Friday, December 31, 2021

WIP 2021

 2021 -- Annual Review 


Mosaic Jumble -- a single block colored two ways - several elements are fussy cut.
Island Batik - Celestials collection - available soon at a quilt shop near you!
Patterns available now.

Midnight Garden - an AnglePlay(r) design with pieced setting triangles.
Island Batik - Midnight Dazzle collection
Kits available here soon. Preorder now.

Double Sparkle - and this version I called Regatta.
Island Batik - Sail Away
Kits coming soon!

Sintra Entrada - a jelly roll friendly quilt.
Island Batik - Twilight collection.

2021 New, Completed Projects

Mosaic Heart -- fabrics available here.
Design by Cheryl Lynch Quilts.

embroidered by Karren P. quilted and finished by me.

Dark Room - my 1st design with Northcott - featuring Silhouette and Dublin fabrics in their catalog

Quilter's Trek - Sails - using AnglePlay (set 3)

Bed of Roses
Leftovers from my original Will You Accept This Rose?
Roses Fabric Collection from Maywood Studio by Jackie Robinson

Backside leftover bits.

Display Fabric Plate from 2019 --finally decided to quilt it.

Another mask for myself

Kimberbell Machine Embroidered Samples --yes we became a Kimberbell Certified shop and I had to stitch out some samples, right? More to come in 2022! Sign-up for our machine embroidery newsletter here.

Pumpkin Spice 1 day Event -- still available virtually  - there is one more project not shown.
Bonus available if purchasing an additional $100 of Kimberbell product

My Punny Valentine Event - coming January 13 --Available both virtually and in-person.
Apron project also included.


Enjoyed having our niece and nephew for a few days in the Fall. I created these shirts for them and learned a lot of lessons along the way.

Memory Quilt

Mountain Ridges 
An AnglePlay(r) design
Island Batik Blue Ridge Mountain Collection
Patterns available for wholesale order. will be available for retail later in 2022.

Lace Posies
An AnglePlay(r) design
Island Batik Vintage Lace Collection
Patterns available for wholesale order. will be available for retail later in 2022.

UFOs - Finished in 2021

Memory Quilt  --- Turned into two quilts.

  • Alletaire --2015 Bonnie Hunter Quiltville Mystery

  • Angle Play - Ribboned border - Lover's Knot

  • Angle Play - Pieceful Stars

  • 365 Challenge

2021 WIP

1. AnglePlay

Modern design of basic block
Throw it on the design wall...
                   ...then design it in EQ8 as a Custom Layout
as of March 2021

2. U.S. Tour ....Apple block (Washington) and Honeycomb (North Dakota) block designs available from my shop and other designer blocks available from them respectively. Find the complete list on this post.  Here are the blocks I have made.

Other designer's blocks that I've made:




3. One-Block-Wonder (OBW) using a Serendipity Panel in the center and cutting 6 identical panels into triangles, creating kaleidoscope hexagons.  (as of April 14, 2021)

tested templates from Off the Wall Quilts for Holly Berries in the Snow

Mosaic Fabrics available here.
Test block for 5 pointed templates from Off the Wall Quilt. 

Using a moda William Morris Spring Honey Bun and some Northcott Toscana then cutting each strip in half ...roughly then sewing together....and wah la...this interesting sequence.

Seaside Adventure Quilt-Along ....I tested the lighthouse for another designer. Seagull is mine and on the same day my block was released there was also the turtles so had to make them! For more details see this post.

2019 WIP  - Commissions

1. Tie quilt - awaiting progress payment from client (ready to quilt)

2007 Alaska Shop Hop - Now to consider placement and required 'extra' blocks in order to assemble the quilt.
  Made progress in the first part of 2021

Made these at a Spring Retreat 2021

Out of the Darkness - Pam Bono - Just center and borders to go

All placed

OLD LIST, once upon a time was publicly listed as 'next items' but never got started and there are too many piles of fabric destined as possible projects to list here ;-)...ha!:
  • Peace Park
  • Snowflake/blizzard --except that I used some of the snowflakes as inspiration for the Cool Penguin design and in my "Protection from the Storm" several years ago
  • 2007 Shop Hop the Blues - bow ties?
  • 2009 Shop Hop the Blues - fall leaves?

2014 list
  • OWN -  next up are 2 large blocks
2015 list
  • Metro Rings --

  • Lucky Pot of Gold or Ode to Ireland (a Mi Amore shamrock version) applique still to add.
2016 UFOs:
  • Train set - with IB Sea Salt Sandy and some other background -- an IBA challenge that I want to incorporate into something bigger. #Accuquilt dies (rentable in the classroom) were used to cut these.
  • Little cars - with IB Fire Island -- an IBA challenge that I want to incorporate into something bigger. #Accuquilt die (rentable in the classroom) was used to cut these.
  • Umbrellas -- an IBA challenge that I want to incorporate into something bigger. #Accuquilt die (rentable in the classroom) was used to cut these.
  • Raindrops --an IBA challenge that I want to incorporate into something bigger.
  • Road trip 2016 -  Home Sweet Home - quilted and bound. Need to finish embellishments

2017 WIP List
*2017 RxR - On the Go

2018 WIP list
Aves -- I got the fabrics selected and the first block cut out in 2018 ...but that is it.


from 2017 list
  • Lone Star piecing  (2009 class w/Eddie Walker) --thinking by hand quilt

    from 2016 list
    • 2016 North Central Washington Shop Hop - Come Fall into Love
    • Labyrinth for Duncan
      from 2015
      • Four Patch Flip- a spring result, but has been sitting there waiting for me to work on it. - now ready to quilt! Finished Piecing - 4/12/18
      from 2014
      • Electric City - a new 1892 Rondure version, stalled in 2015 --most got going in March 2017, still needed to do 3rd round.  3rd round completed May 2018. Borders added October 2018.
      • Baskets - WW Valley Quilt Guild 2006 BOM (pictured years ago! and my quilting designs for it continue to evolve)

      Joint Projects (ready to quilt)
      • Cool Penguin, partly pieced by Julie Tapley - Country Register Pattern Sample  (or add snowflakes?)
      • Inverted Rondure - Nancy Cargo 
      Major Progress on the quilting

      • Humpty Dumpty's Wall/Poppy Dance Party/Dogwood Branch  --designed by me; (Humpy Dumpty) pieced by Betty Baerg - INCORPORATED INTO GARDEN PARTY COLLABORATION QUILT - Ready to Quilt

      Joint WIPs:
      • Camouflage Canopy (waiting for tester to return it)
      • Barb Kelton's pieced Emerald
      • Row by Row 2018 Junior version - Piano Keys and made leftovers  -- gave to mom

        Completed: 24 + 2 joint projects   [16 quilted items]  
        Started the year (2021) with WIP: 25 + 6 joint projects  
        New WIP in 2021: 3
        Ended 2021 with WIP:  25 + 6 joint projects 

        Note: projects for others, I quilted 67.  All were hand guided, some were also bound. Lots of photos at . Or check out the 'Quilting Examples' tab on this blog.

        TOTAL: 83 quiltings 

        With the purchase of a larger commercial space currently undergoing renovations, I look forward to our move in 2022. Stay tuned!