Thursday, November 30, 2017

Island Batik Rayon

We didn't have an official challenge as Island Batik Ambassadors this month, but wanted to share a recent creation with you.

How long has it been since you worked on sewing a garment? How about using Rayon?

I can remember making a few items back in the 80's or 90's!!! I prefer natural fibers on my body now so found some local sewists who thought they could put some rayon to good use.

So, here is an adorable dress for a young girl. Her grandmother used a serger to make this sweet and stylish design.

I hope to share another creation with you, but haven't gotten the photos from the creator yet.

Thank you to my local sewists for being game and coming up with such great results.

So, if you're in need, check out Island Batik's Rayons and ask your local quilt shop to get some in.

#islandbatik #islandbatikrayon

Monday, November 27, 2017

Next to last IWYAMQ Block #11

Are we there yet? While I've appreciated the often two weeks between blocks...I'm ready to have this QAL complete!  I've seen some pretty cute holiday themed blocks appear that I might just incorporate ...we'll see what the last block is and then decide on my layout.

So, here is block #11 - North Star designed by Kathleen at Kathleen McMusing with linkup at InLinkz of what others have done.

#iwishyouamerryqal #islandbatik

Unfortunately I didn't pay close attention to the directions. Kathleen intended for the diagonal thin yellow to be faux piping. whoops!

Sometimes even those fabric ties that you get bundles of fabric tied with come in handy for things like this. Just press them good and go for it!

Sunday, November 26, 2017

On Ringo Lake -- Part 1 -- which fabrics?

On Ringo Lake Mystery from Bonnie Hunter's Quiltville got started with part 1 last Friday...are you doing it?

I'm not sure if I want to use quilting cottons or batiks. So I experimented.

What do you think?

Quilting Cottons (do you remember the projects I did using "Elementary" ...I found that stash and came up with some great 'aqua'  and 'neutral' pieces and a few others from my stash)

My own design: Charmed Network

adapted from Tricia Cribbs' Strips Ahoy:

And now for the batiks --I'm using Island Batik fabrics specifically (at least seen here):

#quiltvillemystery #onringolakequilt #islandbatik

I think either would look great.  Hmmm...maybe wait for Part 2 to make a final decision :-) Or ...just do both?

Linking up here.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

I wish you ...Block #10

Block #10 ....Christmas Lantern...a design from Diane at CWILT

Super fun idea. I took a few liberties --added a 'post' at the bottom and muntins to the glass pane.

Pre-applique stitches:

Now with applique stitches:

Just two more blocks to go!! Will be interesting to see what layout I come up with in the end.


See more renditions at the linkup

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Completing 8 Years!

Amazing!! Eight years ago my Gammill Optimum + long-arm quilting machine arrived and my professional quilting journey began.

Here are a few stats and memorable happenings over the past twelve months.

This year: 80 customer quilts. 65% Pantos; 35% custom
So far: 559 customer quilts in total.

Pantographs - 52 (just more than 4/month)
Custom - 28 --ranges from 'lite' to moderately high level of custom  --lots more this year than last. (just more than 2/month)

Includes several quilted for charitable causes or in collaboration with someone else for a shop sample:

Quilted-in-Honor/Quilts of Valor designs and tests from Facebook group, Quilts of Valor Stars. These designs are all available in the Dangling Diamonds pattern as 'bonus' designs on Craftsy as a PDF download. I have the Boondoggle Rulers in stock and some kits still available. There is a 4th, but the 'tester' has not sent it back yet.

(Soaring) Flag, Memorial Garden or In Memory, Flyover

The special part is we were able to present two of them to veterans (one recently) and one today on Veteran's Day.

Here is another quilt I made this last week, adapting Krista Moser's Hollow Star to use a jelly roll of Tim Holtz's Electic Elements line, moda grunge and some Northcott Land of the Free Blue with light stars.

All 3 of the recipients are in their 80's and I'm so glad we got to share these treasures with them so they can truly feel loved.

Coulee Creators collaborative effort for Grand Coulee Dam Area Chamber of Commerce Fundraiser to be held the first Sat. night in December.

Bags of Love, Apache Junction, AZ

Shop Samples: Lights! Camera! Qu-action!; Baby Bubbles (and several more in the form of 'tops' right now in need of quilting! -- (I'll report more on those at the end of the calendar year)

My local, Lincoln County, WA show included several of my own quilts, joint projects and customer quilts. Of note, Dangling Diamonds received the INMQ Quilting 1st Place award. This quilt was also selected for inclusion in the 2018 AQS QuiltArt Calendar. While supplies last or Nov. 15 whichever is first, buy two and get 10% off and I'll cover the shipping--just mention this post!

