Monday, September 6, 2021

Seaside Adventure Row-along

 It's that time of year when I normally participate in a Row-along hosted by Marian Pena (Seams to be Sew). Sadly she passed away earlier this year, so in her honor some of us are still gathering virtually to carry on the tradition. The selected theme had already been decided - Seaside Adventure - and it goes along with her passions for a thriving Ocean. Thanks to Melissa (Quilting Room w/Mel) for taking the torch and leading out.

The block I designed is inspired from a pixelated image of a Seagull. In this row-along we work within a few sizing options and I chose the 30" x 30" version giving me 20 x 20 pixels with 1 1/2" finished squares.

There are a couple of ways you could approach this:
a) lay out 2" squares on pre-gridded interfacing, iron them down and then stitch all verticals (or horizontals) and then clip the seams and repeat sewing the horizontals (or verticals). This technique is often used in water color or colorwash styles.

b) Lay out all 2" squares and then stack a vertical column of squares in order, then stack the 2nd column of squares. Sew the top piece from each stack and continue chain piecing until the entire two columns are sewn together. Put them up on your design wall and repeat with Column 3 and 4. Continue across the design until all columns are attached to at least one other column. Then take double columns and put them together --just be sure to maintain the order across the design. Once all columns are sewn, press the top row seams in one direction and the second row seams in the opposite direction. Continue pressing in alternating directions. This helps you nest the seams for sewing each row together.

Thanks to Northcott for sponsoring this row-along. I've used their fabrics in many of the colors. They sent the blue sky background, sand, shadow sand and accent. 

In my shop I've got all the white/grey/black (Dublin/pearl essence/kohana/dahlia) and apricot/clay-fossil fern. I've intentionally given you these key names in parenthesis if you'd like to search on the website and find them to place your order. The link at the beginning of the paragraph will bring you to them plus a few others. They are also identified as suggested products when you are at the pattern. Some of these fabrics are only $7/yd! Get them while you can!

NOTE: You'll need 1/2 yd of blue background (sky/water?) and 1/4 yd (if purchasing fabrics from my shop--minimum online orders) for all other colors. From your stash, at least a 2" strip, sometimes 4", sometimes 6".

If you'd like a kit of 2" strips for the fabrics that I do have, just leave a comment or contact me directly on my website and I'll put it together for you. Currently ordering online the smallest quantity is 1/4 yd. Adding more background and sand you could easily make this a lap size quilt by just changing the size of the squares. No matter what size you want it to be  --take that width and divide by 20. That gives you the finished size add 1/2" and that is your cut size for each square. If you're flexible on the size ...make an approximation up or down by making it an easy size to cut but close to the calculated size.

As an ode to the past and the great Row-alongs that Marian hosted, I'm sharing below past year's rows that I designed and results that I've made with them. Each year will have a link to my original post.

 -- I had Spring, so put this Dogwood Bloom block previously designed onto a tree branch. When you get to 2020 in this sequence you will see what I finally did with it!


I gave the row that I made as a sample to my mother and she put this together.

2019 - Once Upon a Story - Humpty Dumpty's Wall in all sizes


Brick and Mortar fabrics and pattern available. See next year's result for what I did with two size versions.

Poppy Dance Party - Kits and Pattern Available

Combining that first 'Spring' dogwood row from 2015 and my 'Humpty Dumpty' Wall from 2019 I was able to add other designer 2020 rows with mine and came up with this 
Spring Scene!

This week's rows also include:
me-- Marlene Oddie - KISSed Quilts --here is the link to my Seagull pattern.

