Monday, September 24, 2018

My Happy Place - the Beach

Welcome to my stop in the "My Happy Place" Row-along. Northcott has been so generous for several years to provide an incredible selection of fabrics. This year it included this collection:
Shore Thing.  I chose 4 fabrics from the collection and have put them together as a kit available from my website (**A NEW DEVELOPMENT SINCE LAST YEAR !! ** details below).

I grew up on the Monterey Bay in California and these fabrics made it super easy to replicate a scene I would often see.

This was taken on a cool April morning on my childhood beach:

my row -- My Happy Place -- The Beach:

I couldn't believe how beautiful these 3 fabrics blended together when fussy cut. The bird has been fussy cut from the 4th fabric and placed to mimic my photo above.

I was not able to get an entire bolt of the 'wave' fabric, but I secured a limited supply and have put kits together for you to purchase if you wish to create this row with these beautiful fabrics. The other fabrics have yardage available from my shop. I hope you'll consider what is there and know that total orders of $75 or more get free shipping.

This month we had a memorial service for my father in Arizona and on the way home I got to stop at my childhood beach. As I approached the top of the bluff to look down, I was amazed at the huge flock of seagulls and pelicans that seemed to be having their own service right there!

on a sunnier morning looking northwest towards Santa Cruz:

Sea Bubbles (pattern available)

 At another beach -- Hawaii! Yes, the beach is my happy place!

Check out your local Country Register to read more about my adventures, inspirations and quilts.

This row is super simple to put together and with the events in my life this year, it needed to be and this fabric was just perfect to make it happen. I hope you'll enjoy the simplicity and stunning results!

Consider the fussy cuts like this:

STRIPE - need two different cuts, so the kits are cut with 12" x 31.75" on the length of fabric; if purchasing separately, get at least 7/8 yd.
Lower cut goes from blue to sand.
Upper cut goes from waves to sky.
Check decision of both cuts BEFORE CUTTING! Make sure you can get both without running into each other --that's why the kits are cut with 12" vertical so that you can be choosy.

WAVES --kits are cut at 6" intervals--the repeat of the fabric -- I went with the lightest waves to be at the 'bottom' of the cut of fabric and let it blend into the sand a bit easier. If purchasing yardage, I'd get at least 1/3 yd so that you can get the wave colors you desire in the appropriate placement since you can never be sure where it is cut off the bolt.

SAND (fussy cut on fabric not critical to design) kit has 12"-- a generous amount included for sashing between other rows or backing--think pillow!

BIRD (choose your favorite one or more) -- kit has a Fat Quarter.

Perhaps this will be the inspiration you need for an entire quilt. Additional coordinating fabrics with yardage available at are:

Northcott - Toscana
46 - Prussian                  64 - Sea Glass

110 - Porcelain                  340 - Raffia

360 - Espresso

I do stock the entire Toscana Line

Today's designs are available at
Please review the guidelines at the bottom of this linked page.

This looks amazing!

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My Design tool of choice:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thank you so much for stopping by during this RAL. I look forward to hearing from you if you choose to make it into something significant to you.

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

My Happy Place - RAL Kicks Off

Super excited to be participating again with this late summer / early fall Row-a-long.

A few noteworthy things:
Pinterest link
Hashtags you can use such as: #myhappyplaceral, #myhappyplacerowalong2018, and #myhappyplaceral2018. Thanks to Karen Overton who created these for the row along.

If you’ve never participated in a row along before or followed a long with it. It is very easy. My own post doesn't happen until September 25 -- a bit later in the schedule, but now that I'm back from saying good-bye to my dad who passed away August 28, I'm finally getting the schedule posted. Sorry for the tardiness, but looking forward to sharing all of these wonderful rows with you and my own design that is truly from 'my happy place'!

Thanks to Northcott for their inspiring fabrics that will make you definitely want to purchase my kit which I will have limited supplies of on the release day!
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Show and Tell Day

Here are the past designs that I have done with this annual row-a-long
All are available via digital download at Craftsy
Seasons (Spring  - Dogwood Branch)  - 2015
Road Home (Summer Nights @ Grand Coulee Dam) - 2016 


Full Post

Christmas Caroling (Ornament Song) - 2017
More of my designs are available in print or digital download at

Monday, September 3, 2018

Saying Good-bye

Very hard to say good-bye to my dad, but we did.

His diabetes--although we often felt like he was his own science experiment, keeping his numbers right in range and never getting an infection with his peritoneal dialysis--brought on a neuropathy that wasn't correctable. And so, he decided to stop the dialysis on August 24 and on August 28 at 5pm he took his last breath, surrounded by his wife and daughters, knowing he was loved and believing we will all be together again some day when Jesus returns to take us home to Heaven.

Here he is in one of his favorite spots - Yosemite. We often camped there several times a year while I was growing up.

As a toddler                                                                  At my 40th birthday

My parents wedding  - 1962                                         and still kissing (in front of my shop!)

His 75th birthday                                                          my first year of life his classroom

At his 60th

The beach I grew up on .....and our 'staged' photo with the dunebuggy, although it wasn't out of character to have to push it if we got stuck or ran out of gas! 

 Likely somewhere in Yosemite.

Some who read my blog don't know my dad, others do but aren't on Facebook where we posted the last few days of his life, so you may not have heard. As he taught thousands of students high school math, chemistry, physics, and computers (2 years in Indiana Academy, Cicero, Indiana; 38 years at Monterey Bay Academy, La Selva Beach, California)--I just wanted to post and mark this milestone in my life.

Here is a You Tube archive if you want to watch the Memorial Service that occured on September 1
( approx. 1 hour. )

Welcome – Pastor Van Bledsoe

“How Great Thou Art”
Nature Photos by Robert
sung by Cindi Palmer

Life Sketch – Donna Entze

“In the Garden”
sung by Cindi Palmer

Illustrations of Psalm 73:26 NLT – Pastor Van Bledsoe

My health may fail, 
and my spirit may grow weak, 
but God remains the strength of my heart;
He is mine forever.

Visual Life Sketch
“Morning Trumpet” - Performed by Donna Entze

In Lieu of Flowers the family would suggest donations be made to one of the following projects:
Monterey Bay Academy - Robert Baerg Memorial - Road Resurfacing Project
Online: [select OTHER, on the next page ....fill in the blank with R.Baerg - Road Resurfacing]
via Mail: MBA Alumni Office, 783 San Andreas Rd, La Selva Beach, CA 95076
Adobe Adventist Christian School
via mail:
9910 E Adobe Rd
Mesa, AZ 85207-5319

Rest in Peace, Daddy.  xoxoxo