About Me

Marlene Baerg Oddie is an engineer by education, a financial services systems professional by experience, a project manager by profession, and a quilter by passion. She believes in the KISS (Keep It Simple S______) method and has incorporated this into the company name.

After living the corporate life all over the world, Marlene's marriage in February 2009 has given her an opportunity to be creative full-time.

She is excited to offer these skills to you if you wish for some assistance in turning your ideas into a reality, perhaps in a quilted item that can be cherished for years by yourself or the ultimate recipient.

Website: http://www.kissedquilts.com
email: marlene@kissedquilts.com
phone: 509-386-5715

Hours: Sunday - Friday by appointment.

Very proud of my mom, see p. 28


  1. I would like to order the Geese on the Run pattern. Missouri Country Register indicated I might be able to get it from you. Also, the images on this site of that pattern have a couple of variations. Are those instructions included, too?

    1. Yes you can, I'd be happy to help you....I hope you asked for notifications since you're a no-reply blogger. You can also call me at 509.386.5715.

  2. So glad we connected....your pattern is on its way! Enjoy!

  3. I like your motto - KISS - so true! Thanks for linking with Design Wall Monday at my blog, I so enjoy seeing what everyone else is working on.