Saturday, April 21, 2012

A short-term adventure ahead

This week has brought an interesting opportunity in the form of an adventure to California for six weeks. I'm going along to assist my husband in helping a desperate high school with math and physics teaching to finish out the school year.

When the idea was first presented to me, I definitely wasn't interested (I'm having way too much fun with my quilting business!!), but thought my DH might take the opportunity to try something new given his recent layoff. After a 10+ hour trip one way to California starting Wed. night and getting finger printed on Thursday and returning home by Friday mid-day (thank you to our friends the Bodnar's for hosting us over night both directions in Bend) just might all happen.

In this picture I see cities that represent three different states. When I posted it on FB the biggest laugh I think was the reference to 'Weed', but my thought in taking it was that it seemed like a major cross-roads with such diverse locations being presented in the road signs...and if you stayed down the center perhaps you could get some information? Perhaps representing the decisions going on in our lives and when on the interstate of life, decisions sometimes must be made faster than we might want to handle. As I was taking this my DH was asking, "which way, which way?"

I will take some piecing projects with me and am hoping I can return home for at least a week, sometime during the adventure, to get some critical deadline long-arm customer work in the queue completed and to take a "Storm at Sea" class in conjunction with the Krazy Horse Quilter's show in Pendleton, OR May 4. This is a pattern I have wanted to make ever since I created a unique coloring for this design while on our honeymoon--over 3 years ago. We were in Hawaii and the turtle is an often seen image. Our wedding colors were red, black and white (it was on Valentine's Day). I collected fabrics while in Hawaii, too. It is time! Here is my EQ representation of what I want to create.

The show is May 5 and 6  and I will have 3 quilts of my own in the show: "Spinner" (see below), "Charmed Network"--Terrain version (my pattern is available), and "Mi Amore"--my final entry in the McCalls Quilt Design Star 2011 last year and a new pattern now available.

Other clients in the queue, so far, have been very accomodating and understanding of the situation such that they are willing to wait for their quilts until after mid-June when I return from Ireland and the International Quilt Festival of Ireland tour. I'm so grateful! I see on their website that my tour says "SOLD OUT" ....I think the truth is it has now been combined with another group, but there is still opportunity for you to come along. I still need a roommate!!

I look forward to meeting new quilters in Bakersfield. I see their Cotton Patch Quilter's of Kern County guild meets the 3rd Thursday of the month, so that should work out to be able to attend their meeting (day or evening). If anyone from the area is reading this, let me know so we can connect in person! I won't be able to make the local Bakersfield Modern Quilt Guild meeting (still wishing for a local MQG here in the WWValley), but would love to meet them too! I see there are two local quilt shops -- Strawberry Patches and Bolts to Bindings listed and the big chain Beverly's Fabric and Crafts too. I'm sure if I need anything, they should be able to accomodate.
My Spinner tutorial continues to gain interest with over 5300 views at the time of this writing--very exciting!

The quilt has now been added to the EQ Quilting Gallery #287.

I also have two others there, #137 and #196.
This weekend is the Tour of Walla Walla ---Bicycles everywhere! Mother's day weekend will be the Balloon Stampede and I plan to be home for that. Spring Release is coming soon too. I've put my bottle bags and the vineyard/grape potholder/table trivets on sale at Patit Creek Cellars - Walla Walla Tasting Room. A special SPRING SALE! There are still a few special trivets (Balloon Stampede and WW Onion Festival available for purchase too). I hope to get a few more placemat sets out there before Spring Release (currently sold out). These can also be pre-ordered and made custom to your preferred size and color scheme.

That's it for now, I'll try to post at least weekly about our adventure and progress on my projects. We trust this adventure is to provide a blessing for the students in learning their lessons and will make a positive impact in their lives.


  1. The storm at sea pattern is gorgeous I hope you get it started.

  2. Love the turtle, and good for you for grabbing hold of that opportunity. I know the kids will benefit, and I predict you both will too in ways beyond what you'd hoped!