Sunday, June 8, 2014

Another Nature Block

Got another block completed last month in my Oddie's Wild Nature effort. This one is called Lone Pine or Ponderosa Pine in June Jaeger's pattern Nature's Sample. I added a few other tree elements because of how my fabric colorings were working. I needed to help some of the contrasts to work a bit better.

Fun to see this quilt coming together. Still have a pine cones and needles branch to complete and two large scenes. Then to figure out any 'gaps' in the layout to create smaller elements to fill in.

Right now I'm focusing on getting client quilts done before leaving the country for a few weeks. I'm fortunate to be able to have my mom coming to staff the studio while I'm gone. Fabrics and notions will still be for sale! A great time to stop by and figure out your next project or gathering supplies for fall classes. I hope to get back to doing some personal projects when I get back.

It's almost summer! Have a good one!