Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Feathered Star -- Star of Chamblie 38x38 grid

I've been working on Leila's We Can Do It! Skill Builder Sampler. We're getting down to the last few blocks and I've drawn them all in EQ7 as we've gone along. This has helped me to decide on colors based on the layout I chose early on.

Today I wanted to write about the Feathered Star - block #35 in our set of 36 because it pushed my own envelope in EQ7 and thought I should share it with all of you. The star that she chose is actually an Etoile de Chamblie from Prize Winning Designs ca. 1931, also known as Star of Chamblie, from Hall 1935. This is taken from Jinny Beyer's "The Quilter's Album of Patchwork Patterns", p. 270--an excellent resource.

This is Leila's block

Her tutorial helps us learn set-in seams, etc. This particular version of a feathered star is not in the EQ7 block library, so I had to draw it myself. Getting out Jinny's book helped me to understand it is a 38x38 grid. Placing the 19x19 transparency grid overlay on top of the image in the book I can then setup the grid in EQ7 and draw it myself. Yes, the 19 x 19 isn't 38 x 38 (but it is half x half), so if something falls in the middle, then you know it is 1, if it falls on the line then it is 2 over from the prior line or the appropriate multiples between lines.

Here is how to draw it in EQ7
Block- New Block - Easy Draw
Set the size of your block: 12" x 12"
Grid Snaps 38 vertical and 38 horizontal --only 19 x 19 will show up, which will be just like the grid
I set my graph paper cells to 38 and 38 as well.

If you then turn on the graph paper, you'll see the 38 x 38 grid.

The following instructions do NOT have the grid lines turned on, so when a grid line is referred to, it is the dots that are on a 19x19 grid. With that many gridlines (38x38) I find it a little bit difficult to visually transfer the design. You can always switch it on and off and check that you've got it right.

The inner corner of the triangle is 2 grid marks away from the center square...but they are on the 'half' so be sure to count 4 halfs so you can get the right triangle. It is also a 'half' inside the corner square inner corner point.

You can now add the feathered elements.

Notice that the corner feathers are different than the middle feathers. Thus the red and blue lines to show the difference.

The final step is to remove the vertical and horizontal portions in the flying geese sections so that you can use a larger single piece of fabric. Compare this image with the one above to see the removed elements. Use the select arrow, click on the section, and then hit the Delete key.

Here is my coloring for now.

By drawing this out in EQ7, you can print paper piecing sections (PDF - print 4) and get a crisp result. I have 'moved' the sections around so that the printing is clean per page (i.e. no sections print over multiple pages). I recommend printing on Carol Doak's Foundation Papers.

My suggested sewing for assembly is shown below. Make 4 of these 4-piece sections and have the center piece cut out as well, then assemble. The page of foundation printing are these 4 sections. Repeat it four times.

If you have EQ7, you can experiment with other groupings by using the 'Start Over' button and then grouping them how you think you'd like to sew them together.

Leaving a partially sewn seam between sections 1 and 2 when attaching to each other and coming back to finish it after bringing the other 4-piece section to it will be important. The center section may need to have partial seams as well, but there are no "Y" seams to 'set-in'! Yeah!! My objective has been achieved!! :-)

Here also is a PDF of the rotary cutting. This might help if you want to know sizes and overcut them for paper piecing and then trim as you would normal paper piecing. The key is the center block which should be 4 5/16" square.

I'll add a photo of the block when I physically make it...but for now, I'm excited to have drawn the block and figured out a way to assemble it without "Y" seams!

Let me know how it goes if you choose to do it this way.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Home Sweet Home

June 15 (My sister Donna's Birthday--Happy Birthday!)
Just a quick final post about the trip to Ireland.

The Druids Glen provided a continental breakfast to us early risers that needed to be off from the hotel by 6:15am. We were grateful for that.

All packed and ready to go we headed off to the airport. Traffic wasn't too bad and we arrived in good timing for the 9:xx departures.

When checking in, Aer Lingus would not check our luggage all the way through to Seattle, primarily because the two legs were booked as separate itineraries/tickets. :( Note to organizers! not cool.

All the rest of us departed later so we had plenty of time to check on currency exchange, last minute shopping, etc.

When getting on the flight, I discovered that I had the same seat partner as the flight over. How fun is that?

Aer Lingus did not provide a vegetarian option as part of their menu choices. They had on the way TO Ireland, but not on the way to New York. The travel agent had not provided the airline with my meal preference. Oh well. I ate my salad and my seat-mate's salad because her entree was pasta and the salad was pasta too.

After collecting my bag and taking it to the re-check counter, I was required to pay a domestic baggage fee. Most of the rest in my group encountered the same issue. A couple of people lucked out at a different desk and got the fee waived.

I then feared going back through security because of my maiden name being a part of the ticket. Fortunately I got through TSA without issue again.

