Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Design Wall Monday - August Goals

Got incredible news this weekend in the mail! I was getting ready to pack up this quilt to send to the Pacific West Quilt Show where it was juried into and will be at the show Aug. 23-25, 2013, when I also got word that it was juried into AQS-Des Moines where it will be Oct. 2-5, 2013.

Rosie (aka Rosie's BOMb aka my version of Sewn by Leila's Skill Builder Sampler)
Photo Credit: Bruce Andre Photography

If any of you are in the areas of either show or plan to go to the show, I hope you'll be sure and check it out! As part of doing Sewn by Leila's Quilt-a-long last year, I decided to design the layout to incorporate the Rosie the Riveter poster from the WWII era and rivets in the sashing and borders. In quilting it, I wanted it to be a sampler too and provide many examples to my clients of the way different types of quilting can affect the end result. Enjoy!

On my design wall are some cornerstoned/sashed Christmas Friendship Star blocks.

Personal Goals for the month:
Complete Christmas Friendship Star top.
Complete at least the center portion of my Honeymoon - Storm at Sea / hearts & turtle quilt
Get out my small LoneStar version and make a finishing plan ...considering hand embroidery work for embellishments with Perl Cotton and bordering options--perhaps just on two sides.

Business Goals for the month:
As the business grows in its new location, it is exciting to look ahead and share what is on the horizon. As the summer harvest is collected and cooler tempatures begin, we start to think of coming indoors and quilting again. Many of my new friends would like to take classes, so a schedule for classes is developing. If you are not on our email list and would like to be, please be sure to signup here.

I routinely post photos of the quilting that I do on my client quilts at www.facebook.com/kissedquilts. I hope you're following along there since the posts are much more regular. :-)

Based on my current client queue, I am hoping to get 15-20 client quilt tops quilted this month. A couple have even asked me to also finish them by applying the binding completely by machine. I just don't think people could pay me enough to do them by hand (HA!) although I have been known to do them on great occassion for the appropriate personal projects.

Got to keep those goals so that I actually make progress. Just having so much fun in all my quilting endeavors I am easily distracted from project to project. Sometimes it is hard to FINISH one.

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