Monday, August 13, 2012

Design Wall / BOM's Away Monday

Had hoped to show you my Olympics themed quilt, completed, but I had a big interruption that I didn't appreciate today. Some things in life we need to let roll off our back, but I have a hard time doing that unless I have a solution of how to handle the situation. Anyway... come back later this week to see a full write up of the quilt that I hope to have finished!

On my Design wall is an extension of what I had last week, I found the other roman stripe sets and so have added a bit more. I have seen a few half square triangle settings that are very 'organized' and look nice, but wondering if this random creativity might be more fun to have as an original ;-) Since I will likely donate it to our local women & children shelter, I'm thinking it could provide a great background for telling many stories, or driving cars between the lines, etc.

I got my 8th block from the 2007 Alaska Shop Hop done as progress on my BOM. This is the Moose's Tree from Calico Whale in Valdez, AK. The dark fabric in the middle of the tree I added from my own stash. It was intended to match the patterned batik at the bottom, but I'm not sure if I just cut the pieces wrong from the fabric provided (i.e. the orientation of cutting), or if there really wasn't sufficient fabric. Anyway, I like this dark brown with pine needle like shapes that are lighter as a replacement.

Thanks to anyone who voted for my '1892 Rondure' quilt in the Quilting Gallery's Themed Contest this past weekend "Modern Geometrics". If you've not seen this quilt before, it is from my McCall's 2011 Design Star Challenge #1. I placed second in this weekend's contest and will receive a $10 gift certificate to Contemporary Cloth. Thank you!!!!

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  1. I love the placing you've got up there right now for the Roman strip blocks. Fun with some structure mixed with freedom. LOVE that fabric you added in. And Rondure is wonderful. :) (Hey, I hope I didn't unintentionally leave you in the lurch? I was going to test-sew the pattern for you - hopefully it got postponed from the pattern end and not that I missed something while we were prepping for and moving cross-country. I apologize if I let you down!)