the non-profit group can use them as a fundraiser.

More design walls linked up at PatchworkTimes. What a great 2011! See you next year!

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