Sunday, June 10, 2018

5 years in Grand Coulee and Row by Row Kickoff

Today starts a two week celebration of being in Grand Coulee for five years! Amazing!!

From this

to this

and from this

to this

then this

and now this

and during this special celebration we'll have $5 items, 20% off items and even bigger deals for more than 5 yard cumulative purchases of bolted fabric.

Sunday - Friday, 10am-5pm or by appointment

June 10-15 and 17-22.

Row by Row kicks off on June 21 so here is my reveal!

Although this originally is a physics concept of refraction which appeals to my engineering mind, some may recognize it as part of an iconic album cover -- Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon.

As a junior row participant we'll have the pattern for any of these cute designs available to any child (one per child) that comes into the shop and a Piano Keys kit available with pattern for purchase by anyone.

On the kick-off day, June 21 we'll have live music at the shop. Hope to see you!