Friday, May 31, 2013

May Finishes

 Someone was taking a photo of our new logo painted on the side of the building. I poked my head out to say hello, and she said she was so excited to see the name of her church on a quilt shop. I asked the name of the church and she said Kessid ....well, ok, I guess she switched the i and the e ;-) ...her friends will likely point that out later. But Kessid is Hebrew for God's steadfast love....pretty cool.

Well, my objective of getting a block from three large projects of different quilts done....changed.

I did get 3 blocks done on one quilt.

Here are all of them so far for this Alaska Shop Hop 2007 quilt. I don't have a design wall established yet! sorry.

Just looked at the Shop Hop information and it appears that I actually only have two blocks left. I have an additional extra block of one star, and I believe the assembly requires some other getting much closer!

I've also made a decision on my Grand Opening, it will be June 14! Lots to do between now and then. Wondering what kind of goals I can put together for June ...ha!

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