Monday, August 11, 2014

Scottish Inspiration

You may have followed along on my personal Facebook while I went to Scotland in June/July. I posted several photos of inspirations I saw on my KISSed Quilts FB page too.

I have so much to say about them, I'm sharing them here too and reminding those who read the Country Register that the latest issue has a Scottish inspired design. More about that later.

The first full day we were in Scotland, my SIL and I were dropped off in Inverness to just explore the city. My husband happened to notice a quilt shop and kindly dropped us on that street. As we walked down by the river we went inside St. Andrews Cathedral. Here are a couple of images from inside that reminded me very much of quilting blocks.

While walking up the trail to Dunnattor Castle on the east coast, there were several designs in the cobblestone/pebbly walkway. This looks like the British Flag to me.

Loved this rose medallion at each intersection on Rose St in Edinburgh.

We stopped for cover from an unusually hard rain in the National Museum of Scotland. There was a particularly attractive book cover (from a quilting design perspective) in the museum shop and some antique sewing machines in a clever display.


Later on the Royal Mile in Edinburgh, this lovely formation in the cobblestone.

We used our rental car to drive into England. Just before reaching the border we came to the town of Lockerbie, Scotland. Does that name ring a bell? There was an air disaster there on a Pan Am flight in 1988. We decided it would be a good point to stop and take a look at what we could see from those many years ago. They had a lovely visitor center at their local cemetery where many had been buried that included a quilt, photos and stories of each person. A touching tribute, still today.
Detailed photos can be found at Check the Scottish Inspiration 2014 album for individual photos.
Never did I have my camera ready, but at least twice, maybe three times, I saw this pattern used for cement walls along the freeway or along a train route.

Well, that just looked inviting to me for a quick quilt. The latest issue of the Country Register gives dimensions for maximizing a Fat Quarter of fabric to create this general shape and how to cut and sew it together.
Here are fabrics I picked up while in Scotland that represent the country (heather, plaid, pheasant hunting, deer and other animals in the woods, scotty dogs) and a historical family vehicle (a VW Camper Van). Thanks to Quilt Creations in Inverness, Scotland for these selections. Using these FQs to make up this quilt would be a fun way to remember this trip and make it meaningful to the family. I'll likely add a few other fabrics too.
This trip was part of a 50th Wedding Anniversary celebration for my in-laws who just happen to LOVE Scotland (although they were born/raised/married in England and now live in the U.S.). The eldest daughter arranged for us to stay in these castles. The first was quite medieval in style and age (Lickleyhead ...before arriving we discovered it was for sale and is about 30 minutes out of Aberdeen). The second one was more modern, near Edinburgh and constructed in the 20th century out of bits of various castles that were being taken down.

 I hope you'll check the Country Register article and
post a link in the comments to whatever you make!