Friday, April 20, 2018

IB Alumni Blog Hop - Use it up etc

Happy to share with you a recent finish of mine that 'used it up'! Yes, we do end up with extra bits of fabric from various projects, including our Island Batik Ambassador challenges. I also design for IB, so there is likely some fabric in here from quilts that went to market too.

For many years, Bonnie Hunter of Quiltville has done a mystery each fall, starting the Friday after Thanksgiving. This past fall, "On Ringo Lake" was the name of her mystery and I liked the inspiration and thought I might have some fabrics from her original colorway that would work using what I had in my special Island Batik box.

Bonnie issues a mystery clue or more each week until the project is finished. I love her reasoning behind doing it at that time of year and although I wasn't making the 'full' amount called for in the project, I did test each clue along the way until I was convinced what I wanted as my end result.

Here is a visual sequence of progression (note: I did try batiks and non-batik fabrics, so you might see a few non-batik tests in here too):

Color Auditions

Tests for various clues:


Laying out the bits so I can create some stronger secondary designs given there are lots of different fabrics this was a bit tricky, but part of the fun.

Top complete:

I came up with a continuous edge to edge that minds the piecing for registration marks on what to do. This is always the most fun quilting when I get to do it this way...minimal ruler work but sometimes to travel in a ditch. Allowing the design to be enhanced through quilting it this way I find to be a challenge worth taking.


You never know what your scrap bin might bring forth! How about trying something to Use It Up?

Also today is a post from Inspired Layers.

This hop has been organized by Patti at Lemon Tree Snippets (click to see the entire schedule)
Thank you Patti!

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And if you're still reading, I've just made available on my website my latest design that premiered at Fall 2017 Market - Alpine Nights. This uses the Alpine Ice collection of fabrics that are just arriving in shops now! Pick up the pattern as a digital download today at or order it to be shipped. I haven't listed it with this option, but if you'd rather the templates and foundations be pre-printed on the appropriate mylar and paper, I'm willing to offer that, just let me know!

Monday, April 16, 2018

Retreat Results and Blog Hop Announcement

I'm back in the shop today and thought I'd share my progress from the retreat I went to last week. Annually there is a gathering of 'Quilters without Borders' (we're from Canada and the U.S.) at Lutherhaven Camp on Lake Coeur 'dAlene.

We had a bit of a rainy/muddy year and we were displaced due to a fire in our normal room prior to our arrival, but they were very accommodating and we knew what to expect before arrival.

Especially good 'seat mates' this year and the chef's attention to my food sensitivities made it a really productive and enjoyable time.

I took many projects, but got two finished and significant progress on a third.

This one was started last fall and just needed a border. Using the 'bunting' as the feature in the border meant I needed to design how the piecing would go together to make it work. Most of that 'hard' work I did before leaving so was ready to just cut and sew when I got there. This can be kitted for the most part from my shop and is loosely interpreted from Tricia Cribb's Turning Twenty Again design for the center blocks. I'll write up the border instructions if you'd like them as well. The line is from Quilting Treasures and features the letter "B" --including the Beatitudes-- which I think is very cool. Her artistry has included them in a subtle and fun way.

The next project was started several years ago as a class sample, but I worked too closely with each student to complete it myself. I had the designs worked out for each block, but needed to assemble the blocks and work on how I wanted to add the curved stripe border (not part of the pattern).

I never put the original block ideas on a design wall, just grouped them and took a photo so I had a rough idea, so not sure  this is exactly what I intended, but I'm happy with it now. From the original pattern I trimmed the outer border down so there was just the ability to leave the point of the accent triangle that goes out into the border and then added the curved stripe. The accent fabric is a peppered cotton and the border fabric, although not symmetrical, I mitered it so that it closely came together and just allows your eye to continue around at the corner.

