Friday, November 11, 2022

Thirteen years! WOW!

From two locations and thirteen years total of professional long-arming, it has been quite a ride.

Here is a brief recap of the past year.

CQ818JP, CQ821-CQ894

This Year:     74 Customer Quilts + 1 Joint Project
91% Pantos, 9% Custom
68 pantos;  7 custom

Pantographs : 5.67 (#/mo)    Custom : 0.583 (#/mo)

Business to date: 894 Customer Quilts long-armed + commissions/memory quilts, etc.

Detailed photos of Custom Quilts:

CQ828 - squiggly w/stars on a jelly roll race of sorts

CQ852 - double wedding ring

CQ868 - raw edge flowers

CQ877 - butterflies and tulips

CQ878 - antique lace

CQ894 - Affairs of the Heart

Reel/Video of entire quilt is on Facebook and Instagram.

CQ818JP w/Nancy cargo
This version of an Inverted Rondure is finished! Watch for it in upcoming shows. 
Quilt Name: 24 Karat Rondure

Petkerchiefs ...for two adorable dogs

This is so big!! I had to rent a machine on a bigger table in order to quilt it. But extra special as a customer from 10 years ago called to ask for a bigger size and similar design of the one I had done before. Honored!

Memory Quilts

These two were made for two surviving sisters.

Country Register - still writing 6 times a year you read my articles? Watch for a 3-part pattern in the works for sometime next year.

The health journey continues ...Two weeks ago I had a benign tumor removed from my leg that has been giving me intermittent excruciating pain for over 5 years. So grateful to have it gone!

Thanks for following along. If I can be of service, please contact me.
Watch for a year-end update with lots of personal projects, samples, etc.