Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday's Foibles

We're still making progress towards 100 followers on this blog. Even though we didn't meet the goal last week with the giveaway promotion, I still want to give stuff away to thank especially those who were voting throughout the McCall's contest, so some of you who participated will be receiving special things in the mail soon, just because. When I hit a 100, I'll also draw a name from my followers and send something your way. How's that?

We got news that my husband's position will be extended at least until January (YEAH!), so a bit more reprieve as we consider the next job options. We'll spend Thanksgiving at home and now can make plans for the Christmas holidays. It's time to get serious about those customer quilts that are needed before Christmas!

I've started my 3rd year now with my long-arm machine and participated in a Thanksgiving Dinner Challenge to make potholders or oven mits this week. Although I've had some consulting work distractions as well, I've been working on customer quilts and had a few distractions that were somewhat entertaining.

There was a local restaurant that went out of business, Lorenzo's. Macon Brothers was brought in to do an auction. Included in this auction was a vegetable and meat slicer, those big Hobart ones! My husband has been wanting one of these for a very long time. Not that we have any room to store it or use it, but wants one none the less. So, he asked if I'd go sit at the auction and bid on it. We set our limits and so I agreed. After scraping the ice off the windshield with a credit card and trying to get the warmth of the vehicle to shed the rest, I arrived a little after 8am for the preview. The item of interest--#529. OH MY. I asked one of the auctioneers how long it typically takes to process through the list. They said approximately 100 items per hour. Wow...ok, this is going to take a while. But, since I'd never sat through a real auction (just seen them on TV, etc.) I thought it would be fun to observe for a while at least and get the feel of various bidders, etc. I also thought I had an idea of who might also be eyeing the slicer. Bummer. The auction started at 9am. I don't think the heat was on in the place, most everyone was very cold or well bundled up. About 12:30p I decided I was too hungry and cold and had to take a break. Drove home, made a sandwich and got gloves and a scarf. Fortunately I didn't miss anything of importance, and it wasn't until about 2:30p that our item of interest was finally up for auction. The whole thing was over in about 2 minutes and I hadn't even placed a bid. It went for well over our limit. That was the 'automatic' slicer. Next came the 'manual' slicer. I had called my DH earlier to see if we should use that as a backup item and he agreed. The whole thing was over in less than 1 minute. And NO, we didn't win the bid, but at least I participated this time. It quickly got bid up beyond our limit by ONE other individual. I'm pretty sure it went to a guy who is starting a 2nd pizzeria in Klamath they had a bit more money in their pocket for these types of expenditures. I'm sure my blood pressure was crazy as I left the place. Reminded me of why, when I used to work on the trading floor, I never became a trader. I really didn't like that sense of risk and bidding and not being sure if you would win or not....or how about trying to buy a car? My first car was purchased by my uncle who LOVES this process. I didn't live far from him at the time and asked if he'd come in and negotiate the deal. He was happy to! So glad that amongst the team we can find different traits to handle various situations and make life fun ;-)!

Enjoyed listening in on Margaret Miller's call on Thursday with Morna @ International Association of Professional Quilters. Margaret is going to host a teacher's workshop next February. So far, sounds like something I'd love to do! I've got several ideas of quilts that could use her rectangular triangle template/ruler.

I've received word that my McCall's challenge design rights have been reverted back to me. This means I can now write the patterns and proceed with publication. I'll be writing 'Royal Peacock Jewels', '1892 Rondure' and 'Mi Amore' for sure. If you're interested in testing the patterns for me, let me know. We'll probably be ready to start testing after Christmas, so no panic here if you want to, but don't feel you have the time right now. I'll be taking the first 5 interested, for each pattern. I'll give you in return for testing--which means following the pattern the best you can, making notes, free to ask questions throughout the process, providing me with any notes at the end--1 cent / discount on getting it quilted by me provided you get the testing done within the allotted time frame. I keep rights to photograph it and use the photo(s) as an example of the pattern. You get the quilt and a finalized pattern. The key for me is to have people who will test it in a timely fashion and I want to reward your timeliness. These three patterns, along with 'Hugs and Kisses' which has already completed testing, I'd like to have ready for Spring Quilt Market.

As I finish writing this, I'm watching the Regis Philbin farewell show on Live! with Regis and Kelly. His ability to make people feel like a million bucks is truly a special gift. May we all be able to make others feel special in all of our interactions together.

Have a blessed weekend!


  1. Too funny about the auction!! I've never been to one, and I'm afraid I'd probably not like it very much either. I get nervous even on eBay LOL! Good luck with those Christmas quilts!!

  2. What did it sell for Marlene?? The automatic one that is. Just curious what they fetch at an auction myself!! I can't say as I would ever need one!! lol (Rob Tucker)

  3. while i would love to test one of your patterns (the 1892 Rondure), it's not really practical from Oz - I'm thinking the postage would be prohibitive - although I could test it and quilt the quilt myself? Would that work for you?

  4. Did you get a letter or E-mail from McCall's? I hadn't heard that we get our pattern rights back yet.

  5. Not sure if you like this info better at FB or here, so - I'd love to test-sew Rondure after Christmas! :D

  6. I'd be interested in testing the middle one in the picture if you still need someone to do it. Not until after Christmas of course. Sorry I can't sort out which one it is from the names but I suppose it is likely the 1892 Rondure.

  7. I'd love to test a pattern. I love them all and I'm definitely going to back to see what more you design. I would pick either royal peacock jewels or Mi amore.