With a few hours to wait, I was able to get a nice panini at JFK and eat it in peace.

Our entire small group was in the same row on the last flight.

My husband, Duncan, arrived just a few minutes after we did in Seattle. Connecting flights are done by this hour to our home, so we had decided driving both ways just made more sense. Our friend John picked us up at the airport. Later that evening my Aunt called and just happened to be in town, we agreed to meet in the morning after we got some sleep!

June 16
Met with my Aunt Jean and Uncle Gordon for breakfast and then picked up one of the gals in my group, Tina, to take back with us across the state. Flights to Walla Walla are only at 7p on Saturday and we'd clearly get her back way before then if she rode along. Happy to have her and enjoy some quality conversation. The time passed very quickly!

Upon arrival home we gathered mail and Tina's husband and brother showed up to pick her up too. Just good to be back in our own space. The yard is growing in nicely and the temperatures are pleasant to warm. It does mean we have to face reality of what is ahead, but we trust God is good and will provide in His time the next work opportunity for my husband. It is time for me to get back to my client quilts that are awaiting.

Thanks for sharing the journey by reading along. I hope you have been inspired by some of the scenes and images you have seen via photos and words.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Last Day of Sightseeing

Today is bittersweet as we spend our last day of sightseeing in and around Dublin.

Our first stop was at Avoca where the weavers have been since 1723. This is the oldest business still operating today in Ireland. I've posted more photos on the KQ FB Ireland Album. This was probably the most fascinating 'operational' visit we made. Duncan and I both really enjoyed it.

We stopped at The Waters....which is a meeting point of two rivers. Some beautiful flowers were at this location as well. This rhododendron was a unique color not typically seen in Ireland and I love 'Forget me Nots'!

We then went on to Glendalough where there are beautiful lakes and a monastic settlement.

On the hike up to the Upper Lake along the Green Road I found what I believe is a real Shamrock, wdyt?

These tree limbs are very intriguing.

Here is the Upper Lake with the waterfall in the background.

Taking the Boardwalk on the return I found this chicken wire stapled down to help with traction to be a very unique and practical solution to keeping peds from slipping on the wet wood.

Then into Dublin for our last hoorah, first stopping at St. Patrick's Cathedral with its beautiful park next door.

Today is the First Day of Issue for the Volvo Ocean Race Stamp, so was able to get one of those!

The Woollen Mill Trimmings is going out of business...has been there for 4 generations and the current owner wants to retire. All the locals were saying how sad it was as they dashed around to grab up what they could while it lasted. I got a bit myself ;-) The shop is across the Half Penny Bridge seen in the picture below on the otherside of the river.

The Millenium Spire in the city centre of Dublin.

An architectural detail that I found interesting, the lampposts.
Molly Malone statue near the high street shopping.

Duncan wanted to do some book shopping, but didn't find anything worthy of hauling home.

We could have probably used another hour in town, but concensus on the bus was to get back and out of the rain.

I captured some of the designs in the carpets around the Druids Glen Resort where we are staying.

A special dinner tonight with our group and another group (Luana Rubin's of equilter.com) that also came on this grand IQFOI agenda. Janelle Reed who had won the EQ7 software at my lecture at IQFOI was at our table. Fun to see her again and compare our travel stories from the past week.

This was our dessert ....Traditional Banoffee Pie ---it was absolutely lovely! A digestive biscuit in the bottom, toffee, banana and topped with cream.

We have an early call as we say good-bye to the Emerald Isle in the morning.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Dublin Bound

Time to pack up and head out of Co. Kerry. This has been a beautiful area to explore and spend several days getting to know Ireland.

We passed William Penn's father's home. Look closely in the center of the photo in the background.

Our first stop was at Blarney ...some chose to pay dearly (not a nominal fee) to get into the castle area and further paid to have a photo taken when kissing the Blarney stone. Others went to the local Woollen Mills to do some shopping. There was also a Foodie shop with lovely things. Including this fabric which I could imagine all sorts of fun things to be made from. They were covered fabrics, so would typically be used for a table cloth, but what about a raincoat or brollie (umbrella)??

And, beautiful tile work in the bathroom.

We pressed on to Cashel Rock which dates back to the 4th century. After a short walk around the area we nipped into a cafeteria style restaurant recommended by our driver. Wonderful vegetarian quiche! But their 'free wifi' wasn't working.

Then on to Dublin where I was able to find the main Post Office and pick up some issued stamps from past years with fun designs. Tomorrow is another stamp issued for the Volvo Ocean Race that is starting in Galway June 30. Hope I can stop at a p.o. and get one on the day of issue!

Missed grabbing some decent grub due to closures of shops prior to getting back on the bus to head to our accomodations. I had some digestives in my bag and that had to do for dinner tonight. Duncan got to another chips shop while I was making my post office run.

