Sunday, August 30, 2020

Lots happening! Don't miss out!

Just had to write a post here to keep you up on all the exciting things going on this month!

Quilting Around the Block - U.S.  tour continues 

Week 1 - Massachusetts - Dragonfly's Quilting Design Studio
Week 2 - Alaska - Appliques Quilts and more
Week 3 - Washington - my own design

Pick up the free pattern here.
Purchase a printed pattern with fabric kit here.

Week 4 - California Poppy (my version)

Find the pattern at

Week 5 - Florida Manatees - Off the Wall Quilt - Find the pattern information here.

Designer's Tips and Techniques - September Edition 

Tuesday September 1st 
2:00 PM  Annette Ornelas  
3:00 PM  Kate Colleran  
5:00 PM  Marlene Oddie 
6:00 PM  Tammy Silvers of Tamarinis  

Wednesday September 2nd 
12:00 PM  Teresa Weaver  
1:00 PM  Cherry Guidry  
2:00 PM  Nancy Scott 
4:00 PM  Sue Griffiths  
5:00 PM  Swan Sheridan  
6:00 PM  Tammy Silvers of Tamarinis  
7:00 PM  Bunnie Cleland  

Thursday September 3rd 
12:00 PM  Debbie Wendt  
2:00 PM  Daisy Aschehoug  
3:00 PM  Becca Fenstermaker 
4:00 PM  Patti Carey  
5:00 PM  Heidi Pridemore  
6:00 PM  Reed Johnson for Blue Bear Quilts  
7:00 PM  Dragonfly's Quilting Design Studio  
8:00 PM  Scott A Flanagan 

Garden Party Row-Along kicks off September 8

Can't wait to show you what I've got in store for my own row,
but I'm also using multiple rows to create a scene for Show and Tell day at the end.

I'll do a full post of the schedule on the kickoff day, so please return to check it out on Sept. 8!

Hope you're staying healthy! Happy Sewing!

Saturday, August 15, 2020

Around the block - Washington Apple

Hi! Marlene here, welcoming you to the next block in our Around the Block hop - US Tour. I live in Grand Coulee, WA where I have a small quilt shop and provide long-arm machine quilting services. I also enjoy designing unique quilts and am excited to share this block design with you as part of this project.

Every apple isn't perfect, so don't get too stressed about getting the angles just right on the corners of the apple. This is a forgiving design and will be just right with however you make it.

If you've got kids going back to school, maybe this is just the design you need to make something for your favorite teacher.

In my sample, I've used a directional 'grass' fabric for the background. It isn't that difficult to maintain the direction--really!!

Tutorial for this block - Corner to Corner Method
When thinking about the direction of the background, I lay the fabric the way I want it to be in the end, then flip on the same diagonal I'm going to sew. If you fold along the diagonal you can verify the positioning will be correct after you sew it.

Pick up the free pattern here.
Purchase a printed pattern with fabric kit here.
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Blocks so far:

Coming up....


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Sunday, August 2, 2020

Quilting Around the Block - US Tour Starts Today!

Don't miss this! 

I've got two of my own designs in this U.S. Tour. Hope you will join us!

Participating Designers

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