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Here is the Participant Schedule:
September 6th, 2021
KISSed Quilts - Seagull
Made by Marney - Turtles
Bobbin In Quilts - Lighthouse
September 13th, 2021
Scrapdash - Cabanas
Blue Heron Quilting - Summer Schoolin' (Pieced Fish)
Pumpkin Patch - Applique Fish
September 20th, 2021
Patchwork Breeze - Sandcastle
Patti's Patchwork - Something's Fishy
September 27th, 2021
Duck Creek Mountain Quilting - Bucket and Spade
Linda B Creative  - Oceanwave and Starfish
October 4th, 2021
October 11th, 2021
October 18th, 2021
Cheryl Laplante
October 25th, 2021
November 1st, 2021
Showcase Week

Saturday, February 6, 2021

Quilt Ink Launch - color mine and many other designs on your own!

Excited to share with you the launch of a new app that allows you to color subscribing designer's patterns in your own colorway before you ever even make the quilt!

Designers use a variety of software tools to create quilt concepts, write their patterns, etc. But just imagine the ease of a simple app on your device of choice that will let you image your own colorway of a quilt before you make it!


There is a blog hop going on with various designers who are helping with the product launch.

If you're new to my page, be sure to read 'about' me from the tab on this page to get some background, but the brief version is I was trained as an industrial and systems engineer, worked as a project manager in financial services and now quilting is my passion! I started piecing quilts as an adult right after 9/11 (2001)--finding a purpose and something productive. Work and moves meant I didn't create much for a while, but I was learning the craft and curating my stash! I made a few things here and there and in 2009 I got married and had the opportunity to become self employed. I got a Gammill long-arm machine and started a business. In 2011 I was selected to be part of the McCalls Quilt Design Star Challenge and made it into the final round of 12 designers. I won a ribbon at AQS-Des Moines for "Rosie's BOMB" which resulted in them publishing my co-authored book. I have also had several other quilts juried into international shows and won many ribbons in local/regional shows and fairs. If you regularly pick up the Country Register (available throughout North America) you have probably read one of my articles that is carried in most regional issues. I now live in Grand Coulee, WA and have a small quilt shop, providing quilting supplies and services with my long-arm machine and design business. I'm excited to be a part of the launch of Quilt Ink and hope that you'll be inspired to be more creative on your own. Please reach out if you need any help, would like something kitted, or just need a personal shopper!

I'm the featured designer today at Quilt Ink! I hope you'll jump over to the application and check it out! Color in the designs in your own style, save them to your own computer or click on the link for each design to purchase the pattern from the respective designer. Here are a few screen shots to show you how my designs look on it.

Here is my Starlight Flutterbright design.

The palette along the bottom--scroll to the right for even more! Designers have color blocked their designs or saved a version that is 'freestyle' which means you can color each element whichever way you want. I put the Rondure up as color blocked and one Freestyle --lots of pieces!! Zoe has a freestyle one up as well which works great if you're thinking of using a stack of 10" squares.

Select the 'i' in the upper right and you'll see information about the pattern. In this case you get actual images of quilts that were made with this design. Note the panel squares used were pansies and butterflies, but you could use any square panels and set it beautifully.

Here I've colored 3 more versions. I have a great set of panel prints with wolves that the center one would go well with.

I've also put up Zoe --the popular baby quilt. I've included a few photos of quilts using this design.

Here is the 'wall' on QuiltInk where you can see all the colored versions for a particular pattern. As long as you're registered and logged in, you can save your colorations to the wall for anyone to see or just privately save them to your device.

And Rondure --how exciting to be able to color a Rondure, right? I do this for pattern purchasers using my design software, but now you can do it on your own until you have just the right color combination that you want before ever cutting or even buying the fabric. This was my round 1 entry in the McCalls Quilt Design Star challenge. We were given two blocks and this is how I used them --skewed on the golden ratio.

This is a mock-up of a my latest version of Rondure ...I called this one Electric City.

Photo of real quilt:

So, how about checking it out? sure to register on the quiltink app (no fee) so you can save your designs and come back to them in the future. Please leave a comment below on your thoughts about the app and if you would like me to add any other of my designs to the app. Links here to check out all of my: Printed Patterns, Digital Downloads, Kits

SPECIAL GIVEAWAY: Please purchase patterns you'd love to make! If you purchase any patterns of mine (one entry per pattern purchased), you will be entered into a drawing for an additional pattern of mine of your choice. In your check-out note 'QUILTINK'. All purchases must be made by February 15, 2021.