After a wrong turn due to a bad directional sign, our bus driver got us out of a housing development very carefully and we found our accomodations, The Druids Glen Resort. The three small group leaders that were combined with Pam Holland's group were given an opportunity to present what they do to those who were interested. Always fun to share and hopefully inspire others from my designs.

Cathy Van Bruggen also shared her techniques (Applique, the easy way) and samples and Grannie Suzannie showed the article that was written about her in The Quilt Life, June 2011. She is a vendor that features border stripe prints (great selection if you're looking). She also designs paper pieced patterns and celtic patterns.

Here is a BONUS*** For those who are in Ireland and want to order EQ ...Nik from the Cotton Patch is willing to give you this offer:

Anyone ordering EQ7 from Ireland before the end of June, after placing the order, send them an email mailorder@cottonpatch.co.uk quoting my name (Marlene Oddie @ KISSed Quilts) they will reduce the £29.50 postage charge to £15.

One more day.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Hired a Car

Today we had basically a day to ourselves with no formally organized schedule with the entire group. Staying in Killarney there are several things that you can do, including shopping at the outlet centre, taking a jaunting cart ride to Muckross House and Gardens or HIRE A CAR! 

Duncan wanted to climb to the highest point in Ireland, Carrauntoohil 3,406 ft. The cab ride each way was 30Euro. Hiring a car base fee starts at 15Euro for the whole day. So...we HIRED A CAR! Hey, I could be his taxi and then have the car for several hours to get up to something else!

It started pouring rain about the time we got the car and Duncan decided he needed rain pants to give him the best chance of surviving the elements. It is about a 900m change in elevation and is expected to take 6 hours round trip. The outdoor store didn't open until 10am, so that put us behind a bit, but felt it was worth it. He also bought an emergency blanket (those silver things) and a whistle. He had already acquired a book on the trails and a map and studied them last night.

Upon arrival at the trailhead, another gal and her son were about ready to do the hike as well. I was greatly relieved. I had hoped we could hire a guide, but they have scheduled days --tomorrow.

One of the gals in my travel group had her birthday today, so I invited her and her sister to come along and asked around to see if anyone else had anything of interest they'd like to see if they had a car. There were a few, but the most compelling was to find the Lace Design Center in Kenmare. Marilee ---this is for you!

I hired a GPS for the car as well so that I could drive with a little bit more confidence and ease (even if we are driving on the LEFT side of the road and on the 'right' side of the car) and after our busdriver advised us NOT to go back the way we had come yesterday through the National Park (too dangerous albeit scenic of a road), we had a very easy drive to Kenmare and found a carpark (parking lot) with no fees and walked into the town centre. We easily found the Lace Design Center and had an opportunity to view a short demo of various types of lacemaking. Phenomenal work that used to be done. She told of a story of a woman being paid, to make a lace bedspread, 300 Pound Stirling in the days when an average house cost 100 Pound Stirling.

It was lunch time and there was a Vegetarian Cafe and Bookstore on the way back to the car, so we stopped in there and enjoyed a meal.

We then went back towards Killarney and further to the other side of Dingle Bay to Nikki Foley's shop, The Sewing Shed. She released a new book at the IQFOI and had run out of other items she had brought to the festival before I had a chance to get in to the vendor area. I was able to get a pattern for her clock (I'll use my own fabrics), a few fabrics including a celtic panel--their last one, and the book signed by Nikki.

Knowing we had a couple more hours before I needed to try and pick up Duncan, we looked through the GPS at landmark/entertainment type places nearby. The pottery one struck the birthday girl as interesting, and it was kinda on the way, so we followed the GPS into the no-mans-land that it sent us and we ended up at a house that didn't appear to have any pottery work going on at all. Lots of sheep and a few cows and barking dogs, but no sign of people anywhere.  Oh well.

We then went on to Ross Castle--which looks to me more like a Tower House--and further to Muckross House and Gardens. Beautiful settings for both of them.

I sat at the hotel for a few extra minutes until 5:30p to be sure he didn't get a ride back with someone else and there was no sign of him. So, I grabbed a long-sleeved dry shirt and an extra pair of socks in case he needed to get warm and dry. I arrived just before 6p at the trail head and there he was, waiting patiently. He had gotten back about 5p and was very sore. It turned out that the young boy that started out with him in the morning is the Montana State Champion in Track.....he kept Duncan really going up the hill! Probably faster than he would have on his own. Needless to say, it wore him out good. Here are a few of his photos.

At the top!!

I filled up the hired (rental) car with Diesel and parked it out front of our hotel, leaving the keys in the dropbox. That was easy!!

We went for a Chinese meal tonight. Many of the group went to an Irish show. I had seen the best show last Thurs. night at the festival and opted to just enjoy dinner with Duncan and let him go to sleep early.