Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The end to a wonderful first year

I'm excited to be getting the blog going. Here I hope to talk more about specific projects than I can easily put up on Facebook. There will still be lots of pictures on FB that you can check out, but writing about them and the evolution of a project takes time and I'd like to show the progress more on my own designs. I hope you'll enjoy following along. Cheers to a wonderful 2011! Let's get started.

I've been asked to design a quilt using fabrics currently available at Highland Quilts in Athena, OR. The original inspiration fabric is from the U.K. - Fabric Freedom and called Flutterbright. Various other fabrics are being incorporated, but here is a photo of where I'm at so far. I got to work on some of the piecing while in Florida, Christmas week at my in-laws. So grateful for a sewing machine there that I was able to use and be productive. I need just a bit more fabric and I'll be able to finish it up. I'm excited about the secondary pattern that is emerging from behind the star.