Sunday, November 12, 2023

A wrap on 14 years!

Since receiving my Gammill Optimum+ machine on November 12, 2009 ...I've written a recap each year to show the highlights from a business perspective of how I've used the machine. Since some of my personal journey has made a difference for some of you, I'm sharing a few other endeavors, too.

Customer Quilts (CQ): CQ895 - CQ957

Joint Projects
CQ905, CQ907, CQ908, CQ909, CQ910, CQ911, CQ941, CQ942, CQ943, CQ944, CQ945

This Year:     63 Customer Quilts

84% Pantos, 16% Custom

53 pantos;  10 custom

Pantographs : 4.4 (#/mo)    Custom : 0.83 (#/mo)

Business to date: 957 Customer Quilts long-armed + commissions/memory quilts, etc.

Detailed photos of Custom Quilts:


JP CQ905








You'll find pictures of all quilts by year on the Quilting Examples tab.


T-shirt/Memory Quilts

Kitties (panto)

2023 Row by Row design ...a collaboration with 3 other shops....all my designs.

Custom Embroidery requests


Country Register - still writing 6 times a year you read my articles? 

The health journey continues ... have completed two rounds of ProLonFMD (a 5-day longevity promoting fasting mimicking diet also known to help with fighting diseases and optimizing of weight). Want more details? I've got a highlights on my Instagram account that you're welcome to check out. Please use my affiliate code ODDIE10 for a 25% discount at this link:  good thru 12/30/23.

Thanks for following along. If I can be of service, please contact me.
Watch for a year-end update with lots of personal projects, samples, etc.