The third project, Rondure -Electric City has really been in the works for a long time. I originally started it after moving to the Grand Coulee area. There is another small town here named Electric City and the colorations of this one are inspired by the arcs of electricity that might be seen on electrical wires --we don't see it around here generally, but when I think of 'high voltage' situations and since we have a lot of those around here (we're here to generate a lot of the west coast power needs through the Grand Coulee Dam hydropower plants) you might see some major arcs.

I got the 2nd round blocks sewn onto the center and made 3 (and appropriate multiples) of the 4 blocks in Round 3. Most of the 4th got done, but had one sub assembly piece left (32 of them) before the block could be assembled.

This is my own design, the pattern is available at and if you'd like a color rendering of your own coloration ideas prior to purchasing fabric from me, please don't hesitate to ask!


Today also kicks off a Blog of Island Batik Ambassador Alumni using up some of their batiks. I'll be posting on Friday. Click over to Lemon Tree Snippets for the first post and the entire schedule.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

WIP and Monthly Newsletter

News & Updates
Just over a week ago, doing a good deed, we encountered a weather condition that we had no control over. The result is our truck is totaled and we're healing. I am praising the Lord for the guardian angels who kept the truck rolling until it was upright, engine running, and safety to make it back home without further incident since all of it occurred in a 'no service' area.  Although we didn't get the good deed done and we were bruised up, we are grateful to be alive. We will trust that April will bring Showers of Blessings (hopefully no further weather incidents!) as we figure out logistics going forward that our truck provided for various occasions that include my quilting activities.
Closed April 9-15, 27-30.

New Country Register editions have arrived, please stop by and pick one up!

What would you like to see on my website next? Here is a link to a PDF of various images showing products in my shop. Thanks for your interest and support on my quilting journey. Happy Spring!

Quilt Queue -- June Openings
Open Sew Activities
All of these activities happen at 412 Federal Ave, Grand Coulee. Enter from the east end of the building, we're in room 207. 
OPEN SEW - MOST Tuesdays 1-4pm
OPEN SEW - ALL DAY - 2nd Monday of the month - 
Next occurrence is: April 9
We hope you'll put these events into your calendar and be a part of the sewing and quilting community of the Grand Coulee Dam Area. --aka  'Coulee Creators'. If you are local and would like to keep up with our weekly happenings, be sure to join this closed group--sometimes we just want to share progress with our local friends and not everybody on Facebook!

Join the Toscana Club!
Want to add all kinds of colors to your stash?

Northcott's Toscana line is my color wall at the shop. I've had several inquire about pre-cuts of the entire line. The smaller sizes you can get all at once. The larger sizes you can sign up for the club and get 10 - 12 pieces monthly (each vertical is a month).

All 135 - 5" squares = $30 - one time purchase
All 135 - 10" squares = $90 - one time purchase
1/2 yard cuts - over 12 months you'll receive all 135 - $50/month or as many months at a time that you'd like. If you'd like just one particular vertical, they are also available.
Yardage by the SKU $8.50/yd

I want to do this!

Area Activities - Spring Fling Quilt Show - April 27-28 - Odessa, WA

Marlene Oddie | KISSed Quilts | ph 509.386.5715 | |

Just had to share the results of our Bargello class -- a super quick design - Two Fabric Bargello by Susie Weaver. All fabrics and patterns are available here.


My own finish:


If there are any particular techniques or projects that you'd like to have as a class, gather your friends who are interested and we'll schedule a class that works for you. Costs will be determined based on number of students and time needed for the project.

Finished up my #OnRingoLake - runner size. Going to a special person, likely in May. This one was an opportunity to design a continuous custom edge to edge quilting design. Always love it when I can make this work.

March blocks are spread throughout this photo for my #365blockchallenge2018 progress. I haven't done most of them to be honest, so have a bit of catching up to do. Bu tall of the first round borders have been issued to go around the center block, so I'm quite keen on getting them finished up so I can do some actual assembly!

Here is a new design, kits available with instructions coming soon!
Whispers of Wisdom is the panel and I've put this design together to complement it and make for a lovely lap size quilt.

And a commission for a very special young man who will be graduating this year. Borders to be added.