Wednesday, January 1, 2020

WIP 2019

Here is my annual year in review for 2019
Last year when I wanted to make the Peppermint Candy Table Topper (PCTT), I had curated fabrics sitting in a pile waiting to make scrappy Holly blocks from a 2007 WWVQG Block Lotto. Some of the fabrics would be ideal for the PCTT. I had made one and won a few, so needed to make quite a few more to have 16. One of the 'won' blocks had an off-white, so decided to add 3 more and make those the center blocks. In order to make use of these curated fabrics, I cut out the Holly blocks so I could use remaining fabrics for the PCTT. It got me motivated to push on and make up this quilt top. Fulfillment of a 12 year old vision! Finally!
I showed it at the Lincoln Co. Washington Fair and received the
INMQ Excellence in Machine Quilting Honorable Mention

This fun one was inspired from a magazine design that I worked with a client on several years ago. When my college Physics professor got married to his grade school sweetheart this idea materialized. I finally got it put together and had the occassion to spend the weekend with them on the Oregon coast and present it. I didn't realize until being with them in their home how much she appreciates quilts and so it was very special to see her light up in receiving it.

WW Baby #2 - for Hendrickson Baby - lots of construction related fabrics. His daddy was a civil engineering student of mine back at WWU.

Commission - Dreamcatcher

Market Quilt - remake of Hugs and Kisses (this version: Old Favorites)

Market Quilt - remake of Charmed Network (this version: Cliff Dwellings)

Market Quilt - remake of City Windows (this version: Spring)

Adaptation of Rotation by Wilmington Prints - (this version: Woven Dreams)

Row by Row - Taste the Experience - Drink of Choice

Beach is my Happy Place - quilt adapted from Jennifer Fulton's design
Sandollar version

Sand version - This was donated to Monterey Bay Academy to raise funds for roadworks in memory of my dad.

maybe sanddollars in the 2nd row left; and sand in the 2nd row right would also work. 

When presented with the opportunity of the ends from a jelly roll rug, this is what I did with them! Thought Duncan would appreciate the airplanes etc.

Friendship Star block using Island Batik fabrics showing off one block in a bloghop this year.
 Backside: ...also Island Batik fabric

Mistletoe Magic Pillow - In the Beginning Poinsettia Winter Fabrics available at KISSed Quilts. Shared as part of a bloghop this year.

Mis-cuts (my fault) from Angle Play - UrbanLights Test. Fabric is by In the Beginning and is available in @ KISSed Quilts.

Commission of raincoat, resulted in a few extras too. Amy Butler pattern (no pockets or belt), Impwear laminated cotton exterior and Riverwoods Java Jewels IV batik lining.

 Mommy and Mini-me bags to match

When diagnosed with breast cancer, I pulled out a tricky design that had been sitting in my concept pile for a very long time. Fabrics include batiks, 'x' and 'o', love, pink ribbons and various pinks. Unfortunately one pink bled horribly when I washed the quilt, fortunately with a couple of soaks in Synthrapol the lose dye got removed and remaining got set. Used some bits to make a minky back work and wool batting to keep it comfy.

 When the recipient sends you this pic and says "I feel loved and supported."...its all worth it!



  • French Braid - DONE!!!  this QOV has been presented to my only first cousin who served. Love you Jason!
At Lincoln Co. Washington Fair - received Class Champion Ribbon


  • A Ticket in Hand - with borders added. 

  • 2015 Row by Row - my own Columbia River story version --rows in 2019: Spokane Quilting Bee and one from Cranbrook, Canada, and another of my own. Completed in 2019. At Tri-Cities Quilt Show received Honorable Mention 


2018 'Sew Musical' quilt; rows and assembly in 2019

Joint Projects completed

New this year:

Participated with the Luthern Church initiative of making quilts for local organizations as well as World Heritage by binding several of the 'tied' quilts.

Sister Donna making tshirt quilts of her own high school memories and now her working career at a high school. More in the works!

Sunnie Potter attended my fall quilting retreat and I got to help her design this meaningful quilt for hr great-niece who I happen to also know. Grateful she invited my collaboration. I enjoyed finding the blue butterfly fabric in my stash, adding it to the backing so it was big enough to machine quilt with bees and bind it with the fabric as well.

from 2015:
  • Quilter's Fruit Loop --2015 Shop Hop sample (pieced by Nancy Cargo -- re-did grass/fencing sections due to a pattern difference from the original image); finished applique of kites and grass borders 10/17  --calling it Americana

Ready to Quilt 2019
Urban Lights (Deco Style)
In the Beginning Fabrics available here.

