Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Design Wall Monday / WIP

Just have to show you a few photos from my trip to the tulips in Skagit Valley last week with my DH and my parents. So glad they were able to join us this year from Arizona for the spectacular display of tulips.

Quilts for BostonHaving a cousin and a dear friend from college who live in the Boston area....I just had to do something....
....here is my contribution (sorry about the shadow in the shot).
If you'd like to participate: http://bostonmqg.blogspot.com/2013/04/quilts-for-boston.html

Completed three items:
QR Code --see this post. (Finish #5) This one has been sent off for display in the "What's App-ening" exhibit at the International Quilt Festival of Ireland.

Last fall, in preparation to teach my mother's charity group how to do the 1600 Jelly Roll Race quilt top, I made this from a jelly roll won on The Quilting Gallery's "Be My Valentine" on-line contest in 2012. The Jelly Roll was by Deb Strain for MODA, "Be My Valentine". So, I finally got the binding on and here it is. (Finish #7)

And I started and finished a notebook cover (Finish #6). A couple of weeks ago, some local quilters invited me to join them to make notebook covers. They generously provided the stiff interfacing, silk flowers, and organza. My mom was coming to town and she loves Red and she loves Iceland Poppies...so this was close. I added a pen and card holder too.

Front of the holder, silk flowers stacked, organza over the top.
                                                                                       Back of the holder with some subtle quilting.

Looking forward to working on my Honeymoon version of the Storm at Sea pattern again....that's what is up next on my personal 'to do' list, although I missed my personal deadline of having it done one year from the class, which is next Friday...it is just not going to happen given the other priorities in my life right now. Oh well.

2013 Stats:
Completed: 7
In Progress: 7

Monday, April 22, 2013

Simple Shapes Transformed

As part of Beaquilter's EQ Applique'd Animals Blog Hop, I wanted to share with you how I came up with this spring time bird using simple shapes during the EQ6 Rose of Sharon contest back in 2009. This particular block was selected to be included in Nine Patch Media's DVD, a companion to the Rose of Sharon Block Book published by Martingale & Co. (That Patchwork Place).

Part of the challenge was that we were limited to these shapes and the given sizes.

Within the contest instructions, there was a suggestion to think outside the box. A traditional Rose of Sharon block, is typically just the flower and leaves and stems.

Using the leaf shapes allowed me to create a body and feathers, and the circles created the eye.

I want to show you some tricks in using pre-sized shapes.

This PJ6 file is available on the EQ site and includes the original fabrics in the challenge. You can also download all blocks submitted by contestants. They are for personal use only.

From the project sketchbook, select 'blocks', then the image as shown above which has only the shapes and multiple sizes. Click on the 'Applique' tab at the bottom of your screen.

Select the single arrow at the top of the left side navigation. By holding your mouse button down in the top left corner and dragging it to the lower right, select all shapes and drag them off the block (i.e. to the right).

This block is 12", and the shapes are sized accordingly to work with the stencil set available from Nine Patch Media or the die shapes from Accuquilt. There are two separate die cutters to get all the sizes.

Note: If you want to enlarge the block size, you'll need to consider the shape size adjustment that occurs when enlarging your block within EQ and adjust which shape sizes you use from a stencil or die system. You can also print your own templates from EQ.

Since we were limited to use only these sizes, I stayed with the 12" block. Having moved them off the block, I could select, copy, and paste each shape I wanted to use, and always had my original palette of shapes to the right of the block. After saving each block to the sketchbook, go back and remove the original applique shapes to the right of the block if you want to use that particular block in a quilt setting.

Select a leaf size, copy, paste and then move it and right click to select 'rotate'. Choose how many degrees you'd like to rotate it, and then move into a final position you'd like.

By using the 'copy' and 'paste' from the right side shapes, you always still have the original set of shapes to work with.

