Wednesday, July 27, 2011

WIP Wednesday - July 27

Excited to show some progress this week on my WIP list items!

McCalls Design Star Challenge #2 - can't show you anything until the voting starts, but I have done a lot of work on the design and am close to finalizing.

EQ7 2011 BOM- on track (See Monday's blog)
Jinny Beyer 2010 BOM - sashings and cornerstones completed. Assembly started.
Lonestar wall hanging - Found some great 12 wt thread to use in doing some embroidery in the setting triangles maybe. - target August

Oddie's Wild Nature - target July...most likely August if at all now.
One-fabric re-pieced table cloth - target October (p.s. picked up a very thin batting at AQS Knoxville to try with this)
Completed Tops awaiting Quilting
1892 Rondure -- on the machine today, intend to submit for jury into MQX-West
2006 Basket BOM - target August
Tulip wall hanging --this is a redo of the quilting - target November
Colorwash Heart Duvet Cover -- this is to salvage an old duvet - target December

Starlight-Flutterbright (crystals have started to be applied)

These will accent the 'on point' square that is a secondary design in this quilt.
All of the butterfly eyes have black crystals.
All of the pansies have 3 crystals right in the center. Pink in the pink pansies and orange in the orange pansies. Once I get all of the crystals on the outer parts, then I'll look at the big star in the center and figure out where to put crystals to balance it with the rest of the quilt.

New: 1
Completed: 5
In Progress: 11

This is a client quilt. I painted the center panel after quilting it. wdyt? Submitting it by Monday for jury into MQX-West --hope it gets in! A detail of the painting is on Monday's blog post.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Design Wall / BOM's Away Monday - July 25

So fun to be getting a few things done!
Besides working on my McCall's Quilt Design Star Challenge #2 ......

Highland Quilt's owner, Elaine Shaw designed this fan quilt inspired from a photo she saw in a magazine and taking a 'drunkard's path' class. I felt it really needed something in the center, so when she had me quilt it I quilted the motif of the fabric on a HUGE scale in the center fabric block. Then I suggested she paint the motif! She finally decided she just didn't have time and asked if I'd go for it!

Well, if you've been following me, you know I got Shiva Paintsticks @ Spring Market 2011 and need to get moving on this and see if it can be juried into the MQX show in Portland this fall. So, I finally got a bit of time to work on this and here is the progress.

Today I've been working on Jinny's Garden - Jinny Beyer's 2010 BOM and got the sashings made, next the cornerstones!

Come back for WIP Wednesday and I intend to have the painting done and crystals started on another quilt!

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Monday, July 18, 2011

Design Wall / BOM's Away Monday

The McCall's Quilt Design Star Challenge - Round 1 voting is complete as of 1am Mountain Time this morning. We're all waiting with excitement to find out if we're moving on to Round 2. A special thank you to everyone who voted once or daily.

update at 4pm -->I got into Round 2 !!!! WHOOO HOOOOO !!!!!!!!

Last week was spent in Tennessee/Kentucky/ North Carolina. I was in the state for the primary purpose of attending the AQS Knoxville show. I also got to see a good friend from years past, my aunt and uncle, a cousin and her family (right on the Kentucky border) and a good friend from many years ago and members of her extended family in North Carolina.

Enjoyed calling Leah Day at DayStyleDesigns when her quilt 'Winter Wonderland' was awarded the 'Best Machine Quilting'. Although I've never met her, I follow her blog and just had to reach out and see if she was at the show. She was to arrive on Friday with her family, so it was exciting to tell her the big news Wed. morning when the winners were announced.

'Fire and Ice' was hung two quilts away from mine. You can see it behind me in the picture below (just a bit). It had 55,000 crystals on it and won 1st place in the Bed Quilt category. Just having my 'Bordered Beyond the Block' quilt in the show was exciting. Given the amount of work that goes into the winning quilts, I've clearly decided it is not my goal to win one of these competitions. I want to spend my time creating treasures for people that mean something to the recipient. This goal has a longer lasting gratification (in my opinion) and provides a gift of love everlasting. I want my quilting efforts to be with purpose in the greater sense of the meaning. Being selected into the show demonstrates a certain level of accomplishment that is sufficient for my current business goals.

So, this blog entry, oh yes, my design wall and Block of the month progress...well here is my coloring of July Journey the next block in EQ's 2011 BOM.
More Design Walls are at Judy's PatchworkTimes and more BOM's Away are at Lyn's WhataHoot.
On my way home on Friday, I got lucky and captured this photo on my phone (if you understand how camera phones work, this is truly lucky) at the Denver airport. It just goes to prove how much lightening was happening that I was able to get this photo!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

WIP Wednesday

Enjoyed spending today at AQS Knoxville where my 'Bordered Beyond the Block' was a semi-finalist entry in the show. It was hung two away from a 1st place entry, so that was exciting too!

I had an opportunity to talk one-on-one for quite a while with Cheri Meineke-Johnson and get some advice about applying crystals...both how and where. This will help me with my 'Starlight-Flutterbright' quilt.

My afternoon was spent mostly doing the 'quilt block' hunt to various Knoxville businesses. There were 18 locations to find, I got 'em all! ...but only 12 blocks to fill in your 'quilt' tonight I'll have fun figuring out which ones I want to use, or if some can be used as 'applique' elements  HAA!!!!

ok, why am I writing this post? Well, I got a new pattern written, and even though I posted yesterday on Facebook that I was looking for testers, I want to be sure that any blog followers have the opportunity to get in on this. I 've got one more spot I'm willing to fill. Here is the deal....I'll send you the pattern via email, and in return I'd like you to make it (variations acceptable), provide me with feedback on the pattern by August 1, I may photograph it as a variation of the pattern, and if you'd like me to quilt it, I'll give you a 1 cent per square inch discount (i.e. an unregulated 'bones' stipple ...would be just thread and tax).

So...original quilt "Hugs and Kisses" and a digitally created variation. Let me know if you'd be willing to test this--it is very simple construction and allows for many different setting variations. Thanks!

EQ7 2011 BOM- on track
Jinny Beyer 2010 BOM - all blocks now framed
Lonestar wall hanging - fixed some of the bad setting blocks and have drafted ideas on how to complete it - target August

Oddie's Wild Nature - target July
One-fabric re-pieced table cloth - target October

Completed Tops awaiting Quilting
1892 Rondure -- MQX still open for application, wondering if I can submit it
2006 Basket BOM - target August
Tulip wall hanging --this is a redo of the quilting - target November
Colorwash Heart Duvet Cover -- this is to salvage an old duvet - target December

Embellishing to be added? Yes!....after my chat today.
Starlight-Flutterbright (crystals to be applied), now hanging @ Highland Quilts, Athena, OR

New: 0
Completed: 5
In Progress: 10

Monday, July 11, 2011

Design Wall / BOM's Away Monday

Writing from the airport as I head out to AQS Knoxville! My 'Bordered Beyond the Block' quilt was juried into the show, so am excited to go and just enjoy the experience.

I was able to spend some time this week on my version of Jinny's Garden --Jinny Beyer's 2010 BOM. I now have all the blocks framed and I think this is my final setting ;-) I'm open to suggestions here.

Only one week left to vote in the McCall's Design Star Challenge 1 ....the "Vote for Me" box in the upper right corner with the photo of my '1892 Rondure' will get you directly to the voting page. Thank you for your daily support through July 17.

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