Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Finale of Bordered Beyond the Block

Yesterday I submitted my AQS 2010 Mystery Quilt entry to their contest. This is a photo of part of the quilting detail. I had to get my courage up and be bold about using the black thread. It is very exposed on this pale pink fabric, but I felt the quilt needed it.  I've uploaded lots of additional detailed photos to my Facebook Page including the piecing evolution of the mystery and the progression of designing the extra border which we were allowed to do as part of the contest. If you are interested in the specifications for the additional border, please send me an email requesting them.

I also want to share with you the original inspiration of my fabric choice. Stacy (Lee) Barter -- high school work colleague and classmate back at Monterey Bay Academy painted this several years ago.

"My Grandmother Dreams in Peonies"
Won the Best in Show $25,000 Award for the 2007-2009 Museum Exhibition Tour of Blossom - Art of Flowers.

My hope is that this quilt will be published in the American Quilter Magazine. My Part 1 of the mystery was posted on their blog.


  1. Beautiful, love the contrast of color and the detail of stitching! Hope that you can get published...that would be so exciting!

  2. Hi Marlene, I found you on Quilting Gallery.
    Wow, this quilt is far from simple, but totally stunning! You do amazing work.
    Come by and visit my blog and hopefully you will want of follow my beginners journey!

  3. Another WOW from me, what a lovely original design, and the quilting is stunning!