Monday, June 18, 2012

Home Sweet Home

June 15 (My sister Donna's Birthday--Happy Birthday!)
Just a quick final post about the trip to Ireland.

The Druids Glen provided a continental breakfast to us early risers that needed to be off from the hotel by 6:15am. We were grateful for that.

All packed and ready to go we headed off to the airport. Traffic wasn't too bad and we arrived in good timing for the 9:xx departures.

When checking in, Aer Lingus would not check our luggage all the way through to Seattle, primarily because the two legs were booked as separate itineraries/tickets. :( Note to organizers! not cool.

All the rest of us departed later so we had plenty of time to check on currency exchange, last minute shopping, etc.

When getting on the flight, I discovered that I had the same seat partner as the flight over. How fun is that?

Aer Lingus did not provide a vegetarian option as part of their menu choices. They had on the way TO Ireland, but not on the way to New York. The travel agent had not provided the airline with my meal preference. Oh well. I ate my salad and my seat-mate's salad because her entree was pasta and the salad was pasta too.

After collecting my bag and taking it to the re-check counter, I was required to pay a domestic baggage fee. Most of the rest in my group encountered the same issue. A couple of people lucked out at a different desk and got the fee waived.

I then feared going back through security because of my maiden name being a part of the ticket. Fortunately I got through TSA without issue again.

With a few hours to wait, I was able to get a nice panini at JFK and eat it in peace.

Our entire small group was in the same row on the last flight.

My husband, Duncan, arrived just a few minutes after we did in Seattle. Connecting flights are done by this hour to our home, so we had decided driving both ways just made more sense. Our friend John picked us up at the airport. Later that evening my Aunt called and just happened to be in town, we agreed to meet in the morning after we got some sleep!

June 16
Met with my Aunt Jean and Uncle Gordon for breakfast and then picked up one of the gals in my group, Tina, to take back with us across the state. Flights to Walla Walla are only at 7p on Saturday and we'd clearly get her back way before then if she rode along. Happy to have her and enjoy some quality conversation. The time passed very quickly!

Upon arrival home we gathered mail and Tina's husband and brother showed up to pick her up too. Just good to be back in our own space. The yard is growing in nicely and the temperatures are pleasant to warm. It does mean we have to face reality of what is ahead, but we trust God is good and will provide in His time the next work opportunity for my husband. It is time for me to get back to my client quilts that are awaiting.

Thanks for sharing the journey by reading along. I hope you have been inspired by some of the scenes and images you have seen via photos and words.

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  1. Marlene,
    What are the duties of the tour guide for the International Quilt Festival of Ireland? I was interested in that for next year, but have not heard from Jim yet.