Friday, April 20, 2018

IB Alumni Blog Hop - Use it up etc

Happy to share with you a recent finish of mine that 'used it up'! Yes, we do end up with extra bits of fabric from various projects, including our Island Batik Ambassador challenges. I also design for IB, so there is likely some fabric in here from quilts that went to market too.

For many years, Bonnie Hunter of Quiltville has done a mystery each fall, starting the Friday after Thanksgiving. This past fall, "On Ringo Lake" was the name of her mystery and I liked the inspiration and thought I might have some fabrics from her original colorway that would work using what I had in my special Island Batik box.

Bonnie issues a mystery clue or more each week until the project is finished. I love her reasoning behind doing it at that time of year and although I wasn't making the 'full' amount called for in the project, I did test each clue along the way until I was convinced what I wanted as my end result.

Here is a visual sequence of progression (note: I did try batiks and non-batik fabrics, so you might see a few non-batik tests in here too):

Color Auditions

Tests for various clues:


Laying out the bits so I can create some stronger secondary designs given there are lots of different fabrics this was a bit tricky, but part of the fun.

Top complete:

I came up with a continuous edge to edge that minds the piecing for registration marks on what to do. This is always the most fun quilting when I get to do it this way...minimal ruler work but sometimes to travel in a ditch. Allowing the design to be enhanced through quilting it this way I find to be a challenge worth taking.


You never know what your scrap bin might bring forth! How about trying something to Use It Up?

Also today is a post from Inspired Layers.

This hop has been organized by Patti at Lemon Tree Snippets (click to see the entire schedule)
Thank you Patti!

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And if you're still reading, I've just made available on my website my latest design that premiered at Fall 2017 Market - Alpine Nights. This uses the Alpine Ice collection of fabrics that are just arriving in shops now! Pick up the pattern as a digital download today at or order it to be shipped. I haven't listed it with this option, but if you'd rather the templates and foundations be pre-printed on the appropriate mylar and paper, I'm willing to offer that, just let me know!


  1. Interesting version of On Ringo Lake.

  2. your runner is lovely. time to use up some scraps

  3. I love your quilting design for your ORL, especially since it is continuous line quilting!! Do you mind if I try to copy it for the ORL I recently completed? I usually try to come up with something by myself, but this one had me completely stumped.

  4. WoW Marlene what a gorgeous quilt. You have far more patience than I do and I love the Continuous Edge design you created for that. Your new pattern is also beautiful.