If you missed the opening day, be sure to read the creator's blog post about the app and the giveaway that will be happening on Instagram.

Here are the Launch blog hop participants and links to their blogs.

February 2: App owner and initial launch: Catalina at Amarar Creacions 

February 3: Claire Campion from Made Just Sew

February 4: Jen Frost from Faith and Fabric

February 5: Tammy Silvers from Tamarinis

February 6: Augusto Garcia from Capital A Quilts

February 7: Marlene Oddie from KISSed Quilts

February 8: Julia Wachs from Julia Wachs Designs

February 9: Carolyn Murfitt from Free Bird Quilting

February 10: Kiley Ferons from Kiley’s Quilt Room

February 11: Wendy Congdon from Truly Materialistic

February 12: Josianne from Indigoshima

February 13: Sarah Harris from Acorm Corner Quilts

February 14: Alex Hoffmann from Hoffmama Company

Friday, January 1, 2021

WIP 2020

Here is my annual year in review for 2020

New and Finished Quilts for the year

1. Snoopy Deep Space - Kit w/free pattern available 

2. A new design released at Fall Market - Island Batik fabrics - Citrus Sun - Pattern to be released soon!
Pattern: Sintra Central - inspired by my trip to Portugal Oct 2019.


3. Holly Berries in the Snow (two items) - pattern to be released soon!
Made with Island Batik fabrics - Holly Holiday; Pattern includes 8" and 12" block sizes.

4. Lots of masks! Craft Passion style pattern. Ear Loops, Head loops, ties, or combination.
Pellon911FF 60" wide and 1/4" black and 1/8" black and white elastic available!




5. Placemats. 12 of them! Set of 4 From the Market panels. Set of 8 Wine Country panels.
All fabrics available!


5. Quilter's Trek 2020 - Treasure Map (theme: True Blue) - Get Kits while a hidden Token is in each kit.

6. New Calypso - an AnglePlay pattern

7. A laptop sleeve (pre-quilted fabric; zippers available here)

8. Judy Houghton design, pouch. But I lined this one with finished seams and a two-way zipper each with its own pull.


1. Garden Party / Poppy Dance Party Designed Row (pattern available)

resulted in this collaboration .....incorporated my Bricks (made by mom) from 2019 and Dogwood Branch from 2015 (both patterns available) as well as my new row - Poppy Dance Party and several other rows from the It's A Garden Party Row Along. Now Ready to quilt!

2. AnglePlay
Beginner Blocks - All Island Batik fabric

Advanced Blocks

Lover's Knot - a ribbon border example

Modern design of basic block

Pieceful Stars- Kit w/pattern available. Templates sold separately.

3. U.S. Tour ....Apple block (Washington) and Honeycomb (North Dakota) block designs available from my shop and other designer blocks available from them respectively. It's still going on, so get your designs now and enjoy hopping around the U.S. virtually! Find the complete list on this post. This is a weekly blog hop. Here are the blocks I have made.

Other designer's blocks that I've made:


4. One-Block-Wonder (OBW) using a Serendipity Panel in the center and cutting 6 identical panels into triangles, creating kaleidoscope hexagons.  (as of Jan 1, 2021)

UFOs - Finished in 2020
1. Urban Lights - a pattern by Julie Luoma of Off the Wall Quilt using AnglePlay(r) templates.
Fabrics available here.