A Poinsettia Winter (Jason Yenter / In the Beginning Fabrics) - most fabrics still available here.

2019 WIP  - Commissions

1. Tie quilt - awaiting progress payment from client (ready to quilt)
2. Tshirt quilt concept rendered - abandoned by client
3. Memory Quilt on hold by client (not pictured - concepts awaiting approval)

2007 Alaska Shop Hop  Got two blocks done this year! Now to consider placement and required 'extra' blocks in order to assemble the quilt.

Out of the Darkness - Pam Bono --maybe one more block, then center and borders

OLD LIST, once upon a time was publicly listed as 'next items' but never got started and there are too many piles of fabric destined as possible projects to list here ;-)...ha!:
  • Peace Park
  • Snowflake/blizzard --except that I used some of the snowflakes as inspiration for the Cool Penguin design and in my "Protection from the Storm" several years ago
  • 2007 Shop Hop the Blues - bow ties?
  • 2009 Shop Hop the Blues - fall leaves?

2014 list
  • OWN -  next up are 2 large blocks
2015 list
  • Metro Rings --I was able to make a decision on the QSTs, so they will be different and pieced some units together.

  • Dogwood Limb (EQ Seasons RAL)
    --to quilt or expand ??
  • Lucky Pot of Gold or Ode to Ireland (a Mi Amore shamrock version) applique still to add.
2016 UFOs:
  • Train set - with IB Sea Salt Sandy and some other background -- an IBA challenge that I want to incorporate into something bigger. #Accuquilt dies (rentable in the classroom) were used to cut these.
  • Little cars - with IB Fire Island -- an IBA challenge that I want to incorporate into something bigger. #Accuquilt die (rentable in the classroom) was used to cut these.
  • Umbrellas -- an IBA challenge that I want to incorporate into something bigger. #Accuquilt die (rentable in the classroom) was used to cut these.
  • Raindrops --an IBA challenge that I want to incorporate into something bigger.
  • Road trip 2016 -  Home Sweet Home - quilted and bound. Need to find and finish embellishments

2017 WIP List
*2017 RxR - On the Go
Geese Chase --- finished in 2019

*Alletaire --2015 Bonnie Hunter Quiltville Mystery
October @ retreat - got these put together (lots more to go!):

2018 WIP
365 block challenge; progress to date

September 1:

Aves -- I got the fabrics selected and the first block cut out ...but that is it...does that count? ;-)

from 2017 list
  • Lone Star piecing  (note : resurrected from a 2009 class w/Eddie Walker)
from 2016 list
  • 2016 North Central Washington Shop Hop - Come Fall into Love
  • Labyrinth for Duncan
from 2015
  • Four Patch Flip- a spring result, but has been sitting there waiting for me to work on it. - now ready to quilt! Finished Piecing - 4/12/18
from 2014
  • Electric City - a new 1892 Rondure version, stalled in 2015 --most got going in March 2017, still needed to do 3rd round.  3rd round completed May 2018. Borders added October 2018.
  • Baskets - WW Valley Quilt Guild 2006 BOM (pictured years ago! and my quilting designs for it continue to evolve)

Joint Projects (ready to quilt)
  • Cool Penguin, partly pieced by Julie Tapley - Country Register Pattern Sample
  • Inverted Rondure - Nancy Cargo
Joint WIPs:
  • Camouflage Canopy (waiting for tester to return it)
  • DJ/MBA t-shirt quilt in the works
  • Barb Kelton pieced this for me from a class project at an industry event. Love this Emerald!
  • Row by Row 2018 Junior version - Piano Keys and made leftovers  -- gave to mom
  • Humpty Dumpty's Wall  --designed by me; pieced by Betty Baerg

  • Made a few of these blocks to help new local, Laurie, to make this QOV for a deserving Veteran.

Completed: 21 + 4 non quilted items + 7 joint projects
Started the year (2019) with WIP: 27 + 3 joint projects
New end of year 2019 WIP: 3 + 4 joint projects
Ended 2019 with WIP: 23 + 7 joint projects   --note: 9 + 2 JPs just need to be quilted!!

Less personal WIPS at the end of the year! I'm making progress!

Note: projects for others, I quilted 70.  All were hand guided, some were also bound and some were for charity. Lots of photos at . Or check out the 'Quilting Examples' tab on this blog.

TOTAL: 91 quiltings