One commission this year which will be finished by the client's daughter with an unquilted 'skirt' on three sides. Several more commissions are queued up to get done in the next month or so.

Proud of my clients who were willing to submit their quilts to various shows and help to inspire others to create beautiful treasures, regardless of getting the best of show ribbon or any other ribbon.
If your quilt, quilted by me, won something, please let me know!

We got brave and entered Nancy Goddard and my collaborative effort on 'Jewels' to AQS - Des Moines and it got juried in! What an honor!!

My Rondure-Seaglass was also accepted. This led to a very interesting conversation with one of the judges. Hopefully you'll see the results next year.

Besides having quilts in the show, I was also an instructor (Woven Braid, Geese on the Run and Beginning Paper Piecing) and lecturer (edge to edge without a panto, use the piecing of the quilt top as registration marks and find a continuous path). A first for me at such a large venue and national show.

Rondure Retreat happened in March (vs. April as previously announced) Great to see the progress through the week --I had about 3 instagram postings a day of progress. 

In September I participated in the Christmas Caroling Row-along and I chose the Ornament Song to be my inspiration (ok, I had to find a song to work with my idea ;-)) Pattern available at Craftsy.

In October I hosted a 'do your own thing' retreat at Camp MiVoden on Hayden Lake, ID. It was the camp's first time hosting quilters, so I focused on logistics to make it a workable space for the attendees. Special activities included access to the indoor pool, outdoor hot tub, a bonfire on the beach and a massage therapist. Vegetarian meals including options for dairy and gluten sensitivities were provided for breakfast and dinner. We snacked, grazed and shared food at lunch time. We'll be doing a retreat again next year, Oct 21-26, 2018. Mark it on your calendar now and watch for details to sign up.

Do you still pick up a Country Register and catch my articles? If so, you've seen several of my Island Batik designs and there are more to come!  This year I had 3 released with Island Batik: Sea Bubbles, Fall Festival and Alpine Nights.

bottom quilt is Fall Festival                                         This Row quilt is Alpine Nights

At Fall Market was also the reveal of the Hosta BOM by Bella Nonna Design Studio that uses Island Batik fabrics. I had the privilege of quilting it for her!

Row by Row saw more discerning purchasing this summer. I still have a few kits from 2015, 2016 and 2017. FabricPlates from 2016 and 2017. Purchase here.

An exciting part of my journey was the selection of Winter Bright to be carried at Hancock's of Paducah and also in Keepsake Quilting's Holiday catalog that is online now and will ship soon. They both created fabric kits using the original Island Batik fabrics. Get them while they last! I also continued this year as an Island Batik Ambassador.

I'll do a review of my personal WIPs, all #islandbatik work and other finishes at the end of the calendar year....until then I'm grateful for the positive changes in my health this year (learning about inflammation and the new research that indicates gut health will change the way your thyroid works has been life changing!  --have your antibodies tested and see if this information can help you) Read more at or just google hashimotos or graves. I have so appreciated Izabella Wentz's approach and sharing of her own experience besides the over 2K cases she has documented. SO WORTH learning and not just assuming EVERY Doctor or practitioner knows EVERYTHING. There is lots of new information. Go to your next appointment armed with this NEW data! If you just don't feel good, consider doing the elimination diet (2-3 weeks) taking out all 10 typical categories of 'trigger' foods' and then begin reintroducing them one at a time for 3 days, then go to the next and see how your body reacts to each. You'll know when something has triggered a reaction in your digestive system, brain fog, increased blood pressure, etc. That is then an indication that you have identified a 'trigger' food that is causing all kinds of issues in your gut. Seriously--CONSIDER IT!!! I'm so glad I did and persevered to figure it out. I'm not considering it a life sentence yet...just an opportunity to heal my gut for now by keeping my trigger foods out of my diet and then we'll see what happens when I get to a happy place with my weight and medication levels (trying to wean myself off of one now).

Every quilt is special to the recipient and I especially enjoy being a part of that process. You can see all the photos I've posted in this year's album --click on Quilting Examples tab above and you'll see albums for each of the 8 years I've been doing this for others.

I'm looking forward to what the new year will bring, what treasures you'll entrust to me and who will come by in search of the needed notion or perfect fabric or just needing some advice on how to proceed with your project...happy sewing!