2. A Poinsettia Winter - a design and fabrics from In the Beginning. Most fabrics available here.

2019 WIP  - Commissions

1. Tie quilt - awaiting progress payment from client (ready to quilt)

2. Memory Quilt on hold by client (not pictured - concepts awaiting approval)

2007 Alaska Shop Hop - Now to consider placement and required 'extra' blocks in order to assemble the quilt.

Out of the Darkness - Pam Bono - one more block, then center and borders

OLD LIST, once upon a time was publicly listed as 'next items' but never got started and there are too many piles of fabric destined as possible projects to list here ;-)...ha!:
  • Peace Park
  • Snowflake/blizzard --except that I used some of the snowflakes as inspiration for the Cool Penguin design and in my "Protection from the Storm" several years ago
  • 2007 Shop Hop the Blues - bow ties?
  • 2009 Shop Hop the Blues - fall leaves?

2014 list
  • OWN -  next up are 2 large blocks
2015 list
  • Metro Rings --I was able to make a decision on the QSTs, so they will be different and pieced some units together.

  • Lucky Pot of Gold or Ode to Ireland (a Mi Amore shamrock version) applique still to add.
2016 UFOs:
  • Train set - with IB Sea Salt Sandy and some other background -- an IBA challenge that I want to incorporate into something bigger. #Accuquilt dies (rentable in the classroom) were used to cut these.
  • Little cars - with IB Fire Island -- an IBA challenge that I want to incorporate into something bigger. #Accuquilt die (rentable in the classroom) was used to cut these.
  • Umbrellas -- an IBA challenge that I want to incorporate into something bigger. #Accuquilt die (rentable in the classroom) was used to cut these.
  • Raindrops --an IBA challenge that I want to incorporate into something bigger.
  • Road trip 2016 -  Home Sweet Home - quilted and bound. Need to finish embellishments

2017 WIP List
*2017 RxR - On the Go

2018 WIP list
Aves -- I got the fabrics selected and the first block cut out in 2018 ...but that is it.

from 2018 list
Assembly finished Dec 2020

from 2017 list
  • Lone Star piecing  (2009 class w/Eddie Walker) --thinking by hand quilt
  • Alletaire --2015 Bonnie Hunter Quiltville Mystery
        October 2019 @ retreat - got some put together (lots more to go!):

half of center assembled by March 2020 - completed assembly in June 2020

from 2016 list
  • 2016 North Central Washington Shop Hop - Come Fall into Love
  • Labyrinth for Duncan
    from 2015
    • Four Patch Flip- a spring result, but has been sitting there waiting for me to work on it. - now ready to quilt! Finished Piecing - 4/12/18
    from 2014
    • Electric City - a new 1892 Rondure version, stalled in 2015 --most got going in March 2017, still needed to do 3rd round.  3rd round completed May 2018. Borders added October 2018.
    • Baskets - WW Valley Quilt Guild 2006 BOM (pictured years ago! and my quilting designs for it continue to evolve)

    Joint Projects (ready to quilt)
    • Cool Penguin, partly pieced by Julie Tapley - Country Register Pattern Sample  (or add snowflakes?)
    • Inverted Rondure - Nancy Cargo 
    Joint WIPs:
    • Camouflage Canopy (waiting for tester to return it)
    • DJ/MBA t-shirt COMPLETED

    • Barb Kelton's pieced Emerald
    • Row by Row 2018 Junior version - Piano Keys and made leftovers  -- gave to mom
    • Humpty Dumpty's Wall  --designed by me; pieced by Betty Baerg - INCORPORATED INTO GARDEN PARTY COLLABORATION QUILT - Ready to Quilt
    • QOV - completed but no pics available
      Completed: 16 + 2 joint projects   [14 quilted items]  Note 1 completed project was 12 placemats!
      Started the year (2020) with WIP: 23 + 7 joint projects  
      New end of year 2020 WIP: 5 (3 are AnglePlay!)--ribbon bordered-Lover's Knot; Modern Setting; Pieceful Stars)
      Ended 2020 with WIP:  25 + 6 joint projects  
       --note: 7 + 3 JPs just need to be quilted!!

      Note: projects for others, I quilted 76.  All were hand guided, some were also bound. Lots of photos at . Or check out the 'Quilting Examples' tab on this blog.

      TOTAL: 84 quiltings