The stem of the rose is created by drawing a straight line. Using the 3rd icon on the left side navigation which is a pencil drawing a straight line. Select the pencil, then click at your desired start point and drag it to the end point. If the lines do not create a 'closed' box, then no applique piece will be created. Be sure you draw the ends in as well. If you want the templates that you print to allow for some 'under the leaf' stems, draw them longer, and then be sure the leaf 'order' is brought to the top.
Block...'send to front' or the icon across the top navigation that looks like multiple pages with a green one on top or a green one on the bottom and arrows, showing front or back. If you hover on the icon it will say 'send to front' or 'send to back' accordingly.

Here is what I finally made, on a 15" center block. I wanted it to have perspective of looking through a very thick wall. I've called it 'Rose of Hope' ....a great thing to see if you've been inside all winter!

I hope this has taught you a few new ideas. Leave me a comment by end of day April 26 on what you learned from this post and you'll be entered into a drawing for a Quiltmaker Quilting Designs CD, this is volume 2! Thank you Electric Quilt! The winner will be notified by Monday, April 29.

Below is the schedule for the week. Hope you'll visit us all.

Monday April 22nd
Seamstobesew (Summer Animal)
Freemotionbytheriver (Critters and Bugs)
Sewincrediblycrazy (Critters and Bugs)
Beaquilter (Summer Stuff)

Tuesday April 23rd
Kissed Quilts (Summer Animals)
Seamstobesew (Critters and Bugs)
Funthreads (Summer Stuff)

Wednesday April 24th
Funthreads (Summer Animals)
Patchworkbreeze (Critters and Bugs)
Beaquilter (Critters and Bugs)
Sewincrediblycrazy (Summer Stuff)

Thursday April 25th
Beaquilter (Summer Animals)
Janesquilting (Critters and Bugs)
Seamstobesew (Summer Stuff)

Friday April 26th
SewCalGal (Critters and Bugs)

Update 4/29/2013 -- KDBrown was randomly selected to receive the Vol.2 Quilting Designs add-on. Congratulations!!

Thank you to all the hoppers who stopped by, Cheers to your new designs!

Fifth Finish of 2013

Can't even show you the whole thing in finished form, but trust me..it got done and was sent via UPS to Illinois in anticipation of going to the International Quilt Festival of Ireland. It will be a part of the "What's App-ening?" Exhibit in June.

Lesson reminder: always leave yourself enough time. When it returns I will likely stitch in the ditch around all dark pixels.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

WIP / April Goals

2013-a (a new one added to the 2013 list) Valentine Postcard --the recipient loved it!
2013-#3 Rosie's BOMb --my version of Sewn by Leila's We Can Do It! Skill Builder Sampler. (blogged here).

**NEWS** --just got Rosie's BOMb back from the TriCities Quilt Show, and it was awarded 'Outstanding in a Field' by Friday Friends...'unique, outstanding, creative'. Thanks!!

Progress and Goals for April

2013-b KQ-QR Code
(this is a new one added to the 2013 list)
Excited to have this on my goals for April to finish. This is intended to be utilized for my own studio as well as at the International Quilt Festival of Ireland. The scary part about it, is that I know my design will work as a QR code, but will the finished product? Don't know until it is laid out completely!

In the photo you only see one of 3 sections that are in progress. I had to move it, so did a quick iron of what I had laid out and hoped that most of it would hang together. Rolled it up, and just unrolled one section in order to take this photo.

Storm at Sea --Honeymoon in HawaiiI hope to finish this too. Here it is at the last opportunity of activity (summer 2012 in California).

A Valentine jelly roll race, pieced last fall...I now have it quilted, just need a binding. I used it as a 'test' piece once the long-arm was moved into the new studio. But keep trying to do real customer work now.

It was 3 long months of no client work because of the studio move. Happy to be in the studio, although not quite 'settled' in yet...still working on storage solutions, etc. We entered a contest from the supplier of our flooring, ifloor.com. We came in second and are due to receive $250. Thank you to all who voted online. If I had remembered that the pinterest 'likes' and 'pins' were part of the contest and alerted you all to that earlier, perhaps the results would have been different. Regardless, just glad to have recovered some of the cost of the flooring.

2013 Stats:
Completed: 4
In Progress: 9