Monday, October 1, 2012

Design Wall / BOM's Away Monday

After surviving the first week in a new job, my hubby is back at Grand Coulee this week with a few critical essentials so he can survive in a rented duplex while we figure out more permanent accomodations. Just imagine an entirely full Expedition with the mattress and box springs tied to the top. I was too emotional to think of taking a photo. Exciting times ahead. Right now, I'm just trying to keep in mind that every bit of change is a new opportunity!

He did text me a photo of the room he setup. I almost cried. I am the luckiest girl to have found so late in my life such a wonderful untaken man!

Design Wall -- 2 more blocks arrived. I've been waiting 2 weeks for the last few to come from Georgia (United States), but alas they are still not here. Hmmmmm. I'm excited about my border ideas and hope the Walla Walla Children's Home Society will be able to utilize this to its greater good when it is finished.

BOM's Away Update
Here is #8 on the Out of the Darkness quilt (by Pam Bono).
Spring Bouquet.

I did finish cutting out #9.

Be sure to stop by on Thursday during this week's Fall Themed EQ Blog Hop. I'll be posting another EQ7 Tutorial and will have a giveaway.

Last Thursday and Friday I went on the North Central Washington Quilt Shop Hop...10 shops in two days! Whooo!! I posted on Facebook the fronts of the stores and made a brief comment about each. It is still happening through Sat. Each shop issued the directions for a 'row' of a 'row quilt'. Some made their individual row into a table topper, others repeated the same row into a quilt, and others combined rows they felt worked together. One even added applique and was a work in progress still. All sorts of options for sure. I think it could be made into a nice row by row scene. I must admit I was doing a bit of research in the region of where my husband is now working. Once the hop is over, I'll post photos of the row patterns and what the shops did with them. I am missing three shops of photos, so will try to get some visuals on those in the mean time.

This Wed. starts my own local Shop Hop the Blues and runs through Sunday. My small group will carpool on this one on Wed. and Thurs. to get around and see what is the latest and collect whatever they have come up with for us. We will do a 1 car 'long-haul' day and a 2 car short-haul day to make it workable and stay in our own homes overnight as well as accomodate some schedules that can't get away on the long-haul. Should be a good time!

Two quilt shops within these regions are in the process of closing. Sad in so many ways, but I wish the owners the best in their new endeavors. The Quilt Crossing in Odessa and Village Quiltworks in Richland. For the bargain shopper....worth checking them out, and I've just learned that Highland Quilts in Athena is having a big 5th Birthday sale. With unique sales each week in addition to the sales for the whole month. Details on their Facebook page.

More Design Wall Viewings and BOM's Away Progress Updates.

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  1. So, hey! The mattresses made it to Grand Coulee alright. :) When you're feeling super lonely for him, just think how nice it is that he's not on deployment in Afghanistan or something. {{{ }}} Those purples look really nice together, and I love the Out of Darkness set.