Monday, September 6, 2021

Seaside Adventure Row-along

 It's that time of year when I normally participate in a Row-along hosted by Marian Pena (Seams to be Sew). Sadly she passed away earlier this year, so in her honor some of us are still gathering virtually to carry on the tradition. The selected theme had already been decided - Seaside Adventure - and it goes along with her passions for a thriving Ocean. Thanks to Melissa (Quilting Room w/Mel) for taking the torch and leading out.

The block I designed is inspired from a pixelated image of a Seagull. In this row-along we work within a few sizing options and I chose the 30" x 30" version giving me 20 x 20 pixels with 1 1/2" finished squares.

There are a couple of ways you could approach this:
a) lay out 2" squares on pre-gridded interfacing, iron them down and then stitch all verticals (or horizontals) and then clip the seams and repeat sewing the horizontals (or verticals). This technique is often used in water color or colorwash styles.

b) Lay out all 2" squares and then stack a vertical column of squares in order, then stack the 2nd column of squares. Sew the top piece from each stack and continue chain piecing until the entire two columns are sewn together. Put them up on your design wall and repeat with Column 3 and 4. Continue across the design until all columns are attached to at least one other column. Then take double columns and put them together --just be sure to maintain the order across the design. Once all columns are sewn, press the top row seams in one direction and the second row seams in the opposite direction. Continue pressing in alternating directions. This helps you nest the seams for sewing each row together.

Thanks to Northcott for sponsoring this row-along. I've used their fabrics in many of the colors. They sent the blue sky background, sand, shadow sand and accent. 

In my shop I've got all the white/grey/black (Dublin/pearl essence/kohana/dahlia) and apricot/clay-fossil fern. I've intentionally given you these key names in parenthesis if you'd like to search on the website and find them to place your order. The link at the beginning of the paragraph will bring you to them plus a few others. They are also identified as suggested products when you are at the pattern. Some of these fabrics are only $7/yd! Get them while you can!

NOTE: You'll need 1/2 yd of blue background (sky/water?) and 1/4 yd (if purchasing fabrics from my shop--minimum online orders) for all other colors. From your stash, at least a 2" strip, sometimes 4", sometimes 6".

If you'd like a kit of 2" strips for the fabrics that I do have, just leave a comment or contact me directly on my website and I'll put it together for you. Currently ordering online the smallest quantity is 1/4 yd. Adding more background and sand you could easily make this a lap size quilt by just changing the size of the squares. No matter what size you want it to be  --take that width and divide by 20. That gives you the finished size add 1/2" and that is your cut size for each square. If you're flexible on the size ...make an approximation up or down by making it an easy size to cut but close to the calculated size.

As an ode to the past and the great Row-alongs that Marian hosted, I'm sharing below past year's rows that I designed and results that I've made with them. Each year will have a link to my original post.

 -- I had Spring, so put this Dogwood Bloom block previously designed onto a tree branch. When you get to 2020 in this sequence you will see what I finally did with it!


I gave the row that I made as a sample to my mother and she put this together.

2019 - Once Upon a Story - Humpty Dumpty's Wall in all sizes


Brick and Mortar fabrics and pattern available. See next year's result for what I did with two size versions.

Poppy Dance Party - Kits and Pattern Available

Combining that first 'Spring' dogwood row from 2015 and my 'Humpty Dumpty' Wall from 2019 I was able to add other designer 2020 rows with mine and came up with this 
Spring Scene!

This week's rows also include:
me-- Marlene Oddie - KISSed Quilts --here is the link to my Seagull pattern.

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Here is the Participant Schedule:
September 6th, 2021
KISSed Quilts - Seagull

Made by Marney - Turtles

Bobbin In Quilts - Lighthouse

September 13th, 2021
Scrapdash - Cabanas
Blue Heron Quilting - Summer Schoolin' (Pieced Fish)
Pumpkin Patch - Applique Fish
September 20th, 2021
Patchwork Breeze - Sandcastle
Patti's Patchwork - Something's Fishy
September 27th, 2021
Duck Creek Mountain Quilting - Bucket and Spade
Linda B Creative  - Oceanwave and Starfish
October 4th, 2021
October 11th, 2021
Bdieges Designs - Garibaldi Fish
Quilt Schmilt - Colorful fish
October 18th, 2021
Cheryl Laplante - Under the Sea
October 25th, 2021

November